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Many people consider Pete Buttigieg to be the Secretary of Transportation, but I consider him to be the punchline for a very bad joke. This is the same clown that got5 money in the so-called infrastructure bill to tear down racist highways. He claims they were built in poor neighborhoods because of racism.

But, there is a better reason. It is much cheaper to buy up a bunch of houses for one to two hundred thousand dollar homes than to buy up million-dollar homes. It’s not racism, it is Economics 101. Like his boss, he has a job he can’t handle.

Now, we move on to his recent trip to The View.

Not teaching four and five-year molds will kill them? I am sixty-six years old and I am willing to testify under oath that I have never had to step over a toddler that died because they weren’t groomed. How can they decide whether or not they are gay? At that age, they haven’t discovered the opposite sex yet and naturally they like being with members of the same sex, but not for sex. Let the kids be kids. If they are truly gay, they will know it by the time they hit puberty, providing they aren’t fed puberty blockers.

Navarro asked Buttigieg:

“Your husband, Chasten, is a teacher and he’s been a vocal critic of what’s going on in my state of Florida when the, with the so-called ‘don’t say gay’ law, which he says will kill kids. Do you agree?” 

Buttigieg replied:

“Yeah, he’s right, And I think every law to be judged for the effect it’s going to have on real people in real life, and I get the political reasons why they’re doing this. By the way, some of those political reasons (laughs), they don’t have a plan on anything else, right? I mean, they don’t have a plan on dealing with inflation or dealing with gas prices or dealing with the issues.”

Is he really expecting the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis to solve the national problem of inflation that was created by the massive Democratic spending bills and the stifling of energy production? Two of America’s largest banks see a recession coming on. They both credit massive government spending.



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