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Believe it or not, CNN does have a small, tiny, minute number of conservative commentators. I bet they have to sit at their own table in the cafeteria.

Mary Katharine Ham is one of them. On Friday, she slammed a top CNN reporter after he tried to fact-check her criticism that the media under-reported on the 2017 attempted assassination of Republican congressmen.

Ham was making her point because of the massive amount of attention that the media devoted to the first January 6thmas riot anniversary at the US Capitol as opposed to how they covered the 2017 shooting of Republicans by a lunatic Bernie Sanders supporter, who the FBI deemed a domestic terrorist, and who nearly killed Representative and House Majority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) and injured three others.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis mentioned the amount of coverage that was given to the January 6 two-and-a-half hour riot over the lunatic who attacked Republican congressmen practicing for a charity baseball game.

Responding to a New York Times reporter who made light of DeSantis’ comments, Ham revealed that she lives near the baseball field where the attempted massacre of Republican lawmakers took place and in “under 48 hours, the news vans were gone.”

If it were Democrats on the diamond, they would still be talking about it.

“I was on TV, live from the baseball field where they played the game a day later, after almost being canceled by mass murder, but my topic was ‘Mike Pence reportedly hired a lawyer,'” Ham said.

She added that her opinion doesn’t make light of covering the anniversary of January 6, but noted that there is a double standard.

“And it doesn’t mean Jan. 6 doesn’t deserve coverage. Moving on after 48 hrs would be wrong for that and for Gabby Giffords! But the coverage was what it was, Scalise’s return to Congress was very sparsely covered, and the anniversary was barely mentioned.”

In response, CNN reporter Andrew Kaczynski fact-checked Ham.

“It looks you discussed the baseball game?” he tweeted back at Ham.

When Ham replied back to Kaczynski, she pointed out that the segment he posted was not the one she was referring to and highlighted a larger problem with Kaczynski’s attempted fact-check.

“Hi, Andrew. Yes, this is within 24-48 hrs that this was a story. This segment was based on the galactically stupid Sanford contention that it was *Trump’s rhetoric* that caused it, bc of course. Pointed out Nats Park hit bc it was overlooking the game & yet not focused on this.”

Ham added:

“Do you need the rest of my itinerary from that day and the day after, which again, were basically the only days this was a national story, which was my point?” she added.

Ham followed up with, “Got jack to say about Cuomo and Toobin, but gotta fact-check me when he’s got nothing.”

Are most CNN reporters as stupid as that? He posted the wrong video on the topic. He didn’t have the intuition to look for a different video, maybe one that sounded like what she was saying? He’s probably a terrible reporter if that was showing off his skill set.

Considering Cuomo and Toobin, Ham added, “One jacked off in front of female colleagues and one violated every conflict of interest rule in journalism, lied about it, and got fired, but I’m the issue bc I think the Congressional baseball shooting was covered too lightly and taxes are too high. Sure, dude.”

I have to start paying more attention to Mary Katharine Ham again. I got turned off after the whole Corey Lewandowski thing. That said, I like her mettle and I tend to support conservatives who hit back.


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