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Recent reports have raised questions about a possible connection between the Fulton County prosecutors’ office and the Biden regime regarding the 41-count indictment issued last Monday.

This indictment included RICO and conspiracy charges against President Trump for challenging the 2020 election results.

Critics of this move by the prosecutors’ office are now asking whether this could be considered a “smoking gun” proving collusion between these two entities.

It has recently been revealed that Fani Willis’ campaign director, Jeremy Halbert Harris, worked for the Joe Biden campaign in Georgia during the 2020 presidential election cycle.

This raises questions regarding a possible link between the White House and Team Willis.

Adding to this potential controversy is Harris’ history of posting tweets critical of President Trump, suggesting a bias against the 45th President.

Winters notes that he has been trying to take Trump out since 2017.

Here is a better look:

This is one of the tweets Halbert Harris deleted:

Halbert-Harris appeared to be in a state of alarm after Winters uncovered his affiliation with Biden and his strongly critical posts about Trump.

He seemed to rapidly secure his X (formerly Twitter) account, presumably in order to conceal the facts.

Democrats may claim that a campaign director’s involvement in an investigation is minimal, but there is evidence to suggest that Willis and Holber-Harris are regularly in contact.

It has been speculated as to whether or not the two have discussed the potential Trump indictment. Recently, one social media user highlighted the importance of this information being made available to Trump’s defense team.

A House Republican investigation into Willis could provide conclusive evidence that she is motivated by politics, rather than justice.

ICYMI: Fulton County DA hit with congressional investigation over Trump indictment



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  • nothing surprises me anymore our government is so crooked especially the the Democrat party they are so afraid of trump that they are trying anything they can to bring him down

    • Susie.

      You have no ideal what you posted. Trump is his own worse enemy. No one has damaged Trump except for himself. No one person other then Trump caused his problems. Prosecutors have laws they have to abide, or do you think they should not follow the law? Years ago working with a law firm I did not find any DA prosecuting a case personally. Maybe Trump case is different. If I was called a fool and a low life I would surly take a case personally.

      • Funny how those laws only apply to Trump. Where were they when then VP Biden threatened Ukraine if they did not drop the charges on Biden’s son? He used his office to prevent Hunter Biden being prosecuted and publicly brag how he did it. Where were they when the democrats faked the Russian hoax against Trump? In fact where are they right now as more and more proof comes out about both Biden and Hunter’s ties to China? Then ask yourself, are they helping Ukraine due to their ties there or are they being blackmailed to prevent what has gone on between Ukraine and the Bidens?
        Why wasn’t Hilary charged for doing just what Trump is doing? Why wasn’t she arrest for her part in the Russian hoax? You want to talk laws, then talk laws but make sure the democrats aren’t guilty of breaking more laws than the fake ones being used against Trump.
        And thank your party for making Trump more popular than ever.

        • KC; Correct! Pelosi, Schumer and Schiff among countless other Democrats and their globalist elitist operatives have ranted and raved that point of “no one is above the law;” when it’s actually all of them who act and behave without any doubt like they believe “they are above the law!” They are lying, scheming criminals “one and all,” make no mistake about it they are diabolical!

          Hitler’s Nazi Gestapo Play Book set up by his nefarious propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels was precisely what the Democrats have used for many years now to crush or destroy their political opponents or enemies and we know from history the Third Reich was one of the most “evil diabolical power monger machines” of all modern history! All you Democrats let that sink in while you consider what mistake you made in ever casting a vote for Lyin’ Biden! And remember the Bible says the Devil is the “father of all lies” so in my view Biden has had much direct contact with Satan!
          I hope all of you wake up and see the light of God before it is too late for any of you and our America!

      • Carson Tyler you either don’t have a clue what you are talking about, you are delusional or you love lying! Trump had been the best President for America and its people in a very long time, calming the international scene down, best economy in 60 years just for starters, and the first sitting president to cross the North Korea DMZ since 1953 to calm down the ever so crazy rocket man Kim! And yet the corrupt to the hilt elitist globalist establishment did and continue to exploit any minuscule crack in Trumps Armor to derail and ultimately destroy him; as he is the single most threat to their very wicked existence; and it was he who exposed all of their corruption to a vast majority of the public pulling back the curtain!

