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I bet you didn’t see this when it happened a few months back …

Google rigged their search results so that the Hillary Body Count story would not appear on the first page, if at all.

Why would you do that unless you have something to hide?

Are the Clinton’s involvement in the deaths of everyone they once met who succumbs to an early death?  Of course not.

However, ask yourself one thing: how many people do you know who have committed ‘suicide?’  Is it 1? 5? 10? 50?  I do not know what the hell is going on, but where there is this much smoke there is usually fire.

The Daily Mail is reporting:

‘An American-Chinese socialite has reportedly died in Hong Kong after plunging from her penthouse naked while carrying her five-month-old daughter in her arms.

Luo Lili, 34, who had rubbed shoulders with the likes of Hillary Clinton and Rita Ora, reportedly jumped to her death with her baby after suffering post-natal depression, according to multiple reports from local media.

As the only daughter of a real estate tycoon mother who owns multiple luxury development projects in China, Ms Luo appeared to have lived a lavish life, studying and travelling around the world from a young age.’

‘The Hong Kong police found the bodies of a 34-year-old woman and her five-month-old daughter at the bottom of an apartment block last Wednesday in Yau Ma Tei, the police confirmed to MailOnline through an email statement.  

The officers were deployed to the scene after receiving a report from a local security guard who spotted the corpses.

‘The woman and the baby girl were certified dead at scene. Initial investigation revealed that they fell from a unit. No will note was found at scene,’ said the police said, who are still investigating the incident. 

‘Post-mortem examinations will be conducted later to ascertain the cause of deaths of the deceased.’   

The police only identified the deceased by their surname Luo. 

However, local news outlets, including HK01 and Ming Pao, have named them as the American-Chinese business woman Ms Luo and her young daughter. ‘

Just wait, if you thought that was strange … how about this:

‘She was said to have jumped to her death without wearing clothing from her 5,000-square-foot penthouse while carrying her baby in her arms.

Ms Luo appeared to have enjoyed an extravagant life as a socialite as she was frequently pictured with influential figures around the world including former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and English pop superstar Rita Ora.

In a recent Instagram post, Ms Luo shared a photo with her daughter, Aier, while celebrating her baby girl’s 100-day birthday.

The mother wrote: ‘She is God’s way to give me perspective on life. Thank you for showing up in my life my beloved daughter.”

This was a very wealthy woman from a very wealthy and powerful family.  The Daily Mail  goes on to give more context:

‘Ms Luo was reportedly the only daughter of Luo Lin, the chairman of Jinlin Real Estate in south-western Chinese metropolis Chengdu, who owns multiple luxury development projects across the country. ‘

If you are a journalist with a death wish I bet looking into the connections between HRC, the CCP and Mr. Lin would be a surefire way to meet an early demise, in my humble estimation.

Call me crazy, but something here just does not add up.


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