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On Thursday, during an episode of his podcast “War Room,” former White House adviser to former President Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, promoted a new alternative cryptocurrency coin named “$FJB” that he has worked to develop, saying it will help supporters of former President Donald Trump “F Joe Biden” and “fight for America.”

Besides working as an adviser to the president, Bannon, who also served as the CEO of Trump’s 2016 campaign, received a pardon by the former president right before Trump left the White House in January 2021. The political strategist had been facing charges of fraud related to a crowdfunding campaign he launched to raise money for Trump’s border wall program at the US border with Mexico. The charges were bogus and were drummed up by Democrats in an effort to hurt Trump.

Since being pardoned, Bannon has talked about the 2020 presidential election being “stolen” from Trump and rigged in favor of Joe Biden. He hosts pro-Trump guests on his podcast, pushing a number of conservatives causes and issues.

During his Thursday episode, Bannon spoke with conservative political strategist Boris Epshteyn about their $FJB crypto coin venture. They said that the new cryptocurrency would help those connected to the “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement fight for Trump and for the country. God knows we need it now after the hellish nightmare that the Biden White House and Democrat-controlled Congress has turned our country into.

“We are now saying, ‘screw Joe Biden,'” Bannon told podcast listeners. “We’ve got a coin … it’s got, the imprint is that, okay. It shows your total and complete independence, right? Our non-reliance, and you’re going to very quickly have non-reliance on their financial system. So no longer can they bother you,” he said.

“They’re not going to be able to ‘disappear’ you like the Chinese Communist Party, like the Bolsheviks, like the Nazis, like anybody, like any of these radicals that have ever taken control of these apparatuses. What they try to do is get rid of the good people,” Bannon said. Notably, there is no indication of any effort or plan from the federal government or Democrats to “disappear” Trump supporters.

But the Democrats are trying to divide the country by pitting unvaccinated against COVID-19 vaccinated Americans where they want you to believe unvaccinated Americans are making vaccinated people sick. Of course, it’s all a lie, but the Democrats have not been honest about the coronavirus pandemic since the beginning. They have politicized it.

“Yeah, F Joe Biden and F the media and all of them—could care less,” Bannon said, urging listeners to check out the new crypto coin.

The website for $FJB declares that the “coin fights for America.” It urges visitors to, “Join the fight. Join the movement. Join the community.” Just below that message is a red oval with the words “Click to buy $FJB.”

In the About section of the site it states, “What started as a chant is now a movement,” referring to the chants of “F*** Joe Biden” that have been heard at numerous sporting events around the country. And why not? Joe Biden has conveyed said “F Trump Supporters” in just about everything he does.

“This is about the voices of every individual across the world being heard when they felt like they’ve been silenced. We started this project as a rally around this movement with two main objectives, one, to build a community where people are free to voice their views without fear of being shamed, discriminated against or cancelled and two, charitable giving to veterans, first responders and all of those who have given their lives for this great country,” the website added.


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