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Liberals despise firearms because it makes them uncomfortable to think that the problem with the current violent culture was created by their own ideologies. So they blame the gun instead of the person pulling the trigger.

They seem to believe that guns can kill on their own accord, without the aid of humans with mental issues or who are just plain evil.

They want to hold gun makers accountable because of this, yet they never seem to be as outraged with the shooters.

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. In the bible we are told that Cain merely required a rock to murder his brother.

Others make use of a wide range of items, including knives, ropes, water, poison, narcotics, and explosives.

Criminals will still get their hands on firearms even if liberals were successful in their efforts and managed to entirely ban them in the United States.

They tend to forget that criminals don’t obey the law. Just look at what happened earlier this month in Japan.

Japan has some of the strictest gun laws in the entire world and practically any sort of interaction with guns is illegal unless you’re police or military. Yet, somehow a criminal was able to manufacture a gun and assassinate the former Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe.

Liberal gun-grabber advocate and not-so-great filmmaker Michael Moore recently wrote a proposal for a new 28th Amendment which introduces new and much stricter gun laws.

You can tell that they were written more out of emotion than they were logic, but that’s how liberals literally operate. They are fueled on emotion with the inability to use logic.

I’m going to sum up the sections of the Amendment, but they I’ll provide you with the link so you can read the whole thing if you’d like to read his nonsense.


Section 1: People have the right to be kept safe from gun violence and this Amendment repeals and replaces the 2nd Amendment.

Section 2: Congress will make a mandatory gun registration database. You can only have guns if you are a licensed hunter, licensed for shooting ranges, or can demonstrate that you need it for personal protection (but they’ll probably refuse to grant you permission).

You will have a thorough background check and they’ll interview your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors to make sure that they all approve of you having one. You also have to wait a month.

Section 3: If you are approved, you must take a yearly firearm safety class and written test to keep it.

Section 4: Firearm license renewal is on a yearly basis and you must be at least 25 years old.

Section 5: Congress decides what guns are permitted, but all automatic and semi-automatic weapons are banned. Guns and magazines that hold more than 6 bullets are also banned. Plastic guns or guns made with homemade equipment are also banned.

Section 6: Congress regulates the entire gun industry and all that comes with it including gun locks, sights, and sales.

Section 7: Trained police will undergo continual monitoring and any racist or violent behavior will result in the officer being dismissed.

Section 8: You aren’t grandfathered into this Amendment. You have one month to get things in order and turn in your illegal guns.

Will Johnson

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  • All the rich and powerful people will always have guns or be able to afford a body guard who has a gun to protect them. Do as I say not as I do!

  • Michael Moore is a typical mentally deranged democrat that considers the gun the culprit and the shooter the victim!!

  • Someone needs to tell that fat nincumpoop to keep his pie hole shut. If he doesn’t like our Constitutional Republic or it’s Bill of Rights, he needs to shuffle off to somewhere that has no Bill of Rights. He thinks he’s so smart, maybe someone needs to EXPLAIN to this fatarse just WHY there is a second amendment and WHY our founding fathers knew it was necessary to include. Also tell this looser that anything that comes out with his name on it will not be purchased or viewed as in his useless movies by me and most probably by many since he thinks he knows better than those that made this country possible in the first place and wants to undo all that has been fought for since April 19, 1775.

  • Michael Moore’s “schlockumentaries” are anything but honest and are based on half-truths and outright lies.
    In “Roger and Me” he claimed that GM CEO Roger Smith refused to meet with him and dodged every attempt to meet with him. In fact, Roger Smith offered Michael Moore an interview, but was promptly rebuffed. This meeting would have destroyed the whole premise of the movie.
    In “Bowling for Columbine”, Moore’s flawed premise was that the free, unrestricted commerce in lawful firearms was responsible for that deadly event. He brings up one bank’s successful marketing of its services by insisting that firearms were being given out to depositors in an indiscriminate fashion. Once again, Moore failed to note that every firearms transfer was done in a lawful manner, with federally-mandated “background checks” being performed in every case.
    In “Sicko”, his “schlockumentary” on the American health-care system, he used Cuba as a prime example of a good health care system. What he failed to mention was that the average Cuban citizen has little access to high-tech health care, but is relegated to a lower tier of service. The high tech health care services are available only to foreigners and communist party officials–not the average Cuban citizen.
    All of Michael Moore’s “schlockumentaries” are “full of holes”, lies and fabrications and are in the same realm of Al Gore’s pronouncements on “globull warming”.
    Michael Moore (and by inference) Al Gore are not to be trusted.

  • Why is it that people from Hollywood are intent on removing guns in society, but yet the hero of most of the movies that they make is someone with a gun blowing people away? We often have to watch the blood explode from people being shot by our hero. Perhaps one of the places to start is in the making of films that make the gun toting person the hero. How dare they then tell us that we need to get rid of our guns. No wonder people who spend most of their time playing video games that once again are blowing people away by shooting at them, and people who can’t get enough of these idiotic Hollywood movies…no wonder they have been so brainwashed to think that they need to imitate someone like that?

    • Remember when the loons were buying swords and armor just to play donjons and dragons! A card game! Now they are progressing with their video games and doing the same thing. And none of the perverted left says a word!

  • Or we could just have open season on the perverted Democrats destroying the country! We could have a huge catapult at the boarder to launch the Democrats out of the country before they can destroy anything else! And we could launch their corrupt voting machines back to Canada! We could ban Democrats all together ! Bring back tar and feathers for any we catch! We could have Democrat tags to pay back their national debt! So the first year you only get six! And every year after it goes down by one! With extended years when large pockets of the perverts are found!

