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Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair blasted U.S. President Joe Biden on Monday, calling his hasty, ill-planned withdrawal from Afghanistan “imbecilic.”

Given that the term “imbecile” was originally used by psychiatrists to describe individuals with IQ scores between 25 and 50, the Prime Minister was likely giving Biden way too much credit.

Blair took issue with the same thing that has vexed everyone who is following this situation: Biden’s decision to pull troops from Afghanistan before making arrangements for the more than 40,000 innocent Americans stuck in the country, trusting that the Taliban would allow for their safe exit.

Needless to say, when a president’s foreign policy plan involves trusting the Taliban, it is doomed from the start.

Blair also expressed worry that Biden’s historically half-witted actions and his general lack of leadership might have diminished the U.S.’s global standing to such an extent that the United Kingdom, because it is a top U.S. ally, could fall from the top echelon of global powers.

Remember, Joe Biden has only been in office for seven months. We have three and a half years of this to go. Hold on tight. That is, unless he is replaced by Kamala Harris which I think has been the plan all along. Biden was only the puppet used by the Democrats to get someone extremely liberal into the White House because they knew that they didn’t stand a chance any other way.

People aren’t going to elect her or someone that liberal. We saw that back when she was running and we see it today with the polls that show that 55% of American’s do not think she is qualified to be president.

According to insiders, Blair is so fed up with Biden that he has taken to calling the president by his Trump-coined nickname, “Sleepy Joe,” in private and asserting that the world would be better off with Donald Trump as president. We think he’s onto something.


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