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With his reelection hanging over his head, and evidence of the Obama administration’s weaponization of the intelligence community growing by the hour, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham has a difficult path to walk as he attempts to serve two masters.

It has appeared for some time that Sen. Graham is maintaining the facade of defending President Trump to mollify his Republican base while also running out the clock on any Deep State prosecutions.

Last night Sen. Graham appeared with Fox News’ Sean Hannity to state his feigned outrage at yesterday’s latest revelations concerning wrongdoing by Robert Mueller’s team of hitmen and said.

Evidence has surfaced proving that the Weissmann/Mueller special counsel erased evidence by wiping upwards of several dozen phones and then hiding evidence of their corrupt activity as the Inspector General was in the process of securing the phones.

For those who still believe Sen. Graham is an ally of President Trump, his promise to investigate will keep you satisfied until he runs out the clock.  The rest of us want to know WTF he’s waiting for?

President Trump was acquitted of impeachment in February.  That was seven months ago.  What in the world is Graham, who controls the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, waiting for if he’s not intending to run out the clock.

In fact, if Sen. Graham was truly an ally of President Trump; he would have been calling witnesses while House Intel Committee Chairman Adam Schiff was running his illegitimate secretive basement impeachment hearings, instead of giving the California sociopath free reign of the headlines. 

Instead, Graham has “invited” former FBI Director James Comey, the man who replaced him Andrew McCabe, and the chief FBI antagonist Peter Strzok to “come before the committee.”

“I made an invitation to Comey, McCabe, and Strzok to come before the committee. They will be respectfully treated to answer questions about the Horowitz report.”

Seriously?  Schiff, and his equally corrupt Deep State protector Jerrold Nadler handed out subpoenas like they were candy on Halloween as they prosecuted a case against an innocent president.

Still, we can dream that when Graham told Hannity “You think you are mad about the phones being wiped? Stay tuned… We’ll talk in about 10 or 12 days and we’ll see if there is something else you can get mad about,” that he’s planning an October surprise.

Mark Sidney

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