Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell believes that impeaching Joe Biden would not be in the best interests of the United States, even as House Republicans discover tens of millions of dollars the Biden family received from oligarchs in Ukraine, Russia, and Kazakhstan while Biden was vice president.

McConnell reaffirmed his commitment against impeaching Biden, or anyone, when speaking to the New York Times for an article declaring impeachments and censures “the norm in Congress.”

“I said two years ago, when we had not one but two impeachments, that once we go down this path it incentivizes the other side to do the same thing,” McConnell told the outlet.

He added that impeachments should be “rare” and declared, “This is not good for the country.”

McConnell recently made headlines when he appeared to suffer a medical episode while speaking to the media, immediately freezing and staring into the camera for several seconds as onlookers waited for him to speak. Ultimately, McConnell was walked off stage by an aide, and when he returned he was able to speak.

This came after McConnell suffered an undisclosed fall, which in turn came after a lengthy convalescence following a public fall at a Washington, D.C. hotel.

The 81-year-old politician’s feud with 45th President Donald Trump earned him boos, and chants of “retire” and “ditch Mitch” during a recent public appearance in Kentucky.

The prospect of impeaching Biden is gaining traction among some House Republicans, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy suggesting the possibility of an impeachment inquiry in response to House investigations into the Biden family. Still, McCarthy has been insistent that House Republicans are still gathering evidence and have yet to decide whether to formally open an inquiry3.

Still, Trump loyalists and populist Republicans in the U.S. House are pushing for impeachments. Both Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) and Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduced their own articles of impeachment against the president, and McCarthy ultimately told Boebert that the articles would be examined by a legal team.

Previous calls for impeachment have generally focused on Biden’s alleged dereliction of duty at the southern border, where millions of illegal immigrants have poured into the country under his watch. However, new calls for impeachment generally focus on claims that Biden directly oversaw and benefited from Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals.

It was reported today that Hunter Biden, through his various business entities, received more than $20 million from foreign entities, including the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, the wife of the former Mayor of Moscow, and an oligarch in Kazakhstan.

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  • I think this time McConnell is probably right. If we impeach Biden then we’ll have Kamala as president and that would be a total disaster.

    • As we have seen in several previous cases, impeachment is only a fancy politicians’ word for indictment. It would generate an investigation and hearings to uncover various elements of the Biden Crime Family. Because politicians tend to “go along to get along” it would not result in a conviction or even a removal from office. I do agree, though, a President Kamala, even for a short time, would be a disaster if it ever came to that.

    • If he is impeached for the Southern Border dereliction of duty – even criminally avoiding written US law . . . treason in letting criminals and harmful aliens into this country – and the crimes they (the many illegals flooding into the nation – the running up our national debt to pay benefits these people did not earn, etc.) continue to commit the crimes and WHO IS THE CZAR of the border? Kamala . . . just include her too . . . then we have President McCarthy . . . that is better than either of these.

    • Does it matter which of them sits in the Oval office since both are controlled by the enemies of this nation? Can anyone be worse than dementia joe since he has been bought and paid for by the enemies of this republic?
      It is time for the republican party to show the democRATS that two can play that game.

  • Mitch is going to do whatever his father in law says to do. This guy is compromised, and they most likely have a blackmail file on him.

  • Let’s be clear, Article IV, section 2 of the Constitution says it is your DUTY to impeach Biden. This is not optional. The Constitution you swore to follow says any official who accepts bribes or commits treason SHALL be impeached and removed from office.

    Do your duty!

    • Both Brandon and Harris are controlled by th eenemies of our once proud republic so it does not matter which of these embarrassments are in the Oval office.

  • For a number of years I have stated that McConnell is a RINO and needs to be REMOVED, no matter what the reason is. He is one of the reasons Biden has gotten away with so much.

  • Mitch McConnell the rino should be put in A corner
    on A stool with A Dunce hat on his head.
    He needs to be replaced.

  • McConnell is not good for our country we need to replace the good old boys with new blood that care for our country.

  • Piss on all of them, they go in with promises and do nothing for our Country and within a year or two become ultra millionaire’s.
    Born liars, thieves, murderers, back stabbers, Anti-Constitution, Anti-American Communist.

  • Mc Connell is right due to Harris being next at present but both Biden an Harris need to be charged with treason and removed with the Speaker taking over until an election can replace the Speaker. Personally I think the current Speaker is a coward for not having Biden charged but then again DC has become a filthy “Swamp” again but this time with traitors and leeches

  • Generally, impeachment is not good for the nation, but allowing a major crime family to retain power and authority isn’t either. Unfortunately, impeaching Biden, removing him from office, leaves us with an ineligible person, by Constitutional standards; 1 who is not, Constitutionally even an US citizen, since her parents were not under US jurisdiction at the time of her birth. Our Founders required POTUS’ to be natural born ( children born of citizens at their births), for good reason; surely our experience with the last ineligible usurper who was lied into office by Ms Pelosi herself should have taught us that.

  • McConnell has become a blathering old fool and needs to be removed. He, like Biden, is becoming mentally impaired!

  • All the millions thet McConnell’s wife has gotten from China might put him in the same category with Biden. McConnell is not to be trusted for a second.He’s just another lying politician who has over stayed his welcome in congress

  • Term limits would limit how long some of these pieces of schitt could hold office after the dumb ass voters put em in!

  • Biden should be impeached. A public presentation of the evidence of his influence peddling, accepting bribes, criminal misfeasance and malfeasance, may be the only way many Americans will ever see the evidence for themselves. Whether individual Senators will vote to convict Biden in the face of such evidence will say a great deal more about their own honesty and about their very fitness to hold office themselves!

  • OK, Senator McConnell is looking at the practical side which is the House can Impeach but the Senate [slim majority DemocRAT] will not convict the Resident.

    However, if there was ever a situation involving “high crimes & misdemeanors”, this is the poster child that the Founding Fathers had in mind when they provided for Impeachment. This makes it an obligation to act.

    There is a benefit of pursuing this action called exposure. The media covered up the evidence like a giant cat covering his scat when it involved Hunter’s laptop and Hillary’s private server. Will they black out the hearings? This will be like Thomas Jefferson’s “Sunlight, nature’s disinfectant” at work.

  • McConnell should be tried for treason and he most definitely should be removed from office for Giving AIDE to the Enemy

  • Mitch McConnell is one of the problems in the Republican party. He needs to retire. Why can’t these politicians recognize when it’s time to retire? Look at Diane Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi. Their time has come and gone a long time ago.

  • I have never like McConnell, he was always a RINO and part of the very DEEP STATE. He’s another one that needs to be retired from his so called phony service. It’s all about POWER with him. Biden should be impeached, he’s a TRATIOR and has sold out our REPBULIC. Even if they started the process, it wouldn’t happen, so we don’t have to worry about KA-MA-LA being in charge.

  • Not surprising that Beijing Mitch is in the tank for Corrupt Quid Pro. In fact Mitch will be voting for Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe, Mitch would rather have a deceitful, dishonest and crook in the W/H than Trump. Mitch’s disdain for Trump goes back to the Paul Ryan days.



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