        And Now this corrupt affirmative action flunky prosecutor just points that out even more with all of the “Collusion, Conspiracy and Treason” to interfere directly with a presidential election via another attack upon the leading opposing candidate to the “ever so dirty Criminal Biden;” as well as set up traps or frame-up Trump with absolute hearsay, lies and fabricated weaponized accusations by a few vindictive insane women! Yea our national security and the US Dollar were in great jeopardy under Trump’s Presidency, NOT!
        No it actually is all at stake right now under these wicked totalitarian Deep State despot power mongers, with Biden as their puppet of evil doings!

        Take a look at your hero, the pushing 55 years of political corruption and counting, the infamous most corrupt evil man to have ever been in the White House “Lyin’ Biden” himself, who is the epitome of the Bible’s “Man of Perdition” and as evil as sin or simply the Devil himself! Nice foolish try to thwart what Susie said; but we aren’t all sleeping out here and I should add; it’s always wise to watch where you poke your nose, if you want to keep it clean!

      • Carson
        The point is it is a two tiered system. Gore, Hillary all questioned election results previously. They did not face prosecution. Willis has an affiliation with Obiden through the campaign director. This creates impropriety and ethical issues not to mention the inference of election interference. Even if u believe Trump is his worst enemy the above is improper and should never occur. Put yourself in the shoes of Trump. How would you feel? Keep in mind this same set of circumstances exist in NY. It’s not right and unfair. We Americans should all be protesting the way it is happening which is obviously for political reasons.

        • Lou G; of course yes it is “impropriety,” but far exceeds that because it’s been going on for years and entirely through Trump’s Presidency, which makes it seditious, conspiratorial and Treasonous without any doubt; I do hope all of you out there can see that clearly!

          This has been a clear-cut “Agenda” which is totally “Un-Constitutional” and further it’s an “attack” upon America and her People! All who can be connected to any of this going back prior to Trumps term in office should absolutely be arrested, tried and convicted so that finally Justice will be Served!

          • stick your lies .. donkeyA$$ liar. PRESIDENT TRUMP has RIGHTLY fought the DUMBOCRATs lies from the first day he announced running for POTUS. Only dumbA$$es believe even one word that ANY DUMBOCRAT SAYS ! YOU’RE ALL LYING CORRUPT AND EVIL HYPOCRITES!

      • “Prosecutors have laws they have to abide, or do you think they should not follow the law? ”

        The Soros bought-and-paid-for D.A.s don’t seem troubled by that isssue.

        • stick your lies .. donkeyA$$ liar. PRESIDENT TRUMP has RIGHTLY fought the DUMBOCRATs lies from the first day he announced running for POTUS. Only dumbA$$es believe even one word that ANY DUMBOCRAT SAYS ! YOU’RE ALL LYING CORRUPT AND EVIL HYPOCRITES!

      • If the laws are so enforceable, why is it the Biden administration can let the southern border remain open, killing 108,000 of our young people, bc of the fentanyl, being brought over here by the Cartel. Has received 20 million $’s worth of briberies, from foreign countries. Left 80 million $’s of our equipment in Afghanistan, not to mention 100’s of our people over there. Now they have found illegal drugs in our White House. Hunter Bidens laptop cover up, just to name a few of his illegal accomplishments. Or is the laws just for the fraudulent charges being brought against the man who uncovered the deep, deep swamp and exposed the crooks in our government, Donald Trump? Not just the democrats, there are many RINO’s in the deep, dirty swamp, also. Do some digging, research on your own, don’t let the Soros / China financed, MSM aka ‘fake news’ , persuade you. Have a great day & God bless.

        • Hey Jenny Turley; correct and its going to take major drastic actions to fix this once and for all; not very likely, and it was estimated to be about 10Billion dumped in Afghanistan, Evil Biden is stealing and wasting our money as fast as he can!

      • Hey Carson Tyler: Have you read all of the posts which utterly destroy all the comments you posted? Carson, you need to wake up. If you for one second think that one political party going after their opposition is good for America, you need a shrink, BIG TIME. President Trump was the best president this country has had since Ronald Reagan. We are now living in a Banana Republic just like Venezuela, China, Iran, etc.

        What is it you don’t understand? Communism is knocking on our door and I have to say, it already has one foot and half of the other foot in the door. In all of my 80 years living in America, I never dreamed our country would be on the brink of destruction like it is today. Biden and his minions are destroying America, BY DESIGN.

        None of these cases brought against President Trump have anything to do with following the laws. This is pure destruction of our two party system. Biden and his minions want to take control of all of us and they will demand that every one of us obey, OR ELSE.

        Wake up fool. Our country and it’s Constitution depend on it.

      • Then why don’t prosecutors abide by those laws???? You are delusional if you really think what is happening to Trump is normal and by the book.

