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Every day, it feels like our nation is becoming increasingly similar to the former Soviet Union. The decisions being made by the DOJ and FBI under Joe Biden’s leadership far exceed what is allowed by the constitution. People are being imprisoned for their speech while being denied their constitutional rights. It’s all about politics, not about reducing crime.

Conservative author, podcaster, and political commentator Gavin McInnes’ show on Thursday night ended up being interrupted midway when FBI agents turned up at the studio.

“We are shooting a show. When speaking to federal law enforcement officers during a live broadcast of his show “Get Off My Lawn,” McInnes can be heard asking, “Can we do this another time?

In response to those commenting off-camera, McInnes moved off-screen and said, “Yeah. Alright, I’m happy to do that but, uh, I’ll get a lawyer and we will sit down and have a conversation and schedule a meeting and we’ll sit down with my lawyer.“

They didn’t appear to be going for it.

He murmurs something, to which you can hear him reply, “I didn’t let you in.”

Click here to watch this clip on the free speech platform

More murmuring could be heard at that point, and then all of a sudden Gavin McInnes disappeared. The man simply vanished.

It appears that McInnes has not yet spoken to reporters to provide an update on the situation.

Josh Denny, a comedian who also appears on Censored TV, claimed that McInnes was arrested for allegedly taking part in the riot on January 6. He didn’t participate in the riot on January 6, though. McInnes actually opposed people attending the protest on January 6.

Gavin was opposed to going to the Capitol on January 6, and was against attending the Charlottesville event (and warned the Proud Boys they would be kicked out of the club if they went), but now he may be sitting in jail for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Mark Sidney

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    • You haven’t seen anything yet. The Deep State Communist Globalist elites have been using their gestapo FBI just before Trump won in 2016. Now they are hiring 87,000 Brown Shirts. They are lying when the say they are hiring 87,000 IRS Agents. They are putting together their own private Army and you best be ready because when they think the time is right they will strike and they will strike fast.

  • I’m a Nam vet (Navy), and I know nothing about Proud Boys , Q-Anon, or any other like organizations. They are of no interest to me. But I do know chickenshit pricks when I see them, and that’s Biden, his old lady, the VP Ho, the FBI, and every democrat in this country…even those few who are my neighbors.

  • I said this before and I will say it again. The only thing that possibly can save our country at this point in time is a mushroom cloud of DC.

  • We’re getting vibes of oppressive Soviet Union Communism from our American version of the KGB aka the FBI! It won’t be long until they’re rounding people up en masse for looking suspicious. Our rights are in the dumpster right now and that is putting it politely.

  • The time to carry is here, protect yourselves. I don’t trust any government entity. The left has corrupted the DOJ completely including the leaders of all the sub branches of the DOJ. We are seeing the beginning of the end of Biden and the rat n rino regime. Won’t be long when they start talking and spewing the truth on everything.

  • If they had come to arrest me I would have stayed behind the microphone and have a recorded record of my arrest. This is sounding more and more like what we could have expected in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Red China.

    Do these people realize that when a revolt is finally instigated that they will not be spared? Just obeying orders was discredited after WW2.

  • Well under the Biden fascism you have no rights! They are just making up lies to arrest you for. Clearly Biden and the DOJ is being weaponized against the America people! Wait till it is his turn! Then you will hear him screaming! WELL WHAT ABOUT THE LAW????? The very thing they all ignore!



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