White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre faced tough questions from reporters regarding House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s suggestion of an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden.

During the press briefing, JKP was asked to respond to McCarthy’s recent headlines where he said that a House investigation into the president and his family could “rise to the level of an impeachment inquiry.”

CNN White House correspondent Kevin Liptak asked her if such action would make cooperation with the House impossible going forward. In response, KJP became animated in her reply and did not provide a direct answer to Liptak’s question.

The exchange provided more insight into how both sides are approaching this potentially contentious issue. While it appears that some Republicans in Congress are pushing for an investigation into President Biden, his Press Secretary has made it clear that she is not willing to engage on those topics.

This suggests that any attempts by the GOP at launching an impeachment inquiry will face stiff resistance from The White House.

KJP responded: “Look, I’m not going to get into hypotheticals. I’m not going to get into what the House Republicans may or may not do. What I can speak to is what the President is focused on. He’s focused on real priorities that American families care about. He’s focused on the American family, but they want to focus on his family. They can do whatever it is that they wish to do, but we’re going to stay focused. We’re going to stay steadfast.”

“And there are two examples of — today — of how the President is moving forward. I just talked about the mental health — the mental health event that he — that the President just had and announcing actions to expand access to mental health care and tackle this crisis, which is, as you all know, a critical part of his Unity Agenda that he’s spoken about for the past two years and will continue to do so. And let’s not forget, earlier today, Emmett Till and what we were able to do, what the President was able to do, to make sure that there’s a monument that continues — a monument for Emmett Till and his mom to continue to — to shed light on that part of our history and to tell that story so we can move forward,” she added.

KJP continued: “That’s going to be the pr- — that’s going to be the President’s focus. He wants to work in a bipartisan way. He does. We have been able to do that. We have the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. We have the CHIPS and Science Act. We have the PACT Act for veterans. We have — we have found ways — I think more than 300 pieces of legislation that the President has signed in the past two years has been bipartisan. That’s what the President wants to do. That’s how he wants to move forward. And that’s going to be our focus.”

Then, KJP snapped again when reporter Fred Lucas of the Daily Signal asked a similar question. Jean-Pierre interrupted Lucas several times, talked over him as he tried to get his question out, and dismissed him numerous times:

FRED LUCAS: And one more on the — Speaker McCarthy’s comments on impeachment inquiry. His point seems to be —

JEAN-PIERRE: Wait, say that again.

FRED LUCAS: Speaker McCarthy’s impeachment inquiry comments. He seems to be making the point that he thinks there’s been enough mounting evidence to at least have an inquiry on this.


JEAN-PIERRE: I’ve already spoken to this —

FRED LUCAS: Can — yeah, can —

JEAN-PIERRE: — twice before though.

FRED LUCAS: But can you at least say whether you agree or disagree that there’s enough mounting evidence (inaudible)?

JEAN-PIERRE: I answered two of your colleagues this — this question about what Speaker McCarthy is going to do, not — not going to do, how House Republicans are going to move forward. I just don’t have anything else to share.


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  • Frankly, how the White House reacts is irrelevant. Article II, Section 4 of the Constitution is quite clear. Congress has the DUTY to impeach and remove from office any elected official who seeks or accepts bribes.

  • KJP says Hunter is a private citizen and should be left to his privacy, really? This man…not child…..half the time lives at our White House, free to roam anywhere, does not work in this administration but yet flies on our marine one and the Presidential Airplane that we the people pay for and they tell us we don’t have any right to know what’s going on? BS!

    • Good job, Kathie. How you were able to speak of that piece of garbage without any bad words makes you a much better person than me. Have a great day.

    • This is so wrong and also needs to be addressed now. We the people need the answers to this. Kathy is right on!

    • Not to mention taxpayer secret service protection . I didnt know that private citizens can get taxpayer paid secret service protection?

    • He’s also the only person that we know of that is a cocaine/crack addict living in the White House, where they found a 20g bag of cola recently. Just sayin’.

  • “He’s focused on real priorities that American families care about.” What a joke. The only thing that he ever focused on that I care about is how much longer this moron-in-chief and his corrupt family has in Washington, D.C. He has already had fifty years of corruption and ignorance.

    • We have had enough of this charade! Allen is voicing the way many of us feel. It is past due for the action that needs to be taken.

  • What I can speak to is what the President is focused on. He’s focused on real priorities that American families care about. …….

    Like taking away our freedoms to chose how we cook our food heat our houses and our water?

  • It used to be the blind leading the blind, now, it’s a lot more like the really corrupt leading the corrupted…

  • Your boss and his “family” are focused on one thing, and one thing only. Selling out America for the maximum amount of cash. The entire Biden family has made untold millions upon millions selling influence, and if you’ll sell influence as a Senator and VP and President, then you’re selling secrets also.

  • With THE BIDEN CRIME FAMILY as dictators of the United States, I’m sure that as the alien space ships fly by – they lock their doors.

  • She can lie with the best of them and I assume has been brainwashed into actually believing some of the garbage she spews.



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