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Sen. Lindsey Graham is leading a number of Senate Republicans in an effort to keep 45th President Donald Trump from keeping his promise to pardon January 6 defendants and prisoners should he be reelected in 2024.

Trump said he was strongly considering pardons for the January 6 defendants during an interview on “The Wendy Bell Show” earlier this month, telling the conservative radio host he greatly sympathizes with the detained men and women sometimes referred to as Joe Biden’s political prisoners.

Now, Graham, who presents himself as an ally of Trump despite having worked to moderate the former president’s America First policies during his first term in office, wants to change Trump’s mind, according to The Hill.

He told that outlet that it’s “a bad idea” for Trump to pardon the January 6 defendants because “Pardons are given to people who admit misconduct, rehabilitate themselves. They’re not supposed to be used for other purposes,” like preventing politically motivated prosecutions.

Graham is apparently joined by a small number of Republicans in the Senate, including Sens. Kevin Cramer, Mike Rounds, Mitt Romney, and Senate Republican Whip John Thune.

Cramer told The Hill that Trump shouldn’t “hold pardons out as a promise” while considering a run for reelection, saying it is “problematic” for him “on a moral and ethical level” and compared it to “giveaways”.

Rounds declared that the January 6 defendants must “be punished” for the “insurrection” and he would “disagree” with Trump’s pardons.

Romney, meanwhile, remains a vocal opponent of Trump even in this new plan. He twice voted to impeach Trump during his first term in the White House, reportedly told Joe Biden to run against Trump in 2018, and has been a vocal proponent of prosecuting January 6 defendants severely.

He told The Hill that January 6 “was an attack on the temple of democracy” and said that the defendants “should be prosecuted according to the law, and certainly should not be pardoned,” then characterized Trump’s pardon promise as “a grossly inappropriate comment to make.”

Mitt Romney and Donald Trump sitting at a table in the White House in 2019
MItt Romney and Donald Trump at a White House meeting in 2019 (Trump White House)

It remains to be seen if Trump will listen to Graham, who has repeatedly threatened to break with the former president since Biden ascended to the White House, but Trump appeared convinced of his plan during the interview on September 1.

“I mean full pardons with an apology to many,” he told Bell regarding his plans for the January 6 defendants. He added that he would “will look very, very favorably about full pardons” and explained that if “I decide to run, and if I win, I will be looking very, very strongly about pardons, full pardons.”

Tom Pappert

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  • “Heads will roll” Graham is one of the biggest back stabbers in the Republican Party.
    That man cannot be trusted.

  • Lindsey Graham, you are a scumball sack of ****! We know who, and what, you are! You need to resign for ALL your traitorous activities like the one below. This was from 2016 where you and your fellow traitor John McCain, having your ‘John Kerry’ moment, met with some Ukrainian radical military encouraging, financing, and supplying, them to intimidate Putin. YOU and your masters are the reason everything bad is happening in Ukraine now. It looked like McCain was already dead and just propped up, but I guess they just had to wake him up to deliver his remarks.

  • For some time, Lindsay Graham has been a member of the same sub-party as Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney (and Kevin McCarthy?). It’s aptly called “The RINO Party.”

    • I also live in SC and a strong Conservative. I’d love to find a way to get Graham out of office. This is a big problem since most voters in this state vote straight party ticket. This gives him an automatic win, the same with Clyburn.

  • oh great the do nothing RINO senators are now doing something – only its the wrong thing. The Senate is the greatest swamp in Washington and the leaders are Graham and McConnell who have to be replaced.

  • Funny it is always the Democrats that don’t want you to see the tapes! WHY??? Al ways the Democrats that don’t want you checking the votes! WHY??? It is always the Democrats that want nobody checking these voting machines! WHY????? Because Now a Colorado Clerk caught the Dominion programmers changing the voter data red handed! And the Democrats want to prosecute her! WHY??? Watch (S)election code for the short version! There is an entire weekend of proof you can also watch if you have the time! BIDEN WON NOTHING! And it is the Democrats that were the armed insurrectionists! As nobody but them were armed! And only Democrats don’t want you to see all the tapes!

  • The blame lies with the voters of South Carolina the GOP, and the RNC. Lindsay Graham, time after time, has disclosed his intentions. Yet, the people in SC, give him their vote, time and time again. He talks out of both sides of his mouth. Remember, he was one of the Gang of Eight, back in 2013, who wanted to legalize almost all the illegals in our country. It was Sen. Ted Cruz, and fmr. Sen. Jeff Sessions who STOPPED it! Guaranteed, in the future, along with RINO Sen. Cornyn (R. – Texas) will want some kind of amnesty for all the Biden illegals, and those here from before. Those RINOS tried, as recently as April 2022!
    You can bet, Graham will be on board. He is itching to get his name on any Federal legislation, no matter the harm it will cause.

  • I’ve searched the internet and my memory, and the only good thing I can attribute to Lindsey Graham is his defense of Justice Kavanaugh against the vitriolic democrat attacks during his grilling for the Supreme Court. If he wore a different face every day, he would not get through his inventory in his life time. When his next election comes around, I hope the good people of South Carolina will field ONE good candidate to face him in the primary and rid the United States Senate of his presence. He would have been defeated last time if there hadn’t been so many after his seat that they diluted the opposition.

    • He was one of the 19 Republican senators who voted for the trillion dollar infrastructure bill last year, that is partly the cause of our current inflation.

  • That even was peaceful. There were infiltraters from the left who hijacked it and turned it into what they wanted. These people never intended for anything like that when going to DC. The left is corrupt. Pelosi’s emails and texts should be investigated for being the main orchestrator of this debackle. She was offered the NG, she refused. She wanted this and worse. I am sick of the people who are blind to that fact and all the hidden info and those lying and manufacturing it as an insurrection, yet they were fine with ANTIFA’s burning, looting, lawlessness and even killing. Sick!

  • Where was this clown Romney when our cities were under attack and burned by anarchist. More people died during the riots then Jan6!!!! More damage was done which in turn cost more money!!! Yet catchers Mitt believes our democracy was harmed more during Jan 6. Glad this idiot never won the presidency!!!!!

  • Rino Graham says, pardons are given out to those who admit misconduct and rehabilitate themselves.? What about all those Domestic terrorists Antifa.? Harris, Cortez, Warren, Omar helped release the commies who were arrested and those Biden prisoners were arrested and put in prison without Due Process.! Rino Graham is an a$$hole and should have his mouth shut permanently and voted out of office.!

  • I thought he was on our side but the dumb a++ is trying to push a bill banning abortion nation wise. I guess I’ll have to learn to live is a socialist country after all.

  • Graham like most RINOs wants to control President Trump. He doesn’t realize that Trumps success was his ability to govern WITHOUT having to bow to any “powers”. This is also why so many RINOs hated him. He could do what was good for the American people, not the special interests. This is why the average American citizen loved him!
    From the small amount of information the press has allowed to leak we know that most of the POLITICAL prisoners have already paid the price for what little wrong they have done and should be pardoned!



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