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Former state Supreme Court justice and current Wisconsin Elections Investigator Michael Gableman has filed a suit to toss the mayors of Green Bay and Madison in jail because they have refused his demands to give depositions into the 2020 election. Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich gave the keys to the arena where the votes were counted along with secret internet access to Democratic operative Michael Spitzer Rubenstein.

Then a group known as “Wisconsin HOT” discovered that a clerk in Racine worked with a former Facebook executive in order to track who was voting in real-time. That former Facebook exec is a man by the name of Michael Spitzer Rubenstein. If Democrats know who hasn’t voted they can manufacture a vote in that person’s name.

Rubenstein asked to get into ‘WisVote’ per an email obtained by Wisconsin HOT:

Information in this email was received from the City of Racine, Wisconsin in a record request. A formal complaint was filed against Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich in November for his “mishandling” of the election.

Gableman has now filed a lawsuit in conservative Waukesha, Wisconsin that would send the mayors of Green Bay and Madison to jail until after they sit for a deposition to Gableman. Just what are they trying to hide?

FOX11 Online reported:

Former state Supreme Court justice Michael Gableman filed a lawsuit in Waukesha County Circuit Court looking to have Green Bay Mayor Eric Genrich and Madison Mayor Satya Rhodes-Conway put in jail or sit for depositions.

Gableman is leading the Republican-ordered investigation into the election. He has said the goal isn’t to overturn election results, but to see if election laws were followed and need to be changed.

Judge Ralph Ramirez on Friday told Gableman’s attorney to file a brief on what his party would like to see the court do and what they believe the court has the authority to do. The brief must be filed by February 21st, with the mayor’s attorneys filing responses by March 21st.

Jeffrey Mandell, Genrich’s attorney, asked for the lawsuit to be dismissed and a motions hearing be scheduled for Genrich’s belief that Gableman should be sanctioned.

Mandell says Gableman made false statements about the mayor in front of the legislature and those statements should be corrected.

It’s about to go DOWN!

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