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Naysayers keep calling for proof that the 2020 presidential election was stolen from President Trump. It’s as if the hours of video surveillance weren’t enough.

Despite video showing thousands of incidents of mass ballot box fraud, people still question President Trump’s claim.

But in a startling new report, two dedicated members of an election investigative team are ready to “name names!” One critical development lays the foundation for overturning the electoral votes in Michigan.

Late in the evening on Election Night 2020, President Trump led Joe Biden in Michigan. The margin was well over 100,000 votes. This was a sufficient number of hours, long after the polls closed, to clearly call President Trump the winner.

The margin of victory was greater than when President Trump beat Hillary Clinton in 2016. But Democrat operatives weren’t done. The cheating had yet to occur. In Detroit, Michigan, ballots were counted at the TCF Center.

Detroit City officials were caught covering up the windows at the TCF Center to prevent Republican poll observers from rightfully watching the count. Hundreds of these GOP observers were still able to make reports of blatant voter fraud.

Michigan’s lawmakers did nothing. At least three of these observers made startling claims about ballot deliveries after the polls had closed. The witnesses said, under oath, that these vehicles dropped dozens of cardboard boxes filled with ballots.

These suspicious drops were made in the early morning hours of November 4, when the cheaters thought no one was looking. Shane Trejo is one of the witnesses. Trejo watched as a 3:00 am Biden ballot box showed up at the TCF Center.

This box of ballots, along with thousands more, were dropped and subsequently added to Biden’s count long after the 8:00 pm deadline. There may be a reason for that. That reason could be that these ballots weren’t authentic. They were fake!

Trejo estimated that there were “at least 50 boxes that I saw unloaded at 3:30 am.” This 3:30 am ballot box drop was five hours after the last drop at 10:30 pm. The 10:30 pm drop, again way after the deadline, produced 138,000 ballots.

The white van that made the drop had the city of Detroit Clerk’s Office and its emblem on the side. City Clerk Janice Winfrey‘s name was also printed on the van. Trejo said he asked repeatedly about this van and its contents, but his questions were ignored.

Other witnesses made the exact same claims. Former Michigan State Senator Pat Colbeck told The Gateway Pundit, “I went back there, and I witnessed a mini-panel truck, if you will, with Detroit Election Bureau regalia all over the side and a vehicle ID number on it.”

None of the ballot offloads met the rigid requirements for “ballot chain of custody.” During these transfers, there never appears to be a Republican representative present. That seems suspiciously all-too-convenient.

Something else turned out to be rather convenient. After all these shenanigans were over, Joe Biden magically jumped ahead of President Trump. In Michigan, Biden garnered more votes, despite President Trump getting more votes than he did when he won the state in 2016.

Is this convenient, or tremendously suspicious? But new video footage slams the door on any insistence that things were “above board” in Michigan. These were the same things conservatives were screaming about days after the election.

Michigan officials purposefully ignored every question. Gregg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht have identified confirming evidence of this fraud. The pair of dedicated election investigators list multiple devices that Democrats used to cheat in Detroit. There was more.

Through detailed research, Phillips and Engelbrecht have identified some of these crooked Democrat operatives. None of them were from Michigan. They all stayed “free of charge” at neighboring hotels close to the TCF Center. Again, how convenient.

Phillips and Engelbrecht, leaders of True the Vote, have asked anyone with information about the suspicious events at the TCF Center in Detroit to contact True the Vote directly. This is not about a few isolated mistakes at polling locations. This is about widespread fraud.

These shady schemes were used by Democratic operatives in every key swing state. The cheaters made sure Joe Biden had just enough votes to seem like the winner. He wasn’t. President Trump is correct. The 2020 presidential election was stolen, and this proves it.

Mark Sidney

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    • Sorry Charlie Brown……this subject will always be hot news until these allegations are proven true or not true. So far the allegations are adding up to be more than just an anomaly. The story needs to be said….again and again.

  • Oooohhh… like they will do anything about it. Enough talk! Time for meaningful action! Sadly, none with the courage.

    • There are “many with the courage” to do anything about it, but they do NOT have the influence, nor financial means to follow it through. It could be done IF enough of US could make the contacts and pool our resources – -no matter how meager – – -to take meaningful action and make it work. If we could do that, then it’s guaranteed, every liberal, in the country, would absolutely freak/stroke out and start running for cover.

      • There ne3ds to be a rally at every state that we knew voter fraud happened. Start with the 6 that was obvious. Where are the Republican Rinos leaders.
        They McConnell, Mccarthy, Graham didnot support Trump.
        They could have stopped the millions of Mail out ballotts.
        The in state Republicans also did nothing but talk.
        Time for a clean sweep, chunk all of them out.



