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Biden and his White House Chief of staff, Ron Klain, have seriously mucked up the Covid-19 testing plan. Just like all of Biden’s plans it has quickly developed into a crisis. During his opener Wednesday, Fox Host Sean Hannity blasted the paid and offered Democrats a way out:

“Here’s a little unsolicited advice for the Democratic Party,” Hannity said. “For you to have any shot of not getting blown out in November, it probably would be time to swallow your pride … [and] hold Joe Biden accountable for his failures. Demand answers on why we have a COVID-19 testing shortage.”

The Fox News host read Klain’s June 2020 tweet back to him. It criticized Trump, saying, “Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed. We are the richest country on Earth, and we don’t have enough SWABS. Testing still isn’t fixed. Testing still isn’t fixed.”

“Guess what, Ron?” Hannity asked. “Testing still isn’t fixed. Most people couldn’t find [tests] over Christmas, and we’re still waiting for them. And your big announcement — ‘Oh, we’ve ordered more tests.’ A little too … late, Ron.”

Hannity questioned Biden’s ability to stand accountable for the testing crisis, saying “Joe doesn’t really answer any questions anymore, or he’s not capable of answering questions anymore.”

“He just stares silently. ‘Joe, when are we going to have the tests?'” Hannity quoted a reporter as asking.

With 1 million new COVID cases reported Monday, the “Hannity” host mocked the president for using social media comedian Benny Drama, Big Bird, and the Jonas Brothers to vouch for COVID vaccinations.

As to Build Back Better, White House press secretary Jen Psaki conceded Wednesday that “it’s always easier to sell a package to the public once it’s passed.”

“So we’re hoping we are going to get to that point,” she said.

“Remember Nancy Pelosi said the identical thing about Obamacare, and now all of your health care premiums are through the roof,” Hannity said. “Millions of people lost doctors, millions lost plans. Luckily, Biden’s Build Back Broke plan appears to be stalled, and the midterm elections are right around the corner.”


The odds that Democrats will hold Biden accountable for his horrific handling of the pandemic, the border crisis, or the fatal withdrawal in Afghanistan. To do so, they would have to admit they were wrong and roll back his scheming policies, which will never happen.


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