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On Monday, the Wisconsin man who allegedly drove a vehicle through a crowd of people during a Christmas parade in Waukesha has been charged with five counts of intentional homicide police said during a press conference.

The Fake News artists at first did their best to make the crime seem less violent and dark as it was by saying the driver was having a medical emergency and then the story switched over to he was fleeing a crime that involved a knife. In the end, police noted that he was just coming from a domestic disturbance when he allegedly ploughed into people at the parade.

Police Chief Daniel Thompson, in an emotional outpouring of information, said police had ruled out terrorism as the motive for the dreadful incident. He then confirmed that Darrell Brooks, 39, the man being held as a person of interest, was charged.

Thompson said that the police “are confident he acted alone,” and echoed that “there’s no evidence that this is a terrorist incident.”

Unlike the recent Kyle Rittenhouse case, it doesn’t appear that Brooks was defending himself against children and elderly people at a Christmas parade.

Chief Thompson confirmed that one Waukesha cop who opened fire on the vehicle is now on administrative leave. He also noted that no one was injured from the officer’s shooting.


The chief then identified the five people Brooks killed, ranging from 39 to 81-years-old. According to Thompson, 48 people were injured, including six children who are now in critical condition at the Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin.

Brooks became a person of interest after the violent and destructive incident on Sunday that killed 5 and injured dozens.

Brooks ran a Ford Escort SUV through police barricades and directly into the Waukesha Christmas parade about 4:40 in the afternoon on Sunday, and ran down over 40 marchers and spectators, including about a dozen kids.

Eighteen children are being treated at Children’s Hospital between 3 and 16-years-old.

Injuries range from scrapes to serious head injuries and broken bones with 8 kids having to undergo surgery Sunday and Monday, according to medical director of the hospital’s emergency department, Dr. Amy Drendel.

Police said Brooks may have been trying to get away from another crime, possibly a knife fight. You don’t mow people down trying to get away from a knife fight once you’re safe inside a moving SUV.

Brooks is an amateur rapper who goes by the name Mathboi Fly. He has a criminal record and was released from jail only two days before mowing down all those innocent people at a Christmas parade, according to court records.

Records indicate Brooks was released on cash bond on Friday in a November 5 case where he is charged with resisting or obstructing an officer, recklessly endangering safety, disorderly conduct, bail jumping and battery. He was also charged with reckless endangerment and illegal possession of a firearm in a case going back to July 2020.

This is still a developing story as we don’t yet have a motive for what this animal allegedly did. We will report on that just as soon as we get more information.


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