    • Susie Pickett; spot-on and beautifully said! I do appreciate truth, integrity and honor which you obviously do too! Thank you for your comment!

  • Really, it isn’t like we haven’t already figured out that the democrats are liars and cheats. The upside is they are the ones making Trump more popular by the day by exposing the way they lie and cheat to overthrow our constitution and laws to remain in power despite what the people want.

    • Yes KC! Let’s recall from even our childhoods something we all were taught or at least heard about; which is how “the light always overcomes the darkness!” Every single day the sun rises in the east to remind us of how absolutely true that is, and “a new day is dawning now!”

      The Democrats have been cheating and lying for many decades and are now pathological as well as wicked in their disgusting ways. Evil ultimately does itself in, that is another given fact of this world!

  • Seriously Carson Tyler.?
    Are you for real or another Communist voting Democrat, American is on its last leg, we have the most corrupt, Anti-Constitution, Anti-American Communist Government in History.! Are you fine with open borders, the death toll of Fentanol, Child sex rings, dumbing down in Schools, pushing Transgender on Children, attacking the 1st and 2nd Ammendment, corrupt George Sorors DA’s and Judges, Quid Pro Quo, higher Taxes, over spending for Ukraine and Biden kickbacks, Free phones, education, money, housing, rape, murder, and right to vote for Non Illegals.? Disregard for Maui, Higher grocery and fuel prices.? The destruction of the economy and Americans lives.? Forcing solar panels and EV’s on Americans.? Outlawing stoves, Ceiling fans, washing machines, incandescent light bulbs, in the name of the bullshit climate change.? ( Which the Earth has been going through for billions of years) while the Communist Democrats fly and Drive gas guzzling vehicles around the world. Trying to pass a bill so they can interfere with republican voters, China buying land in the United States, Spy balloons, Forcing Transgender and Woke in our military, Forcing the deadly Covid shot on our military, giving multi billion Dollar military jets, vehicles, ammunition and rockets to Ukraine, The illegal arrest of a former President without evidence in the History of the United States, Hunters Tax Evasion and illegally possess a Firearm, Joe Biden in possession of Classified documents since the 1970’s through today, Hillary challenging and complaining of the Presidential loss to Donald Trump for 4 + years, and not a Damn thing was done to that sea hag, Hillary’s possession of Classified documents and selling Uranium to Russia then the destruction and tampering with evidence, Not one thing was done to her, and your fine with all that.? There’s even more what those Communist Democrats have done to the American people but I’m running out of space. Food for thought,, The American people were happy and better off with President Trump in office.

    • Michael Smith’ wonderful as I feel you have touched on all of the pertinent talking points of FACT!!! I had been thinking about all of them as I wrote my comments and chose to hone-in on a couple that had me agitated but you placing them all out in the open here is commendable and I for one appreciate it!

      Let’s face it, the criminals on the Left along with all of their coconspirators in the Marxist Democrat, Elitist Globalist Party have gotten away with abhorrent evil and a slow destruction of America from within for too long; and it either is going to stop right away with many held accountable and put in prison or we are all in for a war nobody will believe when it happens!

  • Anyonoe in Georgia that is connected with this Indictement should be subject to arrest and trail for their actions if directed by the Biden group in Washington DC for collusion and dig up other charges that will put them away for a long time. Watch the rats start jumping ship if the arrests start. It will all go back to either Joe Bidens direction, his family, campaign staff or Democratic Leaders. Get them all.

    • We see here now in America something much worse than an organized crime syndicate tearing America and her People a new one every day while these most vile evil people occupy the White House along with the Democrat Party are tossing our tax dollars by the trillions all over the world and into their own pockets totally bankrupting America! And this while they laugh in our faces thinking they got it all covered; interestingly this type of backstabbing is just how evil Soros made his billions and he said back in 1979 that it was his life mission to destroy America and its people which he hates! Wait and see what God does to each of them when their time comes; and before that I would and do pray that they and all connected to this current fiasco of evil are locked away for life in the very least, very soon!

  • Trump understood that the elites in this country had become globalist and they had put the interest of international entities, international capital markets, and international players above the American citizens and the nation itself. That’s his unforgivable crime.

    In their eyes, he needs death in prison. You don’t think if you went to Morning Joe this morning, you went to all those people, Joy Ann Reed, they want to serve all 700 years and have his memory totally expunged as a black mark in American history. It is exactly the opposite.
    There is no coming together. Just like in the Revolution and the Civil War, one side is going to win and one side is going to lose. And the side that wins will then do what they do. And that side is going to be us. As sure as the turning of the Earth, it will be us, because it can’t be any other way. And remember, this only stops when we say it stops.