      • So what, the democrats have been doing this for decades and now people act like this was the first offense. Doesn’t matter at this point how much cheating was done, those in office now will stay in office. So we close the gate after the cows are already out just like the GOP has been doing for decades. Now they want donations to challenge the swamp that they allowed to happen in the first place, fat chance as far as I am concerned.

      • ….“many with the courage” to do anything about it, but they do NOT have the influence??

        Congress has influence. But they are complicit.
        DOJ has influence. But they are complicit.
        FBI has influence. But they are complicit.
        Federal Courts has influence. But they are complicit.
        SCOTUS has influence. But they are complicit.
        States Legislatures has influence. But they are complicit.

        2nd amendment time!

  • This was so crystal clear on the 4th. Just could not believe that the level of this attack on America! Who would have ever thouht that they would go to this extreme. We were in shock for awhile after that. Don’t they remember that that fiasco on 1/6/21 was being projected all over the country on the internet

    and on screens all over the world? What! Do they think we’re all stupid?
    This whole thing was a uniparty decision! Remember 14 Republican traitors voted to trade abortion ban for contrary 2nd Amentment rights. Red flag law are treason!

  • It seems like everybody was scared to admit that they knew; even the judiciary which was like a dog with no bite; scared shitless they would end up Arkancide number 96 or whatever number it is now if they dared to show any resistance to the status quo. One word sums it up : moral cowardice on everybody attached to the democrats and the rinos!

  • At some point the people will quit asking! And start telling the corrupt government what they will do! There will be no need for a corrupt judge as they will just ignore the law as the courts did! People that were supposed to clean the voter roles will be made to do just that or face the rage of the people and be forced to pay back every dime they were paid! When it is their life on the line the people will get justice!

  • ” F J B ” he was not elected to anything …
    he was handed our White House on a Platter of FRAUD !
    It was Biden himself that bragged about the FRAUD just a few days before the 2020 Election ! Here are his exact words …
    “We have put together the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.”
    – Joe Biden, October 24, 2020

    • I wonder if a few of the mules were hung at a freeway overpass with their fake ballots shoved up their butt if it would wake up the rest? At least for the few hanging there they would certainly have a change of heart! And just maybe be willing to say who the boss was. Or who was paying them. Being the corrupt government doesn’t want to do their jobs.

    • Doesn’t matter, he is holding the position and destroying America. With the exception of 5 republicans the rest are silent and probably should be as they allowed this to happen in the first place. We have nothing but a gutless GOP and have had for decades.

    • Thomas you are so correct!! Biden is so stupid and forgets frequently where he is; he blurted that out as if he was sitting with his crony dem buddies! That is one time he did tell the truth!

  • O.K. So, now what are they going to do about it? Take them to court for fraud? Return the presidency to Trump? Make an exception and allow Trump to run for an additional term? Impeach Biden? Or, simply ignore the fraud and pretend that nothing happened?

  • On Tucker Carlson tonight – Jill Biden filled Joe with pills before each personal appearance. People present said – before the pills Joe sat there like a little child, unable to communicate.

  • Only 3 questions left to answer:
    1. Just how many Chinese Yuans have lined the pockets of our elected officials?
    2. Is this article just more of all of the convincing info, which will end up in dumpsters?
    3. Has our Constitution now become nothing more than toilet tissue?


  • It’s still not going to change anything. I would expect more of the same shenanigans in the 2024 presidential election if Trump runs. The liberal commie Democrats have corrupted the integrity of the voting process and have accomplished demoralizing the Republican voter. while the Red States look to strengthen the integrity of the voting process, the Blue States will sit on their rear and do nothing. They will do nothing because the system works for them.

  • It is rumored that Stalin said:
    Its not who gets the most votes that count, its who counts the votes that wins.

  • And if we don’t do something about it(we all know it’s real and happened) it will keep happening!

  • The HUH and DUH club will continue to ignore the big cheat! That is a fact! Well I wonder what would happen next time if we cheated just as hard? To the point where they couldn’t possibly win? And when they want to claim a cheat! We could demand the same set of no rules be used to count the votes! They counted last time we count this time! Their observers be made to wait outside with covered windows! The corrupt courts already said that was fair and legal! But I think in the end we need to catch the people bringing the votes and detain them right there and charge them! Same with the drop boxes! They show up with a hand full! They are detain right there till the cops get there and make a report ! Cops don’t show make a citizens arrest and video everything they have!

