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Americans should be extremely alarmed by the crisis at our southern border. It is part of a devious plan by the radical left in the Democrat Party.

Those who insist that liberals are not purposefully pushing to change the demographics of the U.S. are lying through their teeth.

Again, this is a purposeful scheme to tilt the U.S. voter demographic in their favor, essentially forever. However, the wave of illegal migrants, predominately Hispanics, is only one part of this plot. Democrats scream about how Republican lawmakers are restricting voter access.

They are not. One of the biggest issues radical Democrats have with conservative election reform is the ID requirement.

Why would liberals be so dead set against a simple stipulation that you prove who you are before you can vote in the United States as a citizen?

It’s a strategy to create chaos in the election process. Not only would it allow cheating, but millions of illegal non-citizens could have access to federal election ballots.

This is not a game. This is a devious scheme to take over complete single-party control of our democracy.

The farthest to the left aren’t even trying to hide their actions. New York City, the sewer of liberal-left politics, tried to implement an important second step.

The liberal cesspool (aka: The Big Apple) enacted a law that would allow non-citizens to vote in municipal elections.

“The Big Apple” is rotten to its core. If Americans don’t think this was a purposeful step in our largest city to allow illegal non-citizens the right to vote, then we are far too gullible. Thankfully, the New York Supreme Court, liberal as it is, ruled in favor of the New York Constitution.

Richmond County Supreme Court Judge Ralph Porzio summarized the decision by saying, “It is this Court’s belief that by not expressly including non-citizens in the New York State Constitution, it was the intent of the framers for non-citizens to be omitted.”

It doesn’t take a constitutional scholar to translate that same logic to the United States Constitution. Our founders did not make provisions for “non-citizens, illegal or otherwise,” to vote in our country’s vital elections. If you’re not an American citizen, you cannot vote, period.

But clearly, that’s not the mindset of the radical progressive wing of the Democrat Party. But why would they so openly support something that clearly most Americans would be opposed to? Now we’re back to the reason behind the wave of illegal migrants at our southern border.

When we look at the overall percentage of illegal border crossings, migrants are predominately from Mexico and three primary Central American countries. Joe Biden’s open border policies are flooding America with illegal migrants, mostly Hispanics.

The Biden administration is using taxpayer money to strategically bus or fly these “non-citizens” to various locations across the nation. The percentage of Hispanics in America, including those who are illegal and therefore “non-citizens,” is skyrocketing.

But there’s now another part of this scheme. Consider how many millions of illegal migrants Joe Biden has let into the country since taking office. Don’t forget, one of America’s biggest liberal cesspools tried to allow illegal non-citizens the right to vote.

Most of these people are, again, Hispanic. Enter the biggest and richest liberal crook in the world, George Soros. Soros spends billions to fund campaigns to elect liberal district attorneys. He has flooded the liberal progressive machine for years. He is a corrupt liberal oligarch.

But the latest Soros-funded ploy may be the most crooked scheme ever. Soros is spending millions to gobble up Hispanic radio stations across the United States. But why would a left-wing global elitist want to own conservative Hispanic radio stations?

Democrats are in a panic. Hispanic voters are drifting away from the party. The liberal plan to corral all Hispanic votes in federal elections isn’t working. Joe Biden is failing every race and ethnicity in America, especially Hispanics.

Democrats cannot afford to lose the “bell cow” they’ve hung future elections on. If they lose the minds of the Hispanic population, they will lose elections. Watching the pathetic performance of Joe Biden has caused thousands of Hispanic voters to shift to conservative ideas.

They need to brainwash this key voter demographic. Enter the king of the liberal crooks, Mr. George Soros. Soros is making a bid to purchase 18 conservative Hispanic radio stations. He doesn’t need to silence those stations that already lean liberal.

Soros, fueled by the radical liberal machine, is trying to squash the growing conservative voice in the Hispanic community. This is not free speech. This is taking $60 million dollars and trying to stuff it in the mouth of Hispanic conservative radio.

A candidate for a congressional seat, George Santos, is furious. He insists that the Soros-backed group is trying to silence conservatives. Santos said, “I believe Soros is not only trying to silence conservative voices; he’s trying to push his regurgitated nonsense from the left on Latinos, on people who are undecided, on people who are not sure.”

