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On Tuesday night in New York City, security footage captured the tragic and shocking moment when 28-year-old Clarisa Burgos was murdered in cold blood with no apparent motive.

According to The New York Post, Burgos was a young mother from Brooklyn who had been riding in a black Honda sedan when it was stopped near 127th Street and Liberty Avenue in Richmond Hill.

Three assailants then opened fire on the vehicle, striking Burgos once in the head and the 39-year-old driver six times in his torso.

Despite his injuries, the driver managed to drive himself to 103rd Police Precinct House located in nearby Jamaica. Subsequently, Burgos was declared dead at that location while the driver is currently listed as being stable at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center.

The tragedy of the incident is further compounded by Burgos leaving behind a four-year-old son, as reported by Gothamist.

According to Daily Mail, she had taken her child out for an evening of ice skating just hours prior. Fortunately, the boy was not in the car at the time.

Surveillance footage shows two men dressed in dark clothing walking across the street and towards the vehicle while another man passes it on the sidewalk.

Subsequently, one of them fires multiple shots into the driver’s window while another gunman stands behind him shooting.


As the injured driver attempted to make a getaway, the third gunman opened fire from the sidewalk, shooting through the vehicle’s windshield.

The three perpetrators then fled while the male victim’s car momentarily stopped in the street before driving away.

Upon hearing of her niece’s passing, Clover Gallart, Burgo’s aunt, expressed shock and outrage.

“We want to know what the hell happened,” Gallart told Gothamist at the family’s apartment in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. “Why? Why is there another child without his mother?”

As of Wednesday evening, no arrests had been made in connection to the killing, and a motive has yet to be revealed. Additionally, the relationship between Burgos and the man driving the car remains unknown.

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  • I am having a problem with why didn’t the driver take off instead of just creeping along and he is even hitting the brakes I don’t quite understand why I watched it 3 times and I keep saying go go and he doesn’t I think the cops should check this out If I saw guys running and i would have shoved her head down and I would have been out of there but he didn’t I feel terrible about the young lady and now the child has no mother All of the people that were involved should never see the light of day again There should be special circumstances for murdering a single parent like this The night after a happy Christmas for her child and then he gets to wake up 2 days later and find out mommy will never be coming home again

    • Won’t stop until you start shooting back right then Don’t wait 30 years with them in jail. The Bible says an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They are all just a pack of wild low life annimals, lower than whale dookie.

      • Wondering “what the hell happened?” Ask the state politicians letting in criminals from all around the world, going soft on criminals. There’s your answer. The governor is too busy fighting so she can have quarantine camps to lock people up. And the ingnorant criminal boog adams is too busy selling out the citizens. ya get what ya vote for. I don’t want to hear any complaining from ny’ers. we cna only hope thr politicians become the next victims of their cohorts.

  • I have no sympathy at all. Blacks in this country refuse to do ANYTHING to stop the violence. They kill each other more than all other races combined and tripled. You NEVER hear the blacks speak out against the rapes, murders, looting, rioting, corruption in their leftist governments – NEVER. Civilized life is beyond their ability to comprehend.

  • Obviously the shooters were 3 nig thugs. Yes they earned the nig title by their actions. Another black on black killing. My bet is that at least one and probably all have prior convictions banning their legal possesion of firarms.

  • Execute these black criminals, no trial needed. They kill more people without being punished than any other race. The big problem is that they carry guns illegally, while New Yorkers can’t get a permit for a gun. I love living here in Florida, where you can carry a concealed gun now without getting a permit. Thank you, Governor De Santis.

  • There’s more to this than a random shooting. I would like to know more about the driver and his connection to the shooters. This was a planned hit. The lady picked the wrong guy to hang out with.

  • This is the new black culture brought on by the black community voting Democrat. This is the result of the Democrats destroying the nuclear family, abortion on demand, and the useless American hating goverment controlled Education Department and the communist controlled Teacher’s Unions! Communism at it’s best!

  • I do not think it’s racist to point out FACT of where the problem originates. Until the government and elected officials stop being afraid to call it out and go after these BLACK THUGS with a vengeance and with extreme prejudice, it will continue. Civilized societies should not have to tolerate this kind of behavior from anyone however it seems to thrive and is celebrated by the 13 percenters.

  • Will there be black led protests across the nation on behalf of this young woman and her now orphaned son against the 3 killers? Will this “black life matter”? Will law-abiding blacks finally speak up against their thug class that commits half the homicides in America, killing mostly other blacks? Will they back the police, carding, long imprisonment for dangerous offenders and anything else that gets this kind of dangerous perp away from the public? Will they prioritize public safety over black criminals?



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