    • James seems the GOP is too stupid to figure out how to cheat. They have done nothing about the democrats cheating for decades. Starting in my time with Johnson winning his senate seat with votes from the grave. The GOP did nothing about it and all they said was they didn’t want to raise a stink.

  • I saw all of that a long time ago, and they all lied about what happened. President Trump won and a bunch of Demonrats belong in prison for a long time. Should they all be sent to GITMO? What they did was EVIL and God watched what they did and they will all have to pay for eternity.
    God let this happen so they all would be caught, and it has had to play out in his time. It is coming closer to the time for it to come to and end.

  • The Uniparty couldn’t let Trump win, the WEF, the UN and the CCP handed down the orders, no Trump victory by any means necessary. Can’t have an America First Nationalist running the United States, or any other Country for that matter. Take a look at all the far left communist’s running Countries around the World. It’s all by design. Pray for peace prepare for war.

    • Evidently the SCOTUS could doubt any claim of massive voter fraud. They refused to even think about an investigation. It appears no evidence of voter fraud, no matter how much is uncovered will not be looked into by the highest court in the land. Some states are now doing some serious investigations on voter fraud, what the Supremes would if forced to take this case is anyone’s guess.

  • When, Who and Why was the 2020 Presidential election stolen? The day after the 2016 election was over, the organization for the stolen 2020 election started. The people involved numbered in the thousands. The New World Order, World Economic Forum and elites of the world wrote the script. United States elected officials, employees of multi-county organizations, and people on the street trying to earn a dollar became actors in the script. Mr. Trump police “America First” was not acceptable to the future ruling party of the world.
    Mark Zuckerberg supplied the $40,000,000 dollars to selected elected officials. Mike Lindell followed the computer connections to overseas super computers where votes changed. Catherine Engelbrecht, of True the Vote, and others followed the phone connections and video recording at isolated drop boxes. Dinesh D’Souza made a documentary film of the drop box procedures.
    What will the citizens of the United States do with this information?

    • They also cheated in 2016- they were just surprised by the outcome. So this time around, they had a plan B in place. That whining you hear in the background is Hillary saying “why didn’t they do this for me?”

  • This will end in civil war! The big dogs are not going down without a fight! And they have flooded the entire Government with the people to ignore any and all claims! And corrupt judges. To swear anybody that says different will be prosecuted! We have already seen 80 judges do exactly that! They are ready to call in the National guard and I bet they have placed the right generals that are in on it! We know the FBI, NSA, CIA, IRS, and EPA are all in on it! And as with their COVID! They are willing to kill millions! And with corrupt media being ready to blame anybody but those responsible! We need the big dog first! That is the key to this. And counting on a just government is the wrong move! If the big dogs are exposed the people know who to go after! This is a top down battle! They will do their best to make it a bottom up and kill millions!

  • So what, the democrats have been doing this for decades and now people act like this was the first offense. Doesn’t matter at this point how much cheating was done, those in office now will stay in office. So we close the gate after the cows are already out just like the GOP has been doing for decades. Now they want donations to challenge the swamp that they allowed to happen in the first place, fat chance as far as I am concerned.

  • So what is going to be done about all of the cheating and stealing of elections? Probably the usual thing. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Cheating and fraud are obviously the new norm and nothing will ever be done to change or stop it. Why? Because RINOs run the republican party and for some unknown reason conservatives are spineless and won’t clean up the republican party. Perhaps the RINOs are afraid of the power of the corporate press, which is controlled by the democrats, and they hope that they will not be destroyed by the democrat controlled corporate press if they’re working to just get along with them.

  • Watching the timeline on the tube on election night, it was easy to put together just what they did. They cheated at the drop boxes as best they could. They held the Texas, Ohio, and Florida counts for the last minute (having already announced Arizona), hoping they had cheated enough already in those states to throw the contest. But the turnout surprised them as it did in 2016. So, they had to go to plan B. We saw it all happen at once. Joe Biden came out on stage (oddly) and told everybody it was not over. Simultaneously, they announced Florida, Ohio, and Texas for Trump, and “shut down” the counts in five states where they had operative sin place. Stated they were going to resume the count the next morning. Then- oddly- continued to update the count in those states all night long while the count was supposedly shut down.
    I personally believe Joe Biden’s stage show was the signal they were all waiting for to start plan B since all other actions happened simultaneously after his announcement.
    2000 mules shows the cheat they already had in place, and it alone was enough to overturn any state’s result. If they investigated the other states they would find those five states were only part of the steal.
    Mike Lindell’s subsequent network trafficking discovery shows how they instituted plan B. And it was even more egregious. Either one would overturn the election.
    Peter Navarro’s theft by a thousand cuts shows the entire game they had afoot.



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