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The Gateway Pundit reported back in March that the Green Bay mayor handed over the keys to the room where the ballots were stored to the far left radical operative, Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein. Eric Genrich is also suspected of giving Rubenstein the secret access code for the hotel convention center where the votes were being counted. In any case, Rubenstein did have the secret access code and would be in a position to manipulate the vote.

In October a group of local Wisconsin patriots who call themselves ‘Wisconsin HOT’ uncovered another major election scandal in Wisconsin. They discovered that a Racine clerk was also working with Rubenstein. They created an app that would track votes in real-time for the 2020 election.

Rubenstein requested the ability to access ‘WisVote’:

This scandal was reported by Christina Bobb at OAN. A formal complaint was filed last week against  Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich for his mishandling of the 2020 election. Wisconsin’s MacIver Institute now says that the wall is closing in on Genrich and Rubenstein. Genrich has refused to testify on the matter, but now the state assembly has filed a joint resolution to open a formal investigation into the election. That gives them the power to subpoena witnesses and compel them to testify unless they use the 5th Amendment.

Pleading the Fifth would be seen as an admission of guilt. That would trigger the assembly and cause them to dig deep into what the mayor did for Rubenstein. It would also cause people to doubt the results of the election. That would not end well for the mayor.

From The Gateway Pundit

The Gateway Pundit reported back in March that Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich gave the keys to the arena where ballots were stored before the the 2020 election to far left radical and former Facebook employee Michael Spitzer Rubenstein.

The Gateway Pundit then reported that disclosed emails revealed that Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein, Wisconsin state lead for the National Vote at Home Institute, was given secret internet access to the hotel convention center where ballots were counted in Green Bay.

Information in this email was received from the City of Racine, Wisconsin in a record request made on March 20, 2021, by H.O.T.  This information was posted at


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