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J6 Attorney Joseph McBride joined Tucker Carlson on Monday night to talk about the ongoing persecution of J6 prisoners by the Brandon administration.

McBride is handling the defense for several of the J6 protesters. He has found a man who was dressed up like a Trump supporter who was handing out weapons to the protesters that day and whom he claims was interactive with law enforcement on that day.

He told Carlson about video footage he has seen from under the Capitol tunnel of a man who was handing out weapons who is known as “Red-faced 45”. McBride accuses him of entrapping capitol protesters on that day. He says he is looking at other several federal operatives who were observed that day.

If he is right, there will be an accounting for their misdeeds, along with some major lawsuits from the J6 political prisoners.

Joseph McBride: Let me just call one of these people out. Someone who was tagged on the internet by “Sedition Hunters” as Red-Faced 45. This is someone who is dressed in Trump gear, in MAGA gear. He’s covered in gear from head to toe. His face is painted MAGA red. He has a Trump hat on a Make America Great Again hat. Yet, he is clearly a law enforcement officer. He interacts with uniformed personnel. He interacts with agents in the crowd. He passes out weapons, sledgehammers, poles, mace. Some of those things come in contact with some of the other protesters who have subsequently been charged with possessing dangerous weapons and are using dangerous weapons at the Capitol. That is clearly entrapment. That is clearly the government creating conditions of dangerousness and entrapping members of the crowd to possess weapons and possibly use them for reasons that we cannot comprehend.

The whole story sounded fishy from the beginning. Why would Capitol police officers open up the doors and escort protesters inside the building unless they were ordered to? They would not have done that on their own in my opinion.

It would also explain why Nancy Pelosi refused National Guard troops that President Trump offered her to make sure the protest was peaceful.


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