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There seems to be new information coming out every day about the John Durham investigation. One bombshell is that Adam Schiff was involved in the Russia Collusion Hoax as far back as July of 2016. An email released by Durham is very interesting and shows that Schiff was involved with Fusion GPS and that he was handing out information about Carter Page that turned out to be a lie.

Hey ⁦⁦@AdamSchiff⁩ – why does Fusion GPS seem to think you have information on Carter Page in July 2016?

How many communications did you exchange with Fusion GPS personnel during 2016-17?

— UndeadFOIA (@UndeadFoia) April 26, 2022

Schiff made appearances every night, mostly on CNN, the most busted news organization on cable TV. He would make remarks that led people to believe there was proof of the accusations against President Trump, but they all turned out to be lies, and Adam Schiffbecame the biggest liar in Congress, despite the stiff competition within his party.

He later wrote a report on the hoax which turned out to be all lies.

From The Gateway Pundit

In December we were provided a substantial amount of information that covered Schiff’s FISA memo which provided absolute evidence from the Obama appointed DOJ IG that Schiff’s report was a total fabrication – it was a lie.  Mollie Hemingway at the Federalist compared the Nunes and Schiff memos when the DOJ IG’s report was released.  Hemingway took a look at the facts regarding the FISA warrant obtained to spy on Carter Page, and therefore candidate and President Trump:

The new inspector general report on FISA abuse settles the debate between Republicans and Democrats on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence. Both groups put out memos about the Department of Justice’s efforts to secure a warrant to wiretap Carter Page.

At the time of their release, the media praised Democrat Adam Schiff and his memo and vilified Republican Devin Nunes and his memo. Nearly two years later, the inspector general’s report vindicates the Nunes memo while showing that the Schiff memo was riddled with lies and false statements.

And naturally, Adam Schiff received no penalty for churning out information he had to know was complete lies.

Mark Sidney

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  • Schiff is so worthless. If any republican lied like schiff and swalwell, they would be paraded in front of a firing squad! I hope they’re all investigated when the republicans take over the house and senate.

    • Other than lies and fabrications, just what else does anyone expect from anyone in commie pelosi’s democommie party? None of those individuals have a clue about truth, or honesty as it relates to America, or Constitutional law.

    • R’s win House & Senate, yes, vote wise, but fraud will sink their ship. The Big Boyz have come so far in last 2 years to let it all slip away. The worst is yet to come. JD can make all the noise he wants, who will prosecute?

  • while lying to the American people and the members of congress has no legal penalty he needs to be investigated and thrown out of office and never be able to hold any position in politics ever again , the American people deserve honest and trust worthy people in government positions not ones who are making up lies to slander and belittle other government officials , its gotten to the point that the American people have given up on ever being able to trust government officials any where from the local politicians all the way to the top of government , we are no longer a country that other countries look up to because of of all the corruption and lies told by government officials

    • I assure anyone paying attention that there is really a hell and Schiff will spend eternity in it!

  • I hope that Lying Schiff goes to a FEDERAL PRISON for the rest of his life with no possible parole or pardon !

    • Who will prosecute? Not Jo’s clowns? Why do your think Billygoat and his so-called wife aren’t in the whoozgow after decades of crimes?

  • What we need is to prosecute every judge that added Democrats in promoting this scam! And anyone that did not do their job be dismissed with out any pension or benefit at all! Or at the very least demand a full refund of every dime they were paid to do their job! It has to be drastic to make a point with the Democrats . Judges as well!

  • Why isn’t the Speaker of the House having an investigation on Rep Schiff and his activities? Oh, I’m sorry, just maybe she’s also involved. Wow, what lies and corruption the Democrats used against President Trump. And for what reason? Would it be because they couldn’t own him? Hmmmmmm

  • Voters in California better think carefully before they vote for such a lying cheat like Schiff. If he would lie about President Trump during the 2020 election means he will lie to the voters of California. Each voter should request he take a lie detector test before they vote for the LIAR CHEAT or they will be sorry. Once a LIAR always one. He will do or say anything to remain in CONTROL and POWER.

  • Who will prosecute? Not Jo’s clowns? Why do your think Billygoat and his so-called wife aren’t in the whoozgow after decades of crimes?

  • The problem is not finding these scum! It is getting around their corrupt courts and judges! Maybe we need to charge all the judges for aiding and abetting criminals! That way if they are all charged they can not rule over any court to protect the Democrats like Schiff! I am surprised the people haven’t tar and feathered the turd by now!

  • He and Hillary Clinton should be brought to justice for committing treason against a then sitting President.

  • Bolshevik Schiff is a pathological liar, must run in the liberal commie Democrat family. When it comes to corruption the Democrats know, no bounds.

  • Adam Schiff should be prosecuted for being a traitor to our country and for causing all the harm he did.

  • It’s time to LOCK all these Democrats up
    For TREASON. Americans are sick and tired of these SWAMP CREATURES get away with all of thes conspiracies and wasting tax payers money. Sick of Democrats..

  • Why has there not been calls on both sides of the aisle for the lying Schiff to step down? How is it we can have people as evil and dishonest as he is at the highest level of our government and everyone just looks the other way???? We need to clean house on both sides of the aisle and HE would be a good place to start.

  • Our pundits are saying no one trusts the government anymore. Maybe if those exposed, that did pass on the lies and misinformation, were ever punished Americans might begin to trust the government.
    It was shown that Hillary had her devices destroyed and no penalty was ever imposed. I suspect that none will ever be. She and all her other co-conspirators, IMHO will never be punished.
    This doesn’t inspire citizen’s trust.

  • Adam schiff is a congenital liar. Every word out of his mouth is a willing and knowingly direct lie.i would be willing to bet if Schiff was ask for the names of his mother and Father he would lie about their Father would tell my brothers and me about people who were congenital liars who would walk twenty miles to tell a lie when they could stand still and tell the truth and that describes Adam the devout congenital liar to A T/ruth. Schiff must be removed from office ASAP To protect our American people and our Great country. FM1

  • If the Republicans re-gain Congressional majorities and pick McCarthy and McConnell to be their leaders, we know nothing will be done to Schiff and these two SUPER RINO’s will make the Congressional Republicans Democrat light. If these two pieces of trash are chosen to be the leaders, the Republican Party is finished.

  • Big deal. Bolshevik Schiff is like a commissar from the ex-Soviet Union. Schiff is also a Pathological liar. Professional liars seem to run rampant in the liberal commie Democrat Party. Bolshevik Schiff also contributed to the Russia Trump hoax, the big lie. Does Durham plan on charging Schiff? One could only hope. America should work out an arrangement with Putin for Schiff to serve his time in a prison in Siberia. Schiff would never get convicted, not in D.C., anyway. D.C. juries love their corrupt Democrat politicians. Bolshevik Schiff or corrupt Communist Bitch Clinton could murder someone on Main St. at 12 in the afternoon and a D.C. jury would never convict them.



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