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This could be the start of something yuuuggeee. The Yuma County law enforcement raided an NGO and confiscated all of the electronic equipment from one woman and then they also raided her home. In 2000 Mules they revealed that NGOs had hired mules to gather votes and stuff the ballot boxes. That seems to mean that the investigation was started because of the movie, especially considering they started the investigation right after the premiere.

The Yuma County Sheriff and the Yuma County Recorder opened an investigation, looking into impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting, and fraudulent use of absentee ballots. They seem to be taking it seriously, unlike the worthless AG Mark Brnovich. No wonder he went from being up by fifteen to being down by one now. If he didn’t do his job as the Attorney General, why would you believe he would do his job as a US Senator?

The far-left dark money nonprofit Arizona Mirror reported:

The film alleges that by using geolocation data purchased by the filmmakers they were able to track “ballot mules” to drop boxes where they falsely allege the “mules” were paid to stuff the boxes with completed ballots. The practice, pejoratively referred to as ballot harvesting, is illegal in Arizona and many other states.

Wilmot announced last week that his office and the county recorder’s office are investigating voting fraud cases from 2020, but there is no indication that any of the cases involve the movie’s claims. Instead, YCSO said the cases include impersonation fraud, false registrations, duplicate voting and fraudulent use of absentee ballots.

This is what the entire lamestream press is doing. They are trying to discredit the movie, but once you see it, no one convinces you the 2020 election was fair. They make the absurd claim that cell phone pings are totally unreliable. They should tell that to the FBI because that is how they were able to round up so many political prisoners.

From The Gateway Pundit

David Lara told The Gateway Pundit:

Yesterday morning, there was, and it went on all day, I don’t know if it’s still going on right now. But there was a sting operation in San Luis. And there was a nonprofit, they got a visit. One of the employees was now I don’t know for a fact, if she was arrested, or if she was notified to appear in court. The only thing I do know is that they went to her job in that nonprofit. They had a search warrant. They confiscated her electronic devices, then went to her house. They searched this woman’s house.

There’s been a lot of people that have been interviewed and my sources who are very reliable tell me that several people they have interviewed already sounded like tweety birds. They sang.

This is great news because if people talk, we should be able to find out where the money came from and then find out if they funded other states as well.


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  • What happened to “The most secure election” ever in America? Looks like biden’s 80 million voters are like his twitter followers-FAKE! Everyone KNOWS Trump won, but a few just want the lie to continue hoping it will be believed as truth.The “truth” has a funny way of coming out eventually. Bye, biden and all your corrupt cronies! And by the way ,all these trolls that make so much money bragging in comments,I wonder how many are “mules”?

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    • ??????Your commitment to the most obvious lies is hilarious. 2000 Miles has already been proven to be more lies from a known fraud and liar. No surprise you’re wishful thinking that your loser ex President Treason Weasel wasn’t such a loser. Too bad for you, here in the reality based community, it is plain to see his blatant authoritarian leanings exemplify the worst of America. Your support for him and the Republican Party undermines this country’s greatness at every turn. Congratulations on giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

  • Where the money came from? Oh! I don’t know, how about Bolshevik Zuckerberg, Bolshevik Soros, maybe even a large donation from Obama etc.

    • It comes from their money laundering scams, this is why roads never get better and the poor keep getting poorer. They promise a nation 100 mill and get 50 mill kick backs


    • What I pray would happen and really does is that many Dems with Biden the total fraud Traitor all be sent to GITMO! That’s a big dream to hope comes true in this filthy horribly corrupt world; and it really should happen if the world is to be spared a while longer; because otherwise this colossal train-wreck looking for a place to happen is on the express track to hell!

      • Better yet! Confiscate ALL their money, stocks, and investments, then hang them on the capitol building steps, with World Wide TV Coverage! With the following ticker across the bottom of the screen: This is what we do to traitors in the USA!

    • I wouldn’t hold mu breath if I were you, remember, Liberals don’t have to follow OUR laws, never have, never will !! Liberals are a cancer that must be killed, COMPLETELY !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

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    • More than likely, sorry to say !! The ONLY way to fix THIS LIBERAL PROBLEM is to ERADICATE EVERY LIBERAL THAT IS INFESTING OUR GREAT COUNTRY !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!

    • Very Possible.
      Pray someone thought of that and is keeping an eye on things.
      Judicial Watch may be able to get FOIA evidence too at some point.

  • It’s very, very simple….

    ??Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time!? ~~ the late Sammy Davis, Jr.

    • Liberals are exempt from OUR laws, always have been, always will be, that’s why they must be treated like the cockroaches that they truely are and KILLED !!!! F**K JOE BIDEN !!!!

  • Let’s not forget that most members of congress don’t want to investigate the vote fraud and they need to be removed from their office. Like McConnell, Grassley, McCarthy and so many others that are in the swamp with their real allies.

    • I think they are all out for themselves and we should never reelect the incumbent. Do a complete house cleaning this November and finish it in 2024.

      The vote in term limits to keep this from happening again.

      • Term limits does nothing! All you do is switch the corrupt players and make even more government millionaires. What we need to do is go back to what the Constitution says – remove everyone who doesn’t support the Constitution 100% – that means ALL muslimes and ALL non-conservatives/non-constitutionalists. Having a leftist in an elected office is equivalent to allowing a pedophile to manage a kindergarten!

    • The only real question is–Just how many of our elected officials are bought and sold? Seems that many are “Rolling over and playing dead”.

  • Investigations are where cover ups begin. No investigation takes less than a year minimum. Then, you have to find a judge that is not compromised.
    The 22mos of election documents preservation is in Sept 22.
    That is why no legal authority has pounced on suspected fraud.

  • IF these crooks were EXECUTED by either hanging or firing squad it might help put a stop to these crooks. Nothing will probably happen to them because they are demon-crats.

    • Because the Bitch is Anti-American and anti-Isreal and she’s a POS Muslim so she’s protected by the Communist Democrats even though she’s committed numerous felonies and misdemeanors. Democrats get away with Treason just like Hitlery, so the laws have to change and the American citizens should have the power to bring them up on charges and execute every treasonous Ahole in Washington. This also includes every Rino as well. They work for us not the other way around.

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    • You are a Democrat whore trying to bury the truth! The entire planet knows Democrats don’t want to work! They want it for free! You are a fake like Biden!

  • Gods speed. Before they apply their tactics to the 2022 elections. Hopefully, it’s not too late already. It appears as if PA is already leading the charge….

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  • Well this just has to be 100% true ! Just from the amount of Democrat whores trying to bury the comments! With their phony get a job BS. Everybody knows a Democrats would just want you to rob the rich and send them the money! They would never think of them having to work for anything! Kind of like Biden’s fake twitter account! His votes are all fake as well! Now all you need is a judge that is not corrupt to force a real full investigation 100% open to the public! So the big question is ? Is there a judge in Arizona that is not corrupt that will stand up for the truth? Or are they all hooked at the hip deep in crime.



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