President Trump has seen enormous support from those Americans who risk their lives, day in and day out, to keep you and me safe.  While unions have traditionally been supporters of the Democrat party and their candidates, Trump has received endorsements from some of America’s most important labor unions.

It was not long ago that a New York Police Union endorsed President Trump. Back in August, the New York Times reported ‘A union representing tens of thousands of New York City police officers endorsed President Trump for re-election on Friday, citing what leaders said was Mr. Trump’s defense of the authorities and concern for public safety at a time they said their members have been “under attack.”

At a rally held at Mr. Trump’s golf club in Bedminster, N.J., and attended by roughly 100 people, the head of the Police Benevolent Association, which represents about 24,000 rank-and-file officers, said he could not remember another time the union had endorsed a candidate for president.’

Just this Tuesday, the Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union endorsed President Trump.  Their endorsement was a move that stood in stark contrast with the International Association of Fire Fighters (IAFF).

Breitbart reports:

“The Philadelphia Firefighters’ and Paramedics’ Union, Local 22 of the International Association of’ Fire Fighters proudly endorses President Trump for re-election,” the union announced on Tuesday, hours ahead of the first presidential debate.

“The members of Local 22 respectfully break with the undemocratic IAFF endorsement of Joe Biden and pledge our full support to President Donald J. Trump,” President Mike Bresnan said in a statement, explaining that IAFF’s endorsement of Biden was done “without a canvas of local unions and the consideration of the rank and file IAFF membership.”

Local 22 members, which represent over 4,700 current and retired first responders, were surveyed and “overwhelmingly” chose the president, Bresnan said, adding that IAFF leaders should view the endorsement as a “wake-up call.”

“They know what is at stake in this election and this endorsement should be a wake-up call to IAFF leaders that have lost touch with the will of the membership. There is tremendous support for President Trump among first responders and we encourage other IAFF locals to confer with their members,” Bresnan continued.

“Under the Obama-Biden Administration, several Philadelphia fire companies were shut down,” Bresnan added. “The FEMA grants provided by President Trump put Engines 1,8, 14, and 39 back into service protecting the people of Philadelphia.”

With the lack of law and order in many blue cities during the Covid lock down and ‘peaceful protests,’ combined with the lack of support the Democrats have shown to first responders, I would not be surprised to see more Service unions taking Trump’s back. One would imagine that those Americans who wear a uniform and serve for a living are going to be overwhelmingly voting for President Trump this year.

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