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Thanks to the Democrats and 13 turncoat Republicans in the House and 19 in the Senate, the $1.2 trillion dollar infrastructure passed and then signed into law by Brandon. The only problem is that only 10% of the money actually goes towards infrastructure.

One allocation is very interesting. It contains $500 million dollars to destroy racist highways. The contention is that there are more roads running through poor neighborhoods than rich ones and that is racist.

Did it ever occur to these fanatics that find racism in everything in life that is a very good reason why highways mare built there?

When you build a highway, homes have to be bought, and how much more would a highway cost if you had to buy $300 thousand dollar houses? Or more?

Let’s say in each case 200 homes have to be bought. In the poor neighborhoods, let’s say the houses cost $80,000 each. That would cost $16 million dollars.

Now, let’s say $300 thousand each in the rich neighborhood. That would cost $60 million dollars. And two hundred homes is a low number.

Now, when you destroy the highway, you also eliminate the on and off-ramps.  o, if you live in that neighborhood, you now have to find a new route home. That could end up being inconvenient and cause someone to yell racism. You can never win no matter what you do.


That’s the only part of the bill that is dedicated to traditional infrastructure. The rest? Well, see for yourself:

  • $500 million to destroy roads and highways constructed as part of America’s purported legacy of systemic racism.
  • A fund to punish people who drive their own cars. Provides money to encourage cities and municipalities to charge cars for traveling into city limits during peak hours, collect tolls from drivers, and hike the cost of parking in the city.
  • $39 billion on “public transportation” and another $66 billion on rail transit. These “investments,” of course, will only (allegedly) benefit Americans living in major cities.
  • $7.5 billion for electric chargers for e-vehicles
  • $7.5 billion for zero- or low-emission public buses and ferries.
  • $65 billion to strengthen the U.S. energy grid.
  • Money for “tree justice”: “[c]onducting an equity assessment by mapping tree canopy gaps, flood-prone locations, and urban heat island hot spots.”
  • Permanent $30/month subsidy for low-income people to purchase internet access. (No requirement the internet be used for work or school.)

The Biden administration claims that all of this new spending will be “paid for.” Of course, that’s not true.



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