  • Since MM proposed amendment is only allowing gun license for hunting and target practice, does that mean that all politicians will stop having security guards with guns and use batons instead? Or those security guards will be hunting and use people as targets in order to fit that need for gun license? And the same politicians should be denied even if they can demonstrate the need for personal security like everyone else.

  • HE NEEDS HELP…. NOT BEING IN THE HOLLYWOOD LIMELIGHT .& ALMOST BEING FORGOTTEN.. A state in which all hope is lost HE IS Lost in thought; showing The mental state of being preoccupied IN NOTHING,
    A MENTAL State of elementary , undifferentiated consciousness.

    HE WANTS TO BE NOTICED In spite of everything; without regard to drawbacks, HE NEEDS The faculty or power of mental IN CONCERT WITH Complete attention; AND intense mental effort TO MAKE HIS DAY WORTHWHILE, HE LACKS THE POWER OF ATTENTION..IS FORCED TO OFFER HIS OPINION KNOWING OF WHICH “”nobody !! CARES !! .
    I HAVE A % OF PITY, FOR HIS Humane Psychological suffering.

    WELL HE MADE IT, LIMELIGHT TO focus of public attention FOR A DAY.

  • What an over weight ugly slob. Hollywood commies all think the same way, when they speak they think their in charge of the United States and can tell everyone what they can and can’t do or say, take Joey Bayhart and Whoopi Goldberg for instance.

  • Straight out of a communist manifesto. Thank you for that baloney Comrad Moore! You should be arrested for treason!

  • So what this idiot wants is a commie country like Canada! Since a lot of what he wants is already law ! Any sane person knows beyond any doubt is that they have already failed! The criminals failed to listen to the brainwashed Democrats again! And only the dumb Democrat fails to know that! How about arresting the criminals? How about making judges that let them back on the streets responsible for what crimes they commit? How about we take all the armed protection we spend on politicians and put them in the schools? And for them we can hang their GUN FREE ZONE SIGN AROUND THEIR NECK! As they thought it would work against the criminals they put back on the streets! Funny how the Democrat never forgets to have armed protection for themselves! Then cut the police for the rest of us! As for this nut! Somebody kick him in the b#ll’s and wake him up from liberal la la land!

  • So, will his body guards have gun permits? Only the elite will have body guards and the rest of us peons will be at the mercy of the criminals that don’t follow the laws. I would only agree to this if no one had a body guard with a gun—including members of Congress and the President.

  • You mean Moore is still in America?. I thought he turned in his citizenship and was walking the earth, or by judging from his girth riding around in a Prius. If I lost any sleep over this turd it would be is there any food left after this behemoth passed through the buffet. If he was in power and really passed this joke amendment I would hope he would come and try to confiscate any weapons I might have. Heck, he could bring his loser buddy BETO with him as backup.

  • Exactly the same method Hitler used to disarm Germany. Other tyrants used the same method. Tyrants want compliance and blind obedience, and do not want the people to fight them. Our Founders understood that.

    Our current batch of tyrants who are marketing themselves mostly as “democrats” (but yes there are tyrants who call themselves “republicans”) want blind compliance and obedience, and a disarmed populace achieves that for them. It has been this way for all tyrants in history. The 2A was to protect us from tyrants, not for hunting.

    • @Ray Cruz

      Nope, you sure can’t fix stupid. Not even with the mighty duct tape can you totally fix it.

  • In 1775 the English Red Coats tried this kind of action, and we killed them.
    Are we not the same kind of people or not?? I wonder!

  • I know this is an old joke, but it still applies:
    Guns kill people the way spoons made Michael Moore fat!
    When a person hits someone with their car, we don’t go after the car manufacturer unless the vehicle is defective and we don’t try to outlaw owning cars.
    Any candidate — local, state and federal — who doesn’t full throatedly support our precious 2nd Amendment should be voted out of office immediately!!

  • Finally someone agrees with me, that fat fool must be smarter than he looks! When ever the gun control issue comes up in a discussion, I always point out that we can’t simply ignore the plain language of 2A, the only legal way to achieve their goal is through a constitutional amendment The response to that is always similar, “you can’t do that it would never pass”. To which I always reply “so you don’t believe the people should have a voice in the matter”. BAM!
    So Mike, if we took up your suggestion, may be we could prove to the left that the American people are not on board with the gun grabbing agenda. In reality though what the people want is not the concern of the left and they would never give up on their agenda on the basis of what the people they claim to represent want.

  • Since the majority of our criminals choose not to obey the existing gun laws do these people think that the average CITIZEN will obey this? These people need to go ask the average WORKING CITIZEN how they will obey this! If we accept the title of criminal and keep our firearms will we be held up as outstanding citizens as our current crop of criminals are? Or will we be stigmatized as current criminals should be.
    Just asking?

  • Hey Mike if you don’t like guns aka Firearms or my Second Amendment Rights. Please fell free to move to another country. I’m a disabled Veteran and I’m sick and tired of people who want to take my Rights away because you think no one should have firearms

  • As usual, his proposal makes no sense. What part of “criminals, evil and insane people don’t abide by laws” does he not understand? Why punish all law abiding citizens because of a relatively small number of criminals. Why not try enforcing existing laws and if someone commits a crime with a gun, automatic death penalty. Today there is no downside for a person who commits a crime. No more coddling criminals and trying to rehabilitate them. Life is too short for society to have to put up with criminals. Make prisons as horrible as the dungeons of the Middle Ages.



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