Americans are pushing back against the radical progressive agenda. Voters are recalling George Soros-backed prosecutors. Hispanic voices are angry that he’s attempting to smother free speech in their communities. Americans are also sick and tired of Joe Biden.

But this bid to squash conservative Hispanic radio is bigger than what might meet the eye. This is another step in an insidious plan to take over the United States of America. Liberal Democrats are the party of global elitists. They do not want a democracy.

Their border policies, resistance to common-sense election laws, and a push for non-citizen voting rights, are all designed to monopolize our political process. All conservatives must join the increasingly conservative Hispanic community and wake up before it’s too late.

Will Johnson

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  • There has got to be a way to silence George ‘the felon and Nazi collaborator’ Soros permanently. He does not even live in this country any more!!

    • You really have to wonder when hes going to kick the bucket. He’s no spring chicken. And yes, I’ve heard his kids are worse.

  • I can’t understand how George Soros, a rich liberal trying to destroy everything that is good about this country, doesn’t have protesters in front of his house, yet the Koch Brothers, who dedicated cancer wings to hospitals, were constantly harassed.

    One more point, perhaps we should thank Soros, the Hispanics coming into the country from Venezuela and Cuba have seen the result of Democrats policies and are unlikely to vote for them, when they can vote, so they’d better choose their Hispanics wisely.

    • @bflat879

      Not speaking for all Hispanics.
      Although, I am as American as they come by being born here, through part of my heritage, there is Cuban blood running through my veins.
      That said, there are many Cubans who will never forget how in 1961, President Kennedy and the Democrats left behind Cuban exiles without the promised air support, in which they were CIA trained, to go into Cuba and decapitate the Castro regime.
      These men were eventually captured, languished and were tortured in a Cuban prison run by Raul Castro for as much as almost two years afterwards, while the American Democrats did essentially nothing to effect their release!

      A good number of Cubans who know of these past events do not require the modern day events of the Democrat Party to know about just who or what they truly are.

      The bottomline is that whenever you’ve put your trust completely into the hands of Democrat politicians (or even RINOs), sooner or later, you are 98% certain to find yourself in a hole somewhere that you really do not want to be in.

      If you don’t believe me, just ask the late Mary Jo Kopechne who died trusting in a Democrat to simply just see her home; or ask the late American Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the other three Americans who all trusted in their Democrat run Administration to get them back home; or as recently as about a year or so ago with the thirteen service personnel that died in Afghanistan exit…..again, trusting Democrats to get them home.
      And, you may wonder why these Marxists are so hell bent on altering historical facts so much.

      There are many examples that I or anyone for that matter can continue to sight if you know where to go to seek out the truth.
      But, anyone can clearly see the trend from just these three examples from our nation’s history going completely back to the original formation of the Democrat Party in 1828.

      As for as all of the oligarchy goes, I’ve stated for a long time that if nothing continues to be done (legally) about bringing these people to justice, then nothing will change in our favor.
      In a chess game, the goal is to corner your opponent’s king before he corners your own king piece. We no longer have the luxury of chasing down the pawns that these oligarchs can easily replace time and time again. In time, the pawns too will be rounded up.
      The key in all of this is to stop their money flow first and foremost, which in turn, smothers their power. President Trump is their nemesis because he understands what it will take to completely unravel their agendas and livelihoods.

  • In the earliest days of this country, only land owners were allowed to vote! In today’s world thank goodness that isn’t true! But you MUST be a citizen!

  • Will someone PLEASE assassinate this globalist NAZI? He needs to stop interfering in a country’s politics that he cares nothing about!

  • Soros is a pure Communist with intentions to destroy our nation…open borders are the means for giving Democrats continued control & power over our people. Amnesty is the key to winning Democrat elections.

  • Governor DiSantis needs to stop this travesty, immediately. Soros is NOT a citizen of the United States nor is he an American. Soros has done these things to other countries and stolen vast amounts of money from those other countries. He is pure evil, is a snake!

  • Why do we allow this traitor to stay in our country? What the demorats don’t think they can go on without his crooked money?

  • Why do we allow a Nazi collaborator George Soros to have any say so in our politics. Why is he even allowed to remain in our country. Why has the mossad or shin bet allowed him to stay free. Israeli jail cell or hole in the ground is more fitting!!!

