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Black protestant voters have written Biden off as an investment gone very bad. Under Trump, they got prison reform, investment in Black colleges and universities, and record low unemployment. Under Biden, they got high inflation, high gas prices, and their unemployment rate has soared. No group has deserved Biden as much as Blacks have even with the Hispanic vote moving sharply to the right.

A new report from Pew Research indicates that Blacks have lost faith in Joe Biden and are no longer willing to vote blindly for the (D)s. This is reflected in multiple polling. In March, Biden’s approval rating among Black protestants was 92%. Today that sits at 65% in January, a drop of 27 points. An NBC poll shows a drop from 83% last April to 64% now. And a Quinnipiac University poll shows a precipitous drop from 78% to 57%.

The Democrats are lucky they have bartender AOC on their side because I predict the Democrats will be drinking heavily this year to drown their sorrows. Nancy Pelosi will have to restock the bar on her plane. A new poll shows Biden’s approval has reached a new low at 37%. The midterm elections will be a slaughter.

The two main issues with this group are inflation and the handling of COVID-19. Inflation is eating away at the family budget, especially if they have to do a lot of driving and the cost of gasoline will skyrocket as the Democrats will swear that we can’t drill our way out of it. One year ago we were the number one oil-producing country in the world, but today we are buying over 800,000 barrels of oil a month from Russia, the new number one producer.

Notably, among the sanctions Biden placed on Russia, oil and gas are not included. God forbid we should drill for our own and don’t believe Biden and the Democrats when they cite climate change because Russia’s regulations on drilling are much looser than ours, so we are increasing pollution, not decreasing it.

On to COVID-19:

From The Daily Wire

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, after adjusting for age differences, the incidence of hospitalization due to COVID-19 has been almost three times higher among Black than white Americans. And the incidence of death almost twice as high.

A new Gallup survey shows 69% of Black Americans reporting being “very stressed” or “somewhat stressed” because of threat of COVID-19 infection, compared with 57% of white Americans.

Morning Consult reported that in the three weeks following Biden’s announcement of federal rules mandating vaccines, Black approval for Biden’s handling of the crisis dropped nine points from 70% to 61%. Among unvaccinated Blacks, Biden’s net approval — approve less disapprove — dropped 17 points.


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