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Joe Biden recently gave a speech on his economic policies, otherwise known as ‘Bidenomics.’

His address was an attempt to convince Americans that they are doing well despite the rising costs of living and the current economic crisis.

However, it appeared that his message did not resonate with the public. In response to this lack of acceptance, Joe resorted to yelling and screaming at those in attendance.


There has been some speculation about whether or not former Vice President Joe Biden is showing signs of Alzheimer’s Disease. ‘

This has come to the forefront due to reports that he is often seen randomly yelling at people and exhibiting very short-tempered behavior.

The symptoms associated with Alzheimer’s include confusion, difficulty completing tasks, decreased concentration levels, mood swings, agitation or apathy, changes in personality or behavior, trouble understanding visual information or directions from others, and more.

It is possible that Biden’s outbursts may be indicators of a worsening condition.

Biden himself has addressed these rumors recently saying “I am 100 percent confident that I have not experienced any form of cognitive decline…No one around me believes this either.”

He also stated in an interview with CBS News’ Norah O’Donnell that his outbursts are simply ” symptoms of being tired “.

Despite his assertions otherwise, many people remain unconvinced and fear that he may indeed be suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s or another degenerative neurological disorder.

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  • Tell Biden to take the cognitive test to prove he is okay or not. Since he will not do that only makes it more likely he knows he has cognitive decline.

  • The Only things Biden understands is “A FREE PASS” and “INCEST & PEDOPHILIA”
    Outside of that the people pulling the strings and allowing this Criminal Sick Perverted Immoral behavior to continue is demonic. If you think that’s not true, you have a rude awakening.

  • Too bad the Guvmunt is only reading a script.
    The TRUTH about Who We Were is correct, but now we are run by a group that doesnt believe in America.
    The Guvmunt are lying, cheating traitors and instead of Truth and Righteousness the Guvmunt uses an Impact Driver on the Citizenry and throws the American citizen under the bus to destroy American and stuff their pockets
    The Guvmunt is full of pandering words that Used to sound right but they have proven they are the dredges of the worst of society

    • He surely has! I sit sometimes with my eyes closed and remember how good things were under Trump before Biden stole the election. He did steal it and told us so himself. I still have the picture of him saying that he had the most extensive fraud ever set up to win the election. I don’t understand why he was allowed to get away with it.

  • I watched my mother-in-law progress through dementia. Joe Biden demonstrates all the same symptoms. I have no doubt his mental faculties are deteriorating. On a side note: he is recently claiming to have kept all his promises. But his promises to whom? Certainly not to American citizens. Of course during the campaign he promised to have a cure for cancer if he were to be elected. He now claims that he has cured cancer. So, what is going on in that mind of his?

    • There has been a cure for cancer for decades but big pharma makes too much on chemo so they won’t release it! These demonRATS are destroying our country right in front of our faces and getting away with severe corruption! They should’ve been arrested many years ago! Trump will delete them!

  • He did a speech on the one-year anniversary of his signature piece of legislation, the Inflation Reduction Act. The very name of this legislation is a lie.

  • Even untrained, casual observers, willing to be honest with themselves, can clearly see that is far from true; that the decline is not only present, but progressing.

  • No one around him will broach the subject of mental decline becasue Joe Biden goes into a rampage. Its better to just resign and leave immediately than to challenge a mentally deranged person. Look at how many people have already left in just the last 6 months. The person who is suffereing from a mental decline will never know it in their own minds.

  • Comrade Dopey Pedo Joe knows very well that his brain is dieing. However, the criminal part of his brain still has a small flame left. He knows that his entire family will, if not already, will be investigatedcfor all the crimes they have committed. as for his leadership as POTUS, that is an abomination. But, Pedo Biden is not the real man in charge. He is a sock puppet for the Obama third term administration. welcome to the United Socialist States of America.

  • Biden is nothing but a lying, cheating POS that ever walked this earth! This administration belongs in GITMO for treason and hanging! Smug bastard!

  • What the Problem for Pedo Joe is one all Democraps have that being a total lack of BRAINS. See they only have WORTHLESS FECAL MATTER overflowing their otherwise empty skulls. Pedo Joe has done NOTHING but DESTROY America. He was CHEATED into office for one purpose only undo everything good President Trump did. He has no plan and could never come up with one. That is why he is allowed to grope little girls and commit crimes without being arrested or even charged Democraps are using him and his criminal behavior is the price for doing as Democraps want him to. Pedo Joe’s lack of a mind is Democraps punishment.

  • He is an old man with dementia. He knows it’s happening and he is getting angry because of it. It’s normal. It is time, if not past time, for him to hang up the spurs and go off into the sunset – to the old folks home, or at least to home since he can afford the best of care. Give it up Joe, you’re doing vastly more harm than any good you could possibly do.

