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ALERT: This story went widely unreported at the time, we thought it was important to make sure Americans knew the threats we face on a daily basis from the radical left …

A man living in Portland threatened the life of Republican representative Matt Gaetz. The man then travels from Portland to Washington, D.C. The Washington Capitol Police recommended that the man be arrested and prosecuted, but the DOJ headed by the corrupt Merrick Garland refused. The man obviously intends to make good on his threat and the DOJ stands by and allows him to move about freely.

Let’s compare to a man who threatened the lives of Democrats. A  71-year-old Pennsylvania man who was stopped while driving to D.C. They didn’t even wait for the man to get to Washington. He was arrested and held without bail. He is facing ten years in prison.

This is not a one-off. A lefty nut job threatened to kill Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) and his family.  They did arrest him and charged him. He was convicted. What do you suppose his sentence was? He got 8 weekends in jail. Eight days. Compare that to ten years for a suspected assassin threatening Democrats. But, at least they arrested that guy.

Gaetz said:

“I thank the gentleman for yielding because I think someone may be trying to kill me. And if they are successful, I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest.” 

“And on the eve of the attorney general testifying before the Judiciary Committee tomorrow, it is just yet another example of the Department of Justice having a double standard. If my name weren’t Gaetz, if it were Omar or Tlaib, you bet this person would have been arrested because that’s what the Capitol Police recommended. But the Department of Justice doesn’t seem to care so much when it’s Republicans.”

Gaetz read the threat the man sent him:

“‘Lookie here pal. I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.’”

If he wasn’t serious he would not travel three thousand miles. 

From PJ Meda

In January 2021, a Wyoming man left a phone message for Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.), threatening Matt Gaetz’s life before Gaetz was due to make a speech in Liz Cheney’s home state, to speak out against her for voting to impeach then-President Trump.

Christopher Podlesnik, 51, left several messages threatening to kill then-Rep. Cynthia Lummis (R-Wyo.), Sen. Barrasso, Rep. Gaetz, and Wyoming state Sen. Anthony Bouchard, who is running to unseat Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.).

“I will [censored] see that Matt Gaetz gets killed when he gets here,” was one message allegedly left by Podelsnik.

“You let Gaetz step into the State of Wyoming, not only is he going to be dead…you’re going to be dead,” was another message left for Barrasso, allegedly by Podlesnik.

Podlesnik was actually arrested. If convicted, what will his sentence be? As we’ve seen, threatening a Republican politician’s life doesn’t mean always result in a stiff sentence.


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