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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is the most vital law enforcement agency in the world. Integrity within America’s foremost crime investigatory bureau is essential. Agents in the FBI, from the rank-and-file investigators to the highest officials, can never be politicized.

To fulfill its duties, the FBI must remain bipartisan. Liberal corruption over the last six to seven years has proven that the FBI’s bipartisanship is compromised. The world’s most renowned and respected law enforcement agency has been weaponized for political gain.

High-ranking FBI officials have put their thumb on the scales of justice for political purposes. The FBI cannot continue to operate under this dangerous pretense. The responsibility for cleaning up political corruption within the FBI rests with its director.

Former FBI Director James Comey was so corrupt, he was fired. President Trump sent the crooked Comey packing, soon after winning the 2016 presidential election. Andrew McCabe took over for Comey. McCabe was exposed as equally corrupt and politically biased.

Andrew McCabe lasted less than four months as acting director. Current FBI Director Christopher Wray replaced him on August 2, 2017. Many conservatives hoped that Wray would address the blatant politicized corruption at the FBI’s highest levels. He has not.

In fact, there is a strong indication that things have gotten worse. Joe Biden’s fraudulent victory in the 2020 presidential election has allowed the politically partisan corruption within our nation’s federal law enforcement agencies to fester.

The Department of Justice is now under the control of Merrick Garland. Garland was proclaimed to be a bipartisan saving grace for the DOJ. He is not. Garland has weaponized his branch of federal law enforcement. In conjunction with Wray, the two agencies are more corrupt than ever.

However, FBI whistleblowers may be blowing the lid off the whole thing. In a recent bombshell report, rank-and-file FBI agents reported partisan manipulation of various investigations. They assumed these concerns would be included in reports.

But when this year’s final report by the FBI’s Special Agents Advisory Committee (SAAC) was released, Christopher Wray had removed every mention of bipartisan concern. The Director of the FBI had whitewashed serious concerns about corruption out of the report.

FBI whistleblowers have now exposed the corruption in testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee. Field agents insist they have evidence of high-ranking FBI officials deciding which cases to open and who to investigate. Agents have buried critical evidence.

Many of the decisions have clearly benefited liberal figures, including Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. Republicans have been targeted with attacks that have little to no merit. But the Hunter Biden laptop scandal was essentially buried.

According to Hoover Institute media fellow Paul Sperry, “The FBI is now acting as both the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party and the paramilitary arm of the Democratic Party.” This is not only unacceptable in a constitutional republic, it is dangerous.

Only in third-world rogue nations can the government weaponize law enforcement against political rivals and citizens. But that’s exactly what Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are doing. They are trying to obliterate their rival political party by using the power of law enforcement.

In a nation of laws, this will destroy democracy. That’s exactly what the progressive left wants to do. By subduing the rival political party, the Democrats will seize total control of the federal government. America will no longer be recognizable.

Our democracy will die. We cannot allow it to happen. Republicans must take back control of Capitol Hill before it’s too late. The November 2022 midterms are now the most important elections in U.S. history. The fate of the nation rests on the outcomes.

Will Johnson

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  • The Gestapo FBI have proven that they are a Domestic Terrorist group and those that are guilty need to face the Death Penalty. They are enemies of America and need to pay for their Crimes

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  • They also swarmed over Epstein’s pedophile island ? and removed all evidence of Clinton and many other politicians evil ? deeds. They have no conscience or interest in investigating the horrible crimes of this administration or any other democrat administration.

    • Unfortunately, the Republican Party is where solutions go to die. They just like to whine about the problems, because they don’t have the cahones to fix a darn thing. Heck, half of them hated Trump because he demanded action instead of discussing/debating a problem to death. Lately, that’s all Republicans are good for is whining. Why do you think the Democrats love Cheney, Kissinger, Collins, Murkowski etal so much? The Republican Party let’s these weaker links stop the “doers” in their tracks. Without a man like Trump, the Republicans would prefer to just whine and not have to make a decision that might cost them the next election.

    • If the house is taken over by the Repubs and the Senate, as well, then both Wray , aka “Da EEL” and the little evil gnome, Meritless Gnarland WILL BE IMPEACHED at least and hopefully prosecuted for Obstruction of Justice, Suborning of Felony Perjury and wary Wray with Sedition and other crimes in working with a foreign entity, (Communist China) to obstruct the 2020 election and interfering with the voting rights of millions of American Citizens. Wray is just a little toy soldier whom you can wind up and turn in any direction and he will march forward in goose step with any Hitlerite. NOTE: THE DEMS MUST CHEAT ON THIS MIDTERM ELECTION OF THEY WILL BE DESTROYED AND THE JAN 6 HEARINGS WILL BECOME A TWO EDGED SWORD, EXPOSING THE HIDDEN EVIDENCE BY PELOSI AND “DA EEL” WRAY AND THE ARM OF THE “FBI”, ANTIFA.
      Wray & Garland both belong in Guantanamo getting their noses cleaned.

  • The corruption within the FBI dates back nearly 90 years with the execution of a Dillinger doppelganger outside the Biograph theater in July of 1934. It has been proven in recent years that the man gunned down by Melvin Purvis and his crew wasn’t Dillinger after all. The corpse looked a lot like John Dillinger but some of the physical attributes didn’t match. For instance: Eye color, an eyetooth was evident where Dillinger was missing one, No mole above the nose that Dillinger had, the corpse didn’t. Bullit wounds were in the wrong place. The corpse had a heart condition and Dillinger was in perfect health and quite an athlete. The finger prints were destroyed and replaced with ones from Dillinger’s file. Once it came to light by a whistle blower FBI agent, J.Edgar Hoover had no choice but to cover it up to safe guard the integrity and reputation of the bureau. Purvis, instead of being promoted was in fact demoted and started down a spiraling path to suicide years later. The information in this post was derived by several books written by investigative reporters in the sixties – thirty some years after the cover up. There have been many questionable cases since then.



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