  • Sveral years ago I took my family to Europe, which included Amsterdam. We were walking from our Hotel to go see Ann Franks house and crossed this plaza with hardly anybody in it. There were women in windoes, and door ways. I noticed this sign that said, “Prostitution Information Service”. I thought what a neat picture for Jay Lyno. So I got my camera ready and as I lifted it several female voices started shouting “Crazy Old Man!” We all looked around and saw nobody but us and I was the only man. We saw a couple women run toward us so we ran the other way and finally figured out they were talking about me and that I was not suppose to be taking pictuers in that plaza. Ok, I am a proud crazy old man. Now Biden is not crazy, he is doing what he is doing on purpose and is part of a conspiracy to destroy the USA. Why do you think he and other high falooting politicians are stashing so much money away? Its for a well guarded complex that will be his retirement home moe than likely outside the USA.

  • Joe’s a washed up criminal mob boss and his daughter allowed her Diary to tell us what he really is like: Showering with a teen? No wonder Hunters a Druggie and Drunk, a slime ball and criminal just like his pathetic father

    • Careful….”Killery”…will not be “Outdone”, by an amateur!

      Amateur….Puppet, with “Oaken” dementia!

      Old Joe “Balsa Brain”! Best wooden headed Criminal America ever had!

  • Just once I would like to see a reporter stand up and tell Biden to shut up. Then tell him he’s a liar and unclass unamerican uneducated idiot. Tell him he a loser and a traitor to America. But no reporter has the guts to stand up for America and take Biden down. When Biden starts his screaming throw a shoe, A pencil or something to stop his craziness. Enough of this evil old man. Republicans better impeach Joe and Harris for treason. American people are done waiting for action. One more thing Biden does to the children and taking the American people appliances away will mean war.

  • This is the United States of America, damn it! The only thing standing in our way to greatness is Joe Biden and the Democrat party!

  • Where did you fail Joe? Afghanistan…China…Ukraine…

    But: You have very successfully managed to steal/bribe “receiving Millions”! Good Job Joe…You just out did Al Capone….Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idy Amin…& others!

    You stinking filthy criminal! Father of the Year?…[ what a pathetic laugh!]

  • whether his conduct is a result of cognitive decline or its because he’s “tired”, it is clear that he’s not capable of appropriately handling his duties and he needs to leave his position as President of our United States. I personally believe it’s cognitive decline but, regardless, he’s not capable of performing at his job.

  • whether his conduct is a result of cognitive decline or its because he’s “tired”, it is clear that he’s not capable of appropriately handling his duties and he needs to leave his position as President of our United States. I personally believe it’s cognitive decline but, regardless, he’s not capable of performing at his job.

    • JoBama is the Shadow Resident, imo, Co-ordinating the USSA’s Pogroms to continue his Fundamental transformation of what little is left of America.

      Biden is the Perfect Pretense “President” absorbing all the attention and vitrol.

  • Everyday the failure of your border control tells us daily that you are a complete failure, to the USA. You never had the ability or qualifications to lead the USA!!!!!

  • Isn’t it amazing that the most dishonest person in America talks about integrity and honesty. Repent uncle Joe, repent! The gates if hell are wide opened!

  • He must think people are really stupid. We know how much we are paying at the grocery store and gas station. We know when our utility rates go up. We know that we are not doing financially well no matter what he says.

  • “The symptoms associated with Living in the USSA under an Insane NWO Coup gov Full of Mother WEFers, include confusion, difficulty completing tasks, decreased concentration levels, mood swings, agitation or apathy, changes in personality or behavior, trouble understanding visual information or directions from others, and more.”

  • Well, I do agree with him on part of what he’s saying. Despite his lousy leadership and the evil hateful left, where he and they want to take us to destroy this country once we clean house we will succeed.

    But with him and the left at the helm, no way!

  • WHY IS BIDEN giving a speech on what conservatives believe?

    Dimmercrats sure don’t believe all that good traditional American values stuff, eh?

  • Jerk Biden is just a withered up dried up piece of facies and isn’t even good fertilizer. What a liar he is!! Every other story that comes out of his sick face is another lie! I pray that he falls DOWN THE air plane stairs and breaks his own neck…Please God, bless America by getting rid of Jerk Biden and his son Hunter…

  • You mistake being animated for being crazy. His handlers actually wrote some very good stuff for him. Mind you, he does not believe a word he is speaking. He knows that it is all manipulative horse manure. For what it is worth, he did a very good job of delivering the speech, considering what he is.

  • God save the Queen, right Joe? What a pompous blowhard. What he is saying was true a few years ago when Trump was President, but he has ended all of that. Go stuff it in your ear you stumble bum.



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