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Not only did the FBI raid the homes of former and current employees of Project Veritas, but they have also now raided the home of Project Veritas founder, James O’keefe. According to them, they are investigating the alleged diary belonging to Joe Biden’s oldest daughter, Ashley.

The diary allegedly shows the Joe Biden has committed some inappropriate behavior.

Why would they be conducting these raids if the diary is ‘fake’?

From what we do know, Project Veritas bought the diary before the last electionm but never revealed anything because they could not verify it. Do these raids verify the authenticity of the diary? What is in it that they don’t want to get out? I am betting it is explosive if Biden uses the FBI to retrieve it.

Project Veritas contacted Ashley’s attorneys and offered to return the diary, but the lawyers refused to admit it was hers. Is this Russian misinformation just like Hunter’s laptop?

The FBI kindly asked O’Keefe not to mention the raids in a cover letter they sent with Grand Jury Subpoena.

The Government hereby requests that you voluntarily refrain from disclosing the existence of the subpoena to any third party. While you are under no obligation to comply with our request, we are requesting you not to make any disclosure in order to preserve the confidentiality of the investigation and because disclosure of the existence of this investigation might interfere with and impede the investigation.

What is curious here is that the New York Times has published information on this. How did they find out? Project Veritas never published a word on this.

They contacted one writer one hour after the raid on their home started asking for a comment. How did they know about the raid?

From PJ Media

O’Keefe goes on to say that tipsters approached him with the diary, claiming it contained “explosive allegations” against then-candidate Joe Biden.

O’Keefe stresses that Project Veritas did not publicize anything in the diary as they could not authenticate what was in it, nor could they prove that it actually belonged to Ashley Biden.

When they contacted Ashley Biden’s attorney to return the diary to her, lawyers refused to say whether or not the diary was the property of Ashley Biden.

“It begs the question,” O’Keefe continues, “in what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president’s FBI and his Department of Justice.”

O’Keefe wraps up the video by declaring, “The politics of fear will not prevail in the United States of America.”


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