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On Friday, law enforcement authorities in Blendon Township, Ohio released body camera footage depicting an officer discharging his weapon at a pregnant black female while in self-defense.

The deceased individual’s family has expressed their dissatisfaction with the situation and is requesting that the unnamed officer be terminated and held accountable for their actions.

On August 24th, Fox News reported on the tragic death of Ta’Kiya Young, a 21-year-old mother of two and pregnant with her third child.

According to the report, Ms. Young had gone to a Kroger store in Blendon Township but never returned after she was suspected of shoplifting bottles of alcohol.

Police approached her in the parking lot and ultimately shot her dead; sadly, her unborn daughter also did not survive. Retired Sheriff Russ Martin has since introduced himself and made it clear that he will not be making any judgments as to whether or not the officer’s actions were justified.

He is narrating the events that occurred that day to provide further insight into what happened.

The footage shows an officer at the driver’s side window informing Young that she has been accused of theft and requesting multiple times for her to exit the vehicle.

A second officer is standing in front of the car with his firearm drawn.

Young, however, does not comply with the officers’ instructions and can be heard exclaiming “What? Are you going to shoot me?”

The woman then put the car in gear and accelerated rapidly. The officer directly in front of the vehicle was struck and carried for several feet. In fear for his safety, the officer fired a shot through the windshield in self-defense.

According to Fox News, the car proceeded approximately 50 more feet before coming to a halt in front of Kroger. Both officers quickly entered the vehicle and discovered Young, who had sustained fatal wounds.

They immediately began administering medical aid; an emergency room doctor on-site provided assistance as well.

Young’s family released a statement through their attorney, Sean Walton, criticizing the police for their actions.

They described the shooting as “avoidable” and “a gross misuse of power and authority,” lamenting that despite their assistance Young had still passed away at St. Ann’s Hospital.

Ta’Kiya’s family is heartbroken. The video did nothing but confirm their fears that Ta’Kiya was murdered unjustifiably and it was just heartbreaking for them to see Ta’Kiya having her life taken away under such ridiculous circumstances.

It is undeniable that Ta’Kiya’s death was not only avoidable, but also a gross misuse of power and authority. While viewing the video, the family felt “a lot of anger, a lot of frustration.

More than anything, there was a sense of just devastation, to know that this power system, these police officers, could stop her and so quickly take her life for no justifiable reason.

Walton, speaking for the family, also told the AP the officer must be fired and arrested.

He also denied Young had stolen any items.

The bottles were left in the store. So when she’s in her car denying that, that’s accurate. She did not commit any theft, and so these officers were not even within their right to place her under arrest, let alone take her life.

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  • This could have all been avoided if citizen had only followed the Officer’s lawful order. With what the Officers knew I can’t see they did anything wrong.

  • she wasnt shot for stealing,,,,that was her choice,,,,she was shot for trying to kill an officer,,,that was her choice also,,,,,she already has 2 kids and just 21? What did she do for a job alllll this time to afford two kids, maintain herself, and a car, and a place to live??? id like the rest of the story please,,,,

    • Adding up kids to gain a large welfare check each month, plus ADC, and other government hand outs due to Lyndon Johnsons Great Society where he said “If you cannot take care of your self, your government will take care of you”.

    • Apparently, the rest of the story cannot be shared with you (i.e., us) because you (i,e., we ) are just too judgemental and racist to boot). She didn’t actually succeeded in stealing the alcohol, so running down a cop is perfectly justifiable. Besides, I’ll bet further investigation would reveal the cop’s ancestors had slaves–even if some of his ancestors died to free the slaves, it is OK to run-over cops, because BLM proves it! Park your white privilege, bigot!

  • Seems pretty open and shut. Woman decided not to comply and in the course of HER actions tried to run down the officer in front of her. Self defense IMO for the officer.

  • Moving stock around in a store is not theft. Until a person exists a store with an unpaid for item there is no theft.
    When a police officer give you a command, and they are pointing a gun at you, no matter how stipid the command is, you do it. Argue about it later when things calm down. What she did by taking a 4000 pound weapon which was aimed a one officer and then basically pulled the trigger by putting it in gear and accelerating was totally wrong. It was the same thing as pulling a gun, cocking it, aiming it, and pulling the trigger. She caused her own death and thaf of her daughter. Case closed.

