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After eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, America was significantly more divided along racial lines than when he entered office…

Here is a poll of race relations prior to the majority of Obama’s presidency:

Here is where race relations were shortly after Barry left office:

In retrospect, and as we watch the well-organized and well-funded militias, composed largely of white, left wing radicals and anarchists, burn America’s inner cities… the centers of black entrepreneurism, we have to wonder whether this is all part of a grander plan to tear the United States apart.

At least for a segment of society, it’s working…

( An incredible scene was captured on video that took place at the back of a commercial airliner. The video involved one obnoxious black woman, a white flight attendant, and several passengers… 

The clip begins with a black, female passenger refusing to move so a white the flight attendant can get past her. “Don’t push me,” she warns. The flight attendant explains that she’s trying to get to her station at the back of the plane, “I need to get to the back.” The black woman shouts, “She put her hands on me! She wants to go to jail!” the black passenger shouts, adding, “You all see how she’s antagonizing me?” she asks as she looks to the passengers on the plane to support her. She quickly realized she picked the wrong crowd and she’s not at a BLM protest, as a white, female passenger comes to the aid of the flight attendant. “Are you my boss?” she asks the passenger while shouting without a mask on her face directly in the face of the passenger. “You are white privilege, you’re not my boss. Sit down!” she shouts.

The black woman then accuses the flight attendant of exercising her “white privilege” while still blocking her way.

“I need to get to my door,” repeats the flight attendant as the black woman continues to bicker.

“You have white privilege and it’s not here, it’s over with, it’s 2020, wake up.”

“You need to understand, you don’t run America no more sweetheart,” she tells the white woman. She goes on to explain how when she was 14-years old, she once “slapped the shit” out of a “white bitch” for disrespecting her on a bus.

A Google search turns up many people getting removed by airlines for wearing masks deemed offensive but, there are no search results for even a single mainstream media account of this incident.

Apparently stories like this run counter to the narrative being peddled to us by the Deep State’s propaganda arm that is tasked with convincing us that, individually, we’re inherently evil and that we must surrender the foundation of our society to Marxism.

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