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Americans have long held beef in high regard as a staple of their diets and culture. From hamburgers and hot dogs to scrumptious ribeye steaks, Americans have grown accustomed to having easy access to protein-packed red meat.

However, today beef is under threat from multiple fronts.

In response, veteran-owned company USA Beef Boxes was launched this year to offer premium long-term storage beef. Their cubes are sous vided then freeze-dried before being stored in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers which make them shelf stable for at least a decade, some rate freeze-dried beef as remaining fresh for 25 years without refrigeration.

Here are seven reasons why it is important for Americans to stock up on beef for long term survival:

Use promo code “CleanCows” at checkout for 15% off your order at

1. The Rise of “Alternatives” To Real Meat – Many globalists such as Bill Gates and George Soros are investing heavily in companies that promote “beef alternatives” like cultivated meats and insects while governments like the Biden-Harris regime and non-government organizations like the World Economic Forum continue to attack the real meat industry by attempting to make these alternatives the only available option.

2. Prices On Steaks Are Skyrocketing – According U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), prices for all uncooked beef steaks have risen 5.5% year over year with an even more drastic increase of 2.7% from April to May alone.

3. The Quiet Push For mRNA Injections in Cows – Corporate media has been silent about the push by government officials at both state and national levels along with rancher groups who support injecting cattle with mRNA vaccines which has already happened with pork since 2018 without any public outcry or discussion about it happening until now .

4. Climate Change Hysteria Is Being Normalized – Millions of Americans are buying into climate change hysteria without questioning how cows could be harmful to the environment when there is no scientific data backing these claims up; instead it is simply being used as a tool to control people into consuming lab grown meats instead of real ones . 5 Food Supply Chain Is Being Threatened – Bird Flu has become ubiquitous, entire herds of thousands of cattle dying off inexplicably, food processing plants suffering more accidents than ever before; all signs that our food supply chain is under attack .

Use promo code “CleanCows” at checkout for 15% off your order at

5. Food Supply Chain Is Being Threatened – Henry Kissinger once said, “Who controls the food supply controls the people.” In 2021, bird flu went from rare and predictable to ubiquitous and enigmatic. Entire herds of thousands of cattle are mysteriously dying from no known cause. Food processing plants have suffered more “accidents” in the past year than they’d experienced in the previous decade. Our food supply chain is under attack.

6. Most “Prepper” Beef Is The Lowest Quality Possible – Most prepper food companies know customers won’t actually try their products so they offer low quality freeze dried foods hoping no one will realize how awful they really are until its too late; Whole Cows offers premium cuts like ribeye , NY strips , and tenderloin cooked sous vide then freeze dried before packaging ensuring quality remains intact over time .

7. Support A Veteran Owned Un-woke America First Company – By purchasing from USA Beef Boxes you can show your support not just for a veteran owned company, but also an America First company that refuses to participate in current woke culture by fighting against those trying to force fake meat upon us ; use promo code “CleanCows” at checkout for 15% off your order.


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