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The theory that President Donald J. Trump could emerge as the speaker for US House has provided some comfort for supporters of Trump as they imagine what could happen with Trump as Speaker leading many oversight committees over the Marxist left- and then an impeachment of Democrat Joe Biden.

The idea is far-fetched- but then again, so was Trump as President, right?

Well, proponents of the idea may have something to cheer about as the concept is getting tossed out there again, after a short period of confusion over whether or not had endorsed the man who would likely be the Speaker- should the Republicans win and he retained his office- US Rep. Kevin McCarthy.

The Washington Examiner reported on Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy and the confusion:

“President Donald Trump made it clear that he has not endorsed anyone, including Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), for speaker of the House.

Toward the end of a recent interview, Trump interjected to correct conservative talk show host Wayne Allyn Root after he said Trump endorsed McCarthy for speaker. “No, I haven’t,” Trump said. “No, no, no. I haven’t,” he added through some cross-talk. “No, I endorsed him in his race. But I haven’t endorsed anybody for speaker.”

Indeed, Trump endorsed McCarthy in his reelection bid in California’s 20th Congressional District just two weeks ago. He made no mention of the House speaker role but did call McCarthy a “strong and fearless Leader of the House Republican.”

The interview comes at the same time two close associates announce that they believe Trump- himself- will run for speaker:

JD Rucker Reported about his interview with Wayne Allyn Root, who said the same thing:
Few journalists have interviewed Donald Trump as often as nationally syndicated radio host Wayne Allyn Root. They are more than just acquaintances with a journalist-celebrity relationship. They are friends, which is why it’s no surprise Trump wanted to talk to Root privately about the possibility of the President running for Speaker of the House.

It’s a theory that has been proposed by many, originally by Root, that has major appeal to many of Trump’s fans. He would be second in line for the presidency and would be able to control impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. If the cards were played properly, he could be back in the Oval Office in or before 2024.

I spoke to Root after his interview and he teased it with me on the latest episode of The JD Rucker Show. The interview he did with Trump should be running soon, so be sure to check out to catch it when it’s live.

Some may argue that Trump endorsed Kevin McCarthy for Speaker of the House, but Trump told Root that is NOT the case. He endorsed McCarthy for his Congressional seat, nothing more. That’s an important distinction and may hint at the possibility Trump may really be considering this play. After all, nobody has the power to derail a failing presidential agenda as much as the Speaker of the House.


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  • At this point, until some sort of official announcement is made by President Trump and real soon, it’s all speculation.

    However, if things were to be played out as this piece lays out, President Trump should be making that announcement anytime soon because it takes as much as a year to go through impeachment proceedings with all of the hearings, pre-trials/trials between both Houses of Congress. This would be the case without either side stalling or playing the usual political partisan games that will most certainly, likely add more time to the proceedings.
    And of course, the assumption is such that the Republicans would have to control both Houses in order to impeach Biden before his first term would have been completed.

    As near as I can tell, I’ve not heard nor seen where President Trump is even on a ballot anywhere for the Speakership gig just yet.

    Then again, what if all of this is all just a head fake to get the Democrats think tanking over and prepping for a sort of País du Calais when the real invasion takes place elsewhere?

    As far as 2024 goes, in the last twenty-two years of closely watching the political game here in America, this is the first time that I have ever heard and seen where not one but two potential presidential candidates have both made announcements of their intentions a whole year before that sort of announcement is usually even made.
    And the real irony is that both potentials are well known Democrat, habitual deceivers and liars.


  • I could see Trump as speaker of the House, until there is some concrete evidence, this is pure speculation. There isn’t exactly good blood between RINO’S McCarthy and Beijing Mitch and Trump.

  • Thiis is a brilliant move. Democrats spend their whole time trying to block this wonderful man. All we would hear from them. If he was speaker of the house who could get enormous things done and they couldn’t touch him. What a wonderful thing to happen. I want him to know that he was the best president we ever had, but he could pass so many good bills our heads would be spinning. The only thing is Biden would veto everything. In the end it is decision, we can’t dictate what he should do.Our country has been torn for 10 years. Please lead us out of this marxist mess. Claire [email protected], and [email protected]

  • No matter what happens Biden and Harris must be impeached, charged with Treason, convicted, then Tried and Fried!

    Then we can deal with Pelosi and Schumer and the rest of the Party of DemonRats!

    • Pelosi, Schumer, and the rest of those Idiotic Liberal Fools will be irrelevant after the November elections anyway so WE really don’t have to worry about ANY of them, we probably should deal with Biden and Harris in another, more permanent way though !! LIBERAL DEMOCRATS ARE LIKE CANCER, IF THEY ARE NOT ALL COMPLETELY ERADICATED, THEY WILL EVENTUALLY RETURN !!!

      • I would like to inform everyone here that a lady called Diane Sare is running for the US Senate from NY as an independent against Chuck Schumer. I was one of her many volunteers collecting signatures from registered voters in NYS. In NYS any independent candidate needs a minimum of 45,000 registered voter signatures. This amount was upped from 15,000 signatures before Andrew Cuomo left office and was designed by the NYS legislature which is controlled by Dems in both the Assembly and Senate. To my thinking, these Dems do not want to lose power, so they make it really hard for independents to get on the ballot. In my opinion, most Dems are not very democratic.? ? ?

  • This would be the most WONDERFUL THING that could happen to OUR County !!! I have been praying for President Trump to do this ever since I heard about it a little over a year ago and I pray that it will FINALLY HAPPEN !!! We can have Biden and Harris delt with relative ease and if President Trump is Speaker, it’s a DONE DEAL, EXCELLENT !!!! FINALLY AT LEAST A GLIMMER OF GOOD NEWS COMES OUR WAY !!! WE MUST BE RID OF THESE IDIOTIC LIBERAL FOOLS !!!!

  • If that happened he could order a complete investigation of the voting system! That includes why the courts ignored the evidence of cheating put before them. The FBI could face the same challenge and not be able to hide behind any so called investigations they claim they can’t talk about! The courts would also be forced to explain why Cobert’s people didn’t get the exact treatment the Jan 6 people did. There would truly be a lot of red faces in DC! And a lot of judges facing disbarment and prosecution. The FBI would be force to show all 100% of the mules and their names and where they picked up the corrupt ballots from. And 100% of those people need to be prosecuted in federal court with a judge proven honest with a record that says the same! That is the only way we clean the rats out of government!

  • TaaRump??? Noooooooooo!!

    Mark R. Levin for that post. Pick a knowledgeable, intelligent and well informed man!



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