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Misty Grubbs recently made headlines when she captured an upsetting moment on her Facebook Live.

Teacher Gets Gadsden Flag, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ LessonHer fifth-grade daughter, Bella Gibbs, was one of several Center Hill Elementary School students stuck on a DeSoto County school bus, and the driver refused to open the door and let them off.

The incident began when the driver dropped off students at their designated stops but then drove away without opening the door for those who had yet to get off.

Inside, Bella and her classmates panicked as they realized that the bus had started heading in a different direction.

Misty quickly took action by streaming a live video of what was happening inside while simultaneously trying to contact authorities to intervene and help resolve the situation.

Fortunately, Misty managed to reach out to someone who could unlock the doors after about 10 minutes of being stranded on board.

Parents rushed towards their children with hugs and kisses as soon as they were able to disembark from the bus; however, there were still many unanswered questions about why this ordeal occurred in the first place.

The local school district has since released an official statement regarding this incident: “We are deeply sorry for what happened… We take these matters very seriously and have launched an investigation into how it occurred so we can ensure it never happens again.”

They also claim that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against those responsible for allowing such circumstances arise on their watch.

In the video, children can be seen being pulled off through windows, crying, screaming and searching for their parents.

WREG News: “You can see kids begin to be poured off the bus through windows, crying, screaming and looking for their parents.”

Parent: “Why did the bus sit there for 40 minutes, with children on it, as hot as it is?”

The incident began when Bella Gibbs refused to hand over her phone.


ICYMI: Teacher Gets Gadsden Flag, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ Lesson




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  • None if this makes any sense. A school bus’s doors can always be opened from the inside, without keys or tools. Did the bus driver leave them on a parked bus? It says he drove away in a different direction, so apparently he was still on the bus and it was moving. This classifies as clickbait non-journalism.

  • The driver was obviously a Democrat. People in this country must remember that to Democrats, children are mere objects and can be used for sexual manipulation and physical abuse of any kind they see fit to inflict upon them..

  • Sounds like there was a behavior issue with the undisciplined orphan animals. Maybe if they were taught to behave at home, they wouldn’t inconvenience decent people in public. Kudos to the substitute driver for sticking to her guns; shame on the kids for not behaving.



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