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Joy Behar has her panties in a wad because she does not think that people give Joe Biden his due for his accomplishments.

Personally, I always give credit where credit is due. I give Biden the credit for the disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan. I give him full credit for destroying this country’s energy independence resulting in skyrocketing gasoline and heating prices.

He is responsible for the highest inflation we have seen in thirty years.

-Iran will soon have a nuclear weapon and all of the credit goes to Biden. And no one can deny that Joe Biden opened the Southern border to everyone who wants to come to the United States, including drug and sex traffickers who are making a fortune at our expense.

That means Joe Biden deserves credit for the increasing death toll from drug overdoses. I could go on like this forever, but I will just let his 36% favorability rating speak for itself.

Newsbusters reported:

After watching the opening segment of Wednesday’s The View, you might say the right and left are living in two separate realities. But the liberal talk show hosts started the ABC show by rejoicing over how great things are in Joe Biden’s America.

Despite the fact that most Americans disagree with them, the hosts scolded everyone to be thankful for what Biden’s done for the country.

Brushing aside rising gas costs, co-host Whoopi Goldberg cheered how there were “plenty of other reasons to feel hopeful this holiday.” After ABC played a video clip of Biden putting a positive spin on the economy yesterday, Goldberg scolded, “Well, I’m hoping people are hearing the message loud and clear, because he’s only been in for nine months!”

“[D]o you want — tell folks what he’s got done?” she asked. Behar proudly held up her White House-approved talking points to the audience and said she didn’t want to “bore” people with a list. But Goldberg cheered her on, “[B]ore ‘em! Bore ‘em”

Now, I want you to think about this. Take your time and consider this very well, then give your honest opinion. If you wanted to destroy the United States, what would you do differently than Biden?


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