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Opinion|  It has become crystal clear that there are a whole load of Democrats who want to murder (or at the very least fantasize about murdering) anyone who disagrees with them politically.  It is also clear that there is another set of Democrats who have mistaken the restraint of conservatives (who no doubt are better armed, better trained, better prepared, yet actually decent human beings with no desire to hurt people who we disagree with) for weakness.

Let’s set the record straight right now.  If the left keeps killing Trump supporters or any group of people for that matter, you can be sure that the violence will not go undefended.  Now, that is in no way a threat, it’s just a prediction that if Democrats continue to escalate their attacks and violence against the populists, the populists are not just going to bend over and take it.

I do not know what is more troubling, the fact that this violence is occurring, the Democrats willingness to openly threaten half the country with violence, or the Democrats and media’s lack of desire to call out those responsible.

Fox News reported on a call to CSPAN by a self described ‘Democrat’:

‘Trump 2020 adviser Boris Epshteyn scolded CSPAN host Jesse J. Holland on Sunday for dismissing rhetoric made by a caller who appeared to threaten Trump supporters.

“This morning a Trump supporter was killed, was shot and killed in a drive-by in Milwaukee. I don’t know if you got that news, but the people in Milwaukee are waiting for those troops to come in because they got weapons, and it’s going to be a lot of bloodshed when they come, so that’s all I got to say,” the caller identified as a Democrat named John said.’

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Boris asked

“Now you’ve got people on your air threatening our lives? Is that what it is, Jesse?” the Trump surrogate asked as the feckless host tried to quickly move on to another caller.

“I don’t think we should keep going, we just had a caller call in that said shooting Trump supporters is right,” Epshteyn emphatically stated.

“Anybody who is a Democrat or independent should listen to what that gentlemen just said and realize where the Democrats are in this country. They’re threatening our lives. It is disgusting, it’s despicable and it’s criminal.” He went on to say.

The caller was referring to the slaying of Bernell Trammell,  well known Trump supporter in Milwaukee.

The local CBS affiliate reported:

‘Milwaukee police say he was shot and killed around 12:30 p.m. Thursday. They’re still investigating what led up to the shooting and they are still looking for suspects.

Many community members knew Trammell for his political signs and Rastafari religious views. Community members said Trammell was an independent who supported candidates on both sides of the aisle, including President Donald Trump in the presidential race and Sen. Lena Taylor in the Milwaukee mayoral race.

John Self said he had many philosophical conversations with Trammell over the years inside his business.

He believed in democracy. He believed in his right to free speech,” Self said. “I don’t think he ever once tried to convert you or change you. He would just tell you what he thought, he would listen to what you had to think, and then he would respect that.

Milwaukee police said they are still investigating the motive for the shooting.

“He was a happy person. He always talked to everybody that came by basically, say hi and speak to them,” Holland said.

Community members agree that Trammell was part of what makes the Riverwest neighborhood the diverse community it is.

“This is a community that there’s a lot of diversity, a lot of different thoughts, a lot of different ideas, and I think that’s what he represented about the community: that you could express yourself and you could express your opinions, and that’s why he felt comfortable here I’m sure,” Self said.’

I have a terrible feeling that things are only going to get a lot worse before they get better.  I urge everyone to avoid confrontations at all costs.  We need to find a way to bring the left back to reality, without sinking to their despotic violence. If we do not, there will be very heavy prices to be paid.

Mark Sidney

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