    Always remember that. Only when you decide that it’s over, is it over. And that’s what they hate and they can’t take it. They don’t have the grit, they don’t have the toughness. They determination. They don’t have, wait for it, the right stuff.

    Is Trump perfect? No, he is far from perfect. He is a quite imperfect vessel. He is a quite imperfect instrument. And his imperfections actually are strengths, because this is not about a cult or looking for a messiah. We have a Messiah. We have one today. We don’t need another. We need an instrument. And Trump is that instrument. Think about it for a second. Not just when he came down the escalator in 2015. He had absolutely no incentive when he went back to Mar-a-Lago to do this again. And in fact, if he had just built his business and gone his way, they would have celebrated and none of this would have happened. None of the indictments would have happened. None of the shutting down of his businesses would have happened. None of the trying to put his kids and his family and everybody in a bankruptcy would have happened. None of that would happen. He made a conscious decision to come back and do it again.

    And this is why his fate is inextricably linked with the destiny of this republic.

    Because, trust me, at the end of this fight, we’re going to be one thing or the other. We’re either going to be the republic that was bequeathed to us, a constitutional republic by the rule of law that was bequeathed to us, are we’re going to be something quite different.

    How this ends, no one knows. But there’s one thing we know for sure.

    Donald J. Trump will not give up!

    “Steve Bannon – Friday, August 25, 2023”

    • Maggie; very good putting this here, as I read it yesterday and thought how bold, true and righteous it was as well as Steve Bannon for declaring it to the world! A former good Navy Veteran and True Patriot!

      This is the principle point in this declaration that stands right out to me which is all I want to or will accept as the final resolution to this current War we are in!

      “That side is going to be us.”

      Yes we must and will “win” as God is our witness I ask Him to send His Holy Spirit upon those of us who believe in Him and are willing to stand up for our “America” and “We the People!” I stand in solidarity with my “Fellow American Brothers and Sisters” here in “America One Nation under God!”

    • Absolutely True Barto! The sinful, arrogant and wicked are openly revealing and displaying themselves to the world as if proud to be so vile! They’re doomed!

      An overdose of corrupt power they drank willingly, which is their own doing-in or death knell!

  • So. The obvious conspiracy against Trump continues. The deep state, democrats and Marxist orgs are all coordinated to prevent revealing them to the public and maintain their strangle hold on the country.

  • Convince me that there is not a concerted effort at collusion between various government agencies, jurisdictions and political activists to keep Trump off the ballot, all because they are afraid of his popularity and effectiveness. If they are allowed to succeed the US is doomed to truly becoming a banana republic which claims to be free and democratic but which is actually autocratic.

  • I would say the whole bunch down in Georgia need Fired, all benefits revoked security clearance revoked, possible confiscation of property and money, banned never allowed again in any part of government or law, for life

  • I would say the whole bunch down in Georgia need Fired, all benefits revoked security clearance revoked, possible confiscation of property and money, banned never allowed again in any part of government or law, for life

    No this is about Georgia have not said it about the Georgia government

  • Negroes can not be expected to be fair and unbiased toward Republicans because they blame them for all of their problems even though they vote over 90 percent for Democrats. Black political power and the high levels of crime and dysfunctional behavior in our inner cities poses a clear and present danger to justice and civilized society.

  • People need to get this straight Trump never told people to riot on Jan 6th. President Trump told his followers ” we must fight like hell and if you don’t fight like hell you’re not going to have a country anymore ” Trump was warning America what would happen should democrats win HE WAS WARNING US AND HE WAS RIGHT, look at the gangs that attacked and robbed large stores as gangs stole merchandise HE DIDN’T THREATEN ANYONE. and to his followers on Jan 6th he said ” Everyone here will soon be marching to the capitol building to peacefully and patriotically make your voices herd ” not once did he told his followers to riot, those were gangs wearing the red MEGA caps they were organized by hate groups who wanted chaos and to bring Trump down and the democrats turned around to fit THEIR NEEDS.

    • Let’s consider this here; So the peaceful unarmed protestors that went to the People’s House in DC on J6 to express the legitimate concern via their 1ST Amendment Right; of a “fouled or outright stolen” General Election were all considered seditious traitors attempting a coup even when we know by now there were FBI and CIA assets mingling in the crowds to trigger what resulted, a melee of social disorder that the “government forces instigated, enticed and deliberately caused; an entrapment!”



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