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I haven’t seen anyone else talk about this in the way I have been thinking about it recently, but when you consider the enormity of things that have changed (and not for the better) and things that have been done to this country by Democrats because they cowered in the face of violent mobs since the rage over George Floyd’s death at the hands of Minnesota police officers (remember, the coroner’s report said Floyd died of an overdose of fentanyl), it’s a very hard pill to swallow. It’s difficult to believe that elected officials voted to defund police departments in the jurisdictions they were elected to serve.

A politician’s first understood directive is to protect the people who elected them. That means the protection from enemies foreign and domestic as well as protecting their Constitutional and God-given rights. All throughout 2020 and 2021, Democrats acted counter to the oaths that they took upon entering whatever office they were elected. It’s almost as if, for them, the oath of office was just a formality they had to go through in order to receive the power of their office’s little fiefdom, and nothing else.

We watched as elected officials defunded their police departments so that the angry, rioting mobs would not tear them to pieces, but while they were protecting their own sorry selves, they completely undermined the innocent and put into harm’s way the electorate they took an oath to protect.

We watched district attorneys reject prosecuting violent criminals and instead go after people like the McCloskeys in Missouri who legally defended their homes. That’s not an isolated incident. That kind of prosecutorial decision-making happened all over the country and it was intentional.

One such poor decision that comes to mind is the Kyle Rittenhouse case where the young man defended himself against violent rioters who attacked him, making him believe they were going to kill him. The district attorney’s office of Kenosha, Wisconsin, allegedly brought the case to trial due to pressure from the mob. They cowered and Rittenhouse was charged. What I call the mob is the combination of violent, rioting criminals, the mainstream news media that fomented the false narrative that Rittenhouse was an enemy of the people, a white supremacist who went to Kenosha to seek rioters and shoot them on site, and the politicians who threw in their condemnations of Rittenhouse in the hopes of shifting the anger of the mobs away from themselves and onto Rittenhouse. It was a disgrace.

We all know what happened in the end. Rittenhouse was acquitted of all five charges because the jury realized that the charges against him never should have been filed in the first place.

The acquittal left the two prosecutors who ran the case looking like Dumb and Dumber characters who in some instances committed prosecutorial misconduct to win what they knew was an unwinnable case.

Prosecutors Thomas Binger and James Kraus committed multiple ethics violations and were admonished by the judge on more than one occasion.

A local website called the Kenosha County Eye is run by a private investigator who reports on local news in Kenosha. Kevin Mathewson runs the investigative news site, and he kept a trained eye on the Rittenhouse case from the perspective of the two corrupt government employees who prosecuted the case.

The Kenosha County Eye ran a story of exposing the prosecution’s attempt to get witness Nathan DeBruin, a freelance photographer, to change his statement that he gave to police.

DeBruin testified for the defense, saying that he ended a meeting with the prosecution before the trial. He also said that he hired a lawyer because he felt uncomfortable that prosecutor Binger pressured him to change the statement he gave to police. DeBruin claimed that Binger wanted him to add an ID of a man named Joshua Ziminski, whom Binger at the time was prosecuting (for arson and other charges). It was witness tampering by the prosecution team.

The other dopey prosecutor, Kraus, apparently was upset to read about the attempt to get a witness to change his testimony, and he went nuts when questioned about the witness tampering. Mathewson said Krus accosted him at the courthouse and also harassed him with emails. That’s about what one would expect from a prosecution team that tried to get a witness to change their testimony.

Kraus went on to attack Mathewson’s credibility by saying the former alderman was mentally unstable in a slander campaign that did nothing more than get more and more people to visit the Kenosha County Eye’s website to read about the truth of what happened during that trial.

Kraus even made up a lie that Mathewson was a “failed wedding photographer” among other bullschtein attempts to smear the man as a vindictive person when all Mathewson did was report the facts of what took place during the trial.

Binger and Kraus are accused by many of trying to rig the trial against Rittenhouse because they allegedly knew all along that the case should never have been brought to trial.

Kraus apparently despises bad press, and so it appears that his attacks on Mathewson were an attempt to deflect his failures as a prosecutor onto someone else for the news cycle, only it didn’t work.

Out of far left field, with no discernable evidence, Kraus made a genuinely ludicrous statement where he asserted that he and Binger were not gay lovers. Wait, what? Yes, he actually said that even though no one knows of any written or spoken reports of anyone claiming they were. I think the man is unhinged. And I know a thing or two about people going unhinged at you through no fault of your own. It just makes people look beyond the outrage and read deeper into what’s really going on.

Kraus tried to play the homophobic card when all else failed. How pathetic is that? He’s a bad lawyer and allegedly a corrupt prosecutor who doesn’t like being criticized and he doesn’t seem savvy enough to get himself out of the limelight.

All of this nonsense came to be because public officials cowered in the face of the violent mob. We need to start electing people with a brass set of you know what because mob rule is not good for anyone, including the mob.

Mark Sidney

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