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Intense bodycam footage showed when a sniper took out a kidnapper holding a baby hostage. Police in Utah had pulled a vehicle over and a woman jumped out and told police that a man was holding her baby hostage. After a thirty-mile chase, police could get Oscar Alcantara stopped near Beaver Dam, Arizona.  This is the second time Alcantara has been in a hostage situation. The last time was seven years ago.

Once he was out of the vehicle the police told him that if he put the baby down they would not pursue him. He did not obey them and he held the baby in one arm and had a gun in his other hand. Alcantara took the baby and headed out to an area of desert. He then pointed his gun at the baby and a police officer shouted for him to stop and that they did not want to hurt him, but he kept going and hid behind some nearby vegetation.

Snipers set up and one of them could be heard saying that they would only have one chance at getting it right. The sniper fired and he killed Alcantara before he was able to harm the baby. The police retrieved the baby, who was uninjured.

From The Blaze

A police sniper then fired on Alcantara – which killed the suspect while he was holding the baby.

Police rushed toward the 30-year-old suspect.

“I got child, I got child, come here baby,” an officer exclaimed.

The baby was unharmed and taken to safety.

The shooting remains under investigation, according to KUTV. The Mohave County Attorney’s Office is still reviewing the hours of video from the deadly incident and interviewing dozens of officers and witnesses.


The sniper must have had nerves of steel. Had his shot been off just a little bit, the baby might have died. But, as it were, his shot was on the money and the good guys won. Good job, fellas.


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  • WHAT, EXACTLY is ‘GRAPHIC’ about this video???????
    It may be ‘GRAPHIC’ to a LIBTARD, because it has cops and/or firearms in it, otherwise, to a HUMAN, there is ZERO ‘GRAPHIC’ in this vid!! And whoever thought up the ‘GRAPHIC’ headline, needs a punch in the face.

  • This incident happened in February, the outcome is known, so why is it considered “intense” or “graphic”? Another question is why are they still reviewing videos and testimony? A psychopath kidnapped a woman’s baby, ran from the authorities, aimed his weapon at law enforcement, and was shot – what’s to review? In my opinion, the only reason to review the videos and witnesses is to be sure that they know all the officers in order to give them medals and commendation as well as a raise for a job well done.

  • Remember, criminals represent one leg of the three supporting the Democrat stool, along with the voting dead and illegal aliens, with the latter are being shipped all around our nation under the cover of darkness. Former Governor of VA, Terry McAuliffe (D-VA), was up all night pardoning felons so they could vote Democrat before the last election he presided over.

  • “The sniper must have had nerves of steel. Had his shot been off just a little bit, the baby might have died. But, as it were, his shot was on the money and the good guys won.” Really? How so? The video shows NOTHING! If he was holding the child at chest level, a head shot was easy at that minor distance. Nothing like making it sound like it was so impossible. Funny how we can watch movies, video games, etc. with tons of blood and gore, but the media blurs something like this — BWAHAHAHAHAHA!



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