    • If I could, I would risk imprisonment or even death just to go up to and shoot this M-EFER EVIL GEORGE SOROS in his brains multiple times. Send him back to HELL where he belongs.

    • The only reason Soros is allowed to control the Nazi/Communist party is the money he has given to them for their reelection’s. He is Satan!

  • We all can “one-up” Soros bey having all the radio stations Soros is stealing by having them all shut down! We can find a legal reason to do this and DiSantis needs to step in to stop this from happening. Otherwise, it is best to assassinate Soros if we see him. He is not a citizen of the United States not is he an American, but he does own property in Miami. We MUST get rid of this snake!

  • I’m Hispanic, he won’t and can’t do a damm thing to change my mind. It just makes us stronger against people like Soros!

  • George Sorros and his Communist family all need to be assassinated that demon has managed to destroy several countries economies and Russia wants his ass real bad. I say send him to Russia or assassinate him now.

  • George Soros is an evil man. I know the Democrat FCC and SEC will not deny Soros creating his monopoly of Hispanic radio, but surely some private stations can be started to keep real news and information available instead of only left wing propaganda.

  • after Republicans take back everything, they need to start working on banning soros, period…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

    • They need to imprison him or, more desirable, execute this global threat and send him BACK to HELL where he came from and belongs!

  • I am amazed some of these young killers trying to make a name for themselves are not going after SOROS? Think of the statue that would be erected for dusting him! He even hated his own people! And stole from them! During WW2! Why are they not going after this NAZI? He is still going after them!

  • Soros needs to stay out of government affairs. He is doing his best to crush this country since Hitler couldn’t. He could spend his money on the homeless if he wants to be helpful.

  • I think someone maybe needs to END These 2 Nation Kil*ers DESTROYING America aka Banned Nation Ki*ler George Soros dog & his dirty pupil & fellow Nation Kil*er Barrack Hussein Obama black dog & the useless ex Dem potus Joke, Coward, TRA*TOR to AMERICA & DEMOCRAT DIRTY SPY
    Yes Obama Dem EX potus Joke & COWARD of Benghazi & Leader of Fast & Furious Debacle arming our ENEMIES; That is An OBAMA Specialty aka The Afghanistan Tragedy was Obama Planned & just another Dirty Obama Coup while he runs America ILLEGALLY hiding like a rat BUT Controlling SENILE Joe Biden as Usual
    A true Enemy of America ALWAYS arming & Sending Plane loads of CASH to America’s Worst ENEMIES. An Obama Monster! Yes HUSSEIN OBAMA the Ex Dem potus JOKE & the America Hating, Taliban Loving dog that AIDES The Taliban Terrorists every chance he gets. The Same Taliban that the have VOWED to KI*L the INFIDELS. That means US America.
    Remember 911? Look it up If Dem Liberal Dirt hid that History from you too.
    Barrack Hussein Obama Ex Dem Potus Joke & Coward aiding the Taliban Terrorists as he continues his Black LEGACY OF EVIL. Obama Hates America period. A Monster alway . Barrack Hussein Obama’s Legacy of a TRAT*OR & Democrat Spy.
    Barrack HUSSEIN OBAMA is just like his namesake SADAM HUSSEIN the Same Dark Legacy of EVIL & DEATH =TREASON.
    Another useless Ex Dem potus Joke & Obama SO DESERVES THAT LEGACY TOO!

    Any Conservatives out their need to buy a few Hispanic stations themselves & be able to list the Good & the Tainted ones for our Hispanic Communities
    Produce lists often of Decent Hispanic Stations on air
    Any of the stations that promote lies & slime for THE NATION KIL*ER / GEORGE SOROS COMMUNIST DOG


    Soros announced he will pay 200 Million for a 60 foot border wall to keep Christian, hard working, conservative Hispaniscs OUT OF THE USA.

    They are a direct threat to his Marxist agenda.

  • I am amazed the jews have not ended this Nazi decades ago! He stole from his own people during WW2 ! He must travel in the sewers where they can’t get a shot at this sewer rat! But if Democrat succeed in starting their civil war! There will be no place on earth for him and the rest of the turds to hide! I wonder how many cheater will be caught and hung???????? With their fake ballot shove up their butt! Will the money they get paid be worth it?????



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