    • “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.”
      ‘Ronald Reagan’
      (Although he meant it in a different context.)

  • The question remains, w/out taking any side or having any opinion: If this woman was free of any wrongdoing or any guilt of the same, and IF she was knowingly innocent, why didn’t she just prove that fact by obeying the orders of law enforcement! Have you ever been in the same situation, and not knowing who or what you are dealing w/in the commission of a traffic stop etc. try it sometimes and then find out what you would do! Innocence, will cause anyone to submit to the authorities! (Unless there is an ulterior motive)

    • The Answer. All are victims. No matter what you do, or what they get it’s not enough and it’s your fault. Automatically on the defensive to the point of destruction.

  • Oh my, what a tragedy for these officers! If she didn’t steal the alcohol, she should have gotten out and let them check the car. This was ALL her fault for hitting the officer while trying to drive off. I’m sorry she and her baby died, but I this is all on her!

  • Takiya was a THIEF and set in to motion the events that caused the officer to fear she had every intention of running him over. She could have shut off the car, stepped out and OBEYED the lawful orders of the police officer whom she shut the doors window on his arm.

  • If this woman didn’t take anything then why was she refusing to leave her vehicle? Along with that why did she put her car in gear and start to move knowing there was an officer in front of her car? He had the right to protect himself since she was moving the car against the officer’s command. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR IF YOU DID NOTHING WRONG!!!!! BY REFUSING TO DO AS THE OFFICER’S REQUESTED SHE WAS ADMITTING HER GUILT!!! She would still be here now if she had just followed the officer’s orders.

  • could have just took some of their time and followed her home. I understand that the cops job nowadays is severely stressful because the criminals they arrest are immediately released back into the public but use some common sense!

  • The government is the responsible party for being so lenient on criminals. they feel impowered to take anything they want including the food off our tables. I say lock, load and shoot

  • Let’s back this scenario up, back into the store. Apparently, the police were called by somebody? Was it a store employee or a citizen? If you’re in the store and you were stuffing skirts and T-shirts, cans of tuna fish, bottles of liquor or any store item under your dress or in your purse, at that point in time you are stealing. Some stores that catch you in the act just make you put the stuff back because of the hassle and time of prosecuting. Someone stated you have to walk out the door before you steal it, no, you don’t. If you are sticking it in your purse or in your pants, you are concealing it and stealing it at that point. What’s the story from the stores point of view? It was stated she left the bottles (or whatever item)in the store? Did she get caught with them? There’s way more to the story.
    Now let’s go out to the car, whatever the case may be inside the store she is using a 3000 pound weapon against a police officer. As most have said here she should’ve never put that car in gear and pressed the gas, now it’s a weapon. It’s tragic and sad, but she should’ve made a better decision by listening and obeying the police officers. Even if they arrested her, it probably would be a misdemeanor and out that day and back with her children. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

  • Sadly, it seems all too many are TAUGHT it’s alright to steal, but that the police have no right to stop them, especially with force.

  • Unfortunately a lot of unborn children are killed by the Mother and her Abortionist…..Sad but True! In this case the Mother and sadly the Child Committed Suicide by Police.

  • It’s sad that life was taken, especially so needlessly. All she nedded to do was step out and comply, then she and her baby are still alive. Instead ”she gonna show da man who be boss an run his white ass ova. The POPO be oppressin her fo bein a po black ni&&a and she jus gittin restsatoochun mofo”.
    This attitude is what’s killing more people than anything else. 90% of the blame is on this foolish woman. It’s sad that she caused her own death. Her family, and their attorney, just hit the lottery though and that’s what they’re counting on. Teach your children respect then they don’t grow up to be like this person and, they’ll have a much better chance to live a longer life.

  • The 14 percent.
    So much noise, so little production.
    Their heroes are crackheads and anti- American terrorists.



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