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It is clear that, in his 2024 Republican presidential campaign, Vivek Ramaswamy has been reflecting the views of many Americans who no longer trust that their government is acting in their best interest.

Nevertheless, there have been some issues raised about his candidacy which Glenn Beck wanted to address. Fortunately, Vivek is not one to shy away from controversy and he recently sat down with Glenn to discuss these rumors.

“A Wikipedia editor alleges that you paid to have your Wikipedia page edited to remove you receiving the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans and your role in Ohio’s COVID-19 response team,” Glenn starts. “Is that true, and if it is, why?”

Vivek explains that before he ran for president, “there were a lot of falsehoods” on his Wikipedia page.

These falsehoods included everything from details about his birth to his wife’s name.

“So, before I ran, yes, I wanted to make sure that the public was aware of exactly what the right facts were,” he explains.

Vivek claims that “there wasn’t actually ever a formally titled body” when asked about the COVID-19 response team in Ohio,

“There was a lieutenant governor in Ohio, who remains a friend of mine to this day, who asked me if he could call me from time to time to get basic advice through the process,” he says. “I helped him with the reopening plan. That was a short version of the help that I provided him. So I’m actually proud of that.”

Vivek also explains that he was “pro-reopening” and that he was always “dead set against” lockdowns and mandates.

Regarding the Paul & Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans, he reveals that he was awarded the scholarship at the age of 24, although this accomplishment was unfortunately listed first on his Wikipedia page until recently.

“At the age of 37, having achieved a lot of things,” Vivek explains that he didn’t want the first thing on his Wikipedia page to be a “random scholarship” he got at the age of 24. “That’s manipulation,” he says.

“One of the things I’ve learned in this process, Glenn, is there’s a lot of left-wing media manipulation, but there’s media manipulation 360 degrees, driven by, not just fake-news media, but a lot of fake, establishment candidates too, who are threatened by my rise.”


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  • He is to wet behind the ears to be president we need a proven leader just look at what they are doing to trump he could not handle that on slot

    • You are absolutely correct! Tell this floor-flushing phony punk kid to hit the road and we don’t need him for anything!

      Wouldn’t trust him or his backers as far as I could throw them!

      Lots of snakes around now; beware people!

      One Question need only be answered to wash away all of this noise and BS! Who out of any of these clowns actually has what it takes and proved it already; so by default can turn around the giant sinking ship the “USS United States of America?”

      Simple to me; as it’s obviously the one guy they are fighting so hard to destroy that isn’t a clown like the rest and who proved he could “Make America Great Again,” but instead we now see how many in the government or “who want to be on the inside,” can mess it up and even destroy it! This was what showed how DeSantis doesn’t care so much about the Nation and We the People as he does about his own gain or self-glory; he would become a shoe-in Deep State clown because of his not backing Trump 100% and staying in Florida to finish what he started there!

      I don’t trust any of these current joker candidates to make right what is being destroyed by a massive “Deep State Corrupt Machine,” except this one very special and most unusual man; Trump!

  • Which ever candidate the Republicans choose will be attack with lies and more lies. Trump is the only man I know running that could handle such attacks. If a Republican is chosen for President, you can bet the Democrats will do everything they can to ruin him, just like they tried with Trump and with the help of the Liberal Media. Trump is the one that gets my vote, cause he drives the nuts day after day and shows the American people just how corrupt they really are. If he is not on the ballot, I will write him in.

    • Rebecca Holstine; you are precisely correct and Trump has the moxie, caliber, experience along with the deep enough pockets with legitimate allies from over the years to handle all of the evil that the Deep State and Socialist/Commie Democrat Nazi Party will throw at any president other than their own planted puppet like Biden for example; who is given a free pass consistently! He should be in GITMO already but look how he still acts the puppet!

  • At least Glenn Beck didn’t call for Vivek’s assassination like he did for President Trump in May of 2016, and without any consequences. Must be great for Beck to pretend to be the “opponent” of the left just like the Washington Generals are the Harlem Globetrotters’ “opponent”.

    Glenn Beck’s fake conservative platform is more dangerous to our republic than antifa and BLM terrorists.

  • Another RINO in Obama’s camp. He uses Obama phrases constantly. He will carry on just like empty headed biden, with Obama pulling the strings and whispering in his ear.



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