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Spark flew at Friday’s White House press briefing after Fox News’s Peter Doocy finally snapped at White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre. The Press Sec was doing her usual and dodging Doocy’s question and the fed-up reporter finally called her on it in a heated exchange.

Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre to answer a simple question—What is Biden’s stance on abortion?  He began as he always does with a basic, rather innocuous question. This time, it touched on her opening remarks lambasting the 15-week abortion ban proposed by Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC): “Following up on your topper, does President Biden favor any limits on abortion?”

Jean-Pierre said “[w]e’ve been very, very clear” in “talking specifically about” Graham’s plan, but Doocy interjected to push her along: “And your position on his plan is clear. 15 weeks is unacceptable.”

She then continued: “I was speaking to — directly to what Republicans are trying to do. They are calling — they are calling — they are calling for a national ban, which takes us backwards.”

Continuing to stammer her way along, Doocy fact-checked her by noting Graham’s proposal is only for 15 weeks and not an outright ban.

Jean-Pierre continued to lie, claiming “it’s a national ban, which will take us backwards and will put at risk the health of women” and would be the first step by “extreme Republican officials” in ending “privacy” and “contraception” and attacking “marriage” (as in gay and interracial marriages).

“I’m not going to get into specifics here. I’m just going to lay out what — what they have said that they’re going to do,” she hilariously added.

Doocy seized on that nonsense: “Why not get into specifics? The Republicans are saying we don’t want abortion after 15 weeks. Why can’t you say how many weeks the President thinks the limit is?”

Jean-Pierre again diverted by invoking House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and the House GOP’s Commitment to America, but Doocy wasn’t having it, saying he’s “not asking about Kevin McCarthy” and instead about “Joe Biden and his position on abortion.”

After being asked one last time “how many weeks,” Jean-Pierre filibustered with a meandering answer about Republicans “trying to take away the rights and freedoms of Americans.” Doocy tried to push back, but Jean-Pierre moved on to Bloomberg Government’s Courtney Rozen.

Doocy almost always complies when Jean-Pierre (or Jen Psaki) would move on, but not on this day as he exclaimed, “[y]ou did not answer my question”

She, of course, did NOT answer his question.


I don’t think anyone really expected Jean-Pierre to be open and honest about Biden’s stance on abortion. I’m not sure his handlers have told him what his opinion should be as of yet.

Will Johnson

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  • Definition of his handlers—— Obama and his puppeteers including the European puppets whose agenda is On World Order.


  • She lies just like all the other Democrats pushing their false agenda. Anyone with a brain would do their due diligence and read the bill. It does state after 15 weeks which is ample time to know if your with child. After that, the infant is a human being and feels pain. If you do not know you are pregnant before 15 weeks are up, you are really some kind of ignorant imbecile. There are also exceptions for rape, incest and the danger of life being lost. Aborting an infant after that is just plain murder! Just like when a pregnant woman is murdered, it is a “double homicide”. Correct me if I am wrong! And Biden should be excommunicated from the Catholic Church along with Pelosi because it is a Mortal sin to abort a child of God.

  • This is Biden using a black girl as his personal fool! I almost feel sorry for her! But there is not one person that voted for Biden he didn’t screw! That’s right! Everybody that voted for biden got screwed by Biden! Every single one of them did! How dumb are these people?????

  • Peter Doocy – kudos for having the courage, the guts, the fortitude, the resoluteness, and the tenacity to relentlessly pursue truth, and to publicly call people out when they endlessly evade truth – even though the person is a beautiful, young black lesbian completely out of her element!

  • It does not matter what KJP says. The MSM carefully edit what they want to use. I have seen them use clips of her word salads, to prove whatever they want. Just like this exchange.
    They’ll set up her blathering with “And here’s how KJP shut down Steve Doocy. She told him outright that Republicans are taking the country backwards. They want to abolishing contraception, abortions and gay marriage. Just watch – as she shuts him down.” Of course, they don’t show his actual question.

  • What is a crime and shame is the 53 deep staters and all their fingers of criminals mothers did not abort them, would have saved them from burning in hell

    • I don’t think that half honky is that smart. He is just another figurehead for the NWO Marxist elites one step from the White House Sock Puppet,,,,,and I have no idea who they are. ,,,,, Just I know that we are in desperate need of the HUAC and to start purging ALL commies first from the government and then from the private sector. They have been doing pretty well overthrowing the government and changing the lives of We the People.

      • You know, the CIA has departments with the training and money to bring down so called dictators and change leadership to someone “we” want. ? It looks like we were on the receiving end of their strategy this time. I can’t see a single way Trump could have lost 2020. Yet, no investigations by any legal entity, including the DOJ. Not One.

  • Can’t answer it because it would fly in the face of the liberal agenda and smearing of conservatives who deem 15 weeks as enough time to make a decision to abort or not to abort.



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