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36The Hunter Biden laptop is like political herpes. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. In this case, it’s the political gift that keeps on providing new fodder for those who oppose the Biden administration.

New evidence from the laptop has now popped up, and it is raising eyebrows. It’s an audio recording file of a conversation from October 2018 between Hunter Biden and the Chairman of the Walmart Corporation, the nation’s largest brick & mortar retail chain. You know, where all those smelly Trump supporters like to shop.

Apparently, the conversation between Hunter Biden and Greg Penner, Chairman of Walmart/Madrone Capitol was scheduled through email.


Believe it or not, the audio file was found in the iTunes folder on Hunter’s laptop. The kicker is, the FBI concealed it for a year before it was delivered to the New York Post. Why would they do that? The FBI had an ongoing investigation into Hunter and concealed that as well. That didn’t come out until after the 2020 election. The Post, the oldest American newspaper still in print, founded by Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, was censored by Twitter for reporting on it.

The transcript of the audio reveals a conversation to “pull the trigger” of an influence campaign to stop President Donald Trump and the America First movement, and to influence the Democratic primary for Biden.

RHB = Robert Hunter Biden:

(2:20) RHB: “Overall objective here is to stop, not only Donald Trump, but to stem the tide of what Donald Trump represents.”

RHB Laptop contains e-mails in which:

a. RHB asked to discuss a confidential matter with Penner, stating “That’s best not to be done by text or email.” (11 August 2017)

b. In a solicitation email Greg Penner asks RHB to “…visit with you about some options I’ve been working on for the 2020 election…”. (6 April 2018)

RHB Laptop contains SMS text between Greg Penner and RHB (16 March 2019) with RHB stating:

“He is available tomorrow after 4pm EST if you are. He looks forward to speaking and would gladly meet whenever your schedule and his allows. Give me call [sic] so I can fill you in on at least my reasons for not replying to you until now. Best, Hunter”

Biden and Penner wanted to stop the America First movement, the populist nationalist movement where Trump made America great again. They wanted to stop that.

Penner offers for a “John” to meet with Joe Biden. RHB insinuates it would be “too dangerous for John” and Joe Biden to meet.

Hunter says during the call with Greg Penner that he was approached by Nick Rohatyn Chairman of TRG (aka Rohatyn Group) as a secondary option to handle the “situation.” What situation?

If you remember, there was one Republican primary candidate who kept talking about how China was cleaning our clock with trade deals that were great for China but horrible for the US. Then, as president, Donald Trump cleaned China’s clock with a new trade deal that was better for America.

Walmart is known for getting their merchandise cheaper from China and they have a reputation of harming small town mom-and-pop shops across the nation.

A Walmart heiress was one of the top funders for “The Lincoln Project,” an establishment RINO anti-Trump group that ran into all kinds of scandals after the election, including grooming young men by offering jobs for sex. They made millions in donations to help get rid of Trump.

Walmart’s official Twitter account responded to a tweet by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) in December 2020 who posted about how he was going to do exactly what the Democrats did in 2004 and 2016 when they objected to the certification of electoral votes to raise concerns of election integrity and object to the 2020 election results because of all the irregularities and lawlessness that took place.

The retail chain responded, “Go ahead. Get your 2 hour debate. #soreloser”

SOURCE: Twitter screenshot @lachlan

Walmart quickly deleted the tweet, but the Internet never goes away.

Did Walmart fund any of the irregularities that went on in multiple states during the 2020 election? Did they violate election laws to help Joe Biden and the Democrats? I guess we’ll have to wait and see after the 2020 midterm elections.

Greg Penner was on the board of Baidu, a Chinese company for 14 years until 2017.

Penner also graduated from the same class at Georgetown University in 1992 as Hunter Biden.

For a long time Trump supporters and middle class and working-class families who shop at Walmart, thought the company cared about the middle class. Apparently not, as they did what they could to get rid of Trump and help Joe Biden, who has destroyed our economy and made life much worse for average middle-class families. Is this what Penner wanted? After learning this, I for one will never step foot inside a Walmart store ever again.


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