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This is huge. But, you need to remember that this is just the beginning and not the end. With the passage of this resolution, it is now referred to the rules committee. It was a voice vote and it passed unanimously. Once the rules committee passes it, it will then go to the Senate and will be voted on by the Senate as Wisconsin Senate, bill 743, for immediate confirmation.

If passed, it would remove Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes from Joe Biden, but will not assign them to President Trump. usually, electors cannot be recalled, but there is an exception for fraud. Arizona is working on recalling their electors and with the massive amount of ballot harvesting in Georgia, they could be right behind. Biden finished with 306 electoral votes, but those three states add up to 37, reducing Biden to 269, one vote shy of a win.

Assuming those states stand, the vote then goes to the House of Representatives, where Republicans control at least 26 states, making Trump the president. But, don’t get your hopes up as I am only saying it is possible not that it is likely. The important thing, for now, is to prove that cheating did go on during the 2020 election.

From The Gateway Pundit

How it happened: Assembly rule 43 resolution or joint resolution relating to the officers, members, former members, procedures, or organization of the assembly or legislature is privileged in that it may be offered under any order of business by a member who has the floor and may be taken up immediately before all other proposals, unless referred by the presiding officer to a standing committee or to the calendar.

During the open session, Representative Ramthun called point of order asking to be recognized, after he was given the floor he used Assembly rule 43, to call to get passage for the resolution to the rules committee.

Representative Ramthun asked to suspend rules and have the resolution pulled back however because they were in the 10th it was said to be out if order. The Resolution to take back our 10 electors from the 2020 general election has been passed on to the rules committee, it is alive and today Representative Ramthun showed the people of our country that the Constitution of the United States of America is the law of the land, if you use it.

So for those whom have questioned whether or not Article II, Section 1, Clauses 2 and 3 of the US Constitution gives the Legislature (the closest body to the people) plenary right to oversee elections is accurate and true.


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