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As someone who loves & appreciates America & her history, as well as being an American, today is a special day.

Even though our government has become more corrupt than it has ever been, inflation is out of control, a deadly virus is ravaging some parts of the country, I still would not rather live anywhere else in the world.

As Americans we have a moral obligation to fight back against this creeping tyranny using our voices.  Today I am blessed enough to be able to spend the day with my family, feasting, drinking and appreciating the things that make life worth living: FAMILY.

Unfortunately and quite frankly disgustingly, the Biden Administration has decided to punish the brave men and women of the military who chose not to get ‘the jab’ in one of the most heinous ways possible … keeping them separate from their families.

When I first read this story I thought there had to be a mistake.  After some research it appears that the Bannon family is right on this one …

Jim Hoft, the founder of the most over the target news/opinion site on the web, the Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Captain Maureen Bannon joined her father Steve Bannon on The War Room on Wednesday evening. Maureen broke the news that unvaccinated military personnel are not allowed to travel to see their families this Thanksgiving.

Please keep all of our military men and women in your prayers this Thanksgiving. And please remember the political prisoners in the DC Gulag.

This is a very difficult time for our country but we have much to be grateful for.’

What type of person uses the ability to see one’s family as a weapon on the crusade to jab the entire nation?  I pray to God that those making the decisions on this front find their consciences and reverse this inhumane policy for Christmas.

Thanks for reading!  I can not tell you how thankful The Beltway Report’s team is for our loyal readers.  Without your support we would cease to exist over night.

Mark Sidney

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