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Opinion| Conjecture| According to reports, a sheriff’s sergeant fired for hiding behind his vehicle throughout the Parkland school bloodbath has acquired his job back — along with at least $125,000 back-pay!  Are you kidding me?

Sgt. Brian Miller was one among four deputies fired for “neglect of duty” from the 2018 massacre at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School that left 17 students and faculty members dead and 17 others wounded.

Miller had been the first supervisor on scene, however, he put on his bulletproof vest and hid behind his car, and he didn’t even reach for his radio for 10 minutes, a lifetime in a shooting situation, rather than taking command, a state commission investigation discovered.

“Miller failed to coordinate or direct deputies’ actions and did not direct or coordinate an immediate response into the school,” a report from the commission said at the time, calling his actions “ineffective.”

Broward County Sheriff’s Office fired him last June, however, an arbitrator has ruled that his due process rights had been violated, the South Florida Sun Sentinel revealed late Wednesday.

What about the due process rights of the students who may not have died had this Walmart security guard reject actually done his job and gone after the shooter?

This disgrace of a deputy may also receive back pay for the 11 months he was out of work, a union representative told the Sentinel. So, the good people of Florida have to pay this less than worthless coward for the time he was fired for dereliction of duty adding insult to injury.

This guy was making over $137,000 a year when he was fired, which means Florida taxpayers may owe this bum at least $125,000 in back pay for being fired for cowardice in the line of duty.

Accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz is nonetheless awaiting trial for 17 counts of premeditated murder and 17 counts of attempted murder for the assault on Feb. 14, 2018, Valentine’s Day.

His attorneys have stated he will plead guilty if he’s spared the death penalty and given a life sentence, a deal prosecutors have rejected.

Folks, don’t forget that Cruz was a part of Barack Obama’s “no arrest” program they instituted to stop what they called “the high school to prison pipeline.”  Obama’s self-described wingman, the former Attorney General Eric Holder, came up with the idea that Democrats could reduced crime rates by fighting crime in better ways?  No, by no longer reporting crimes.

The PROMISE Program was set up by the Obama administration to create lucrative deals for Florida school districts that wound up allowing 17 students to be murdered.

Here’s what they didn’t want you to find out.  Florida has some pretty serious problems with student crime rates.  When so many arrests are made it lowers the school district’s overall ratings, and those districts get less money from the states and the federal government in the form of grants.  It was all about the money for Democrat politicians.

The Broward County School Board made a political deal with local law enforcement to not arrest students for certain types of crimes, to boost their ratings, which would boost the grant money from the state and federal governments.  In other words, they lowered the student crime rate, not by better and more innovative law enforcement strategies, but by simply not making arrests for certain types of crimes.  No, I’m not kidding.

We reported on this deadly scam in December 2018, and now we’re seeing even more bad results of it by rewarding one of those included in the deal struck with the school board.

Nikolas Cruz was not a good kid.  The police were called to his house about two dozen times for things like threatening someone with a gun or shooting a gun in the back yard, yet not one time did the police arrest him, thanks to that political deal that was made with the school board.

This decision should anger every American, and Eric Holder and Obama should be held accountable. Written By Steven Ahle

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