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Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) talked about the ongoing strife between Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), and other members of the Democratic Party in Congress

Trey Gowdy, host of Fox’s “Sunday Night in America,” mentioned recent rumors of Manchin switching parties to become an Independent because he won’t allow his party to destroy our country by spending outrageous amounts of money that we do not have and because he is against getting rid of the filibuster that will allow the Democrats to push through any crazy radical bills they want without any debate.

“The only thing that was ever said that we’ve ever talked about if I’m an embarrassment to my, my Democratic colleagues, my caucus, the president being the Democratic leader of the Democrat Party, Chuck Schumer and all them,” Manchin said. “I said me being a moderate centrist Democrat, if that causes you a problem let me know and I’d switch to be an independent, but I’d still be caucusing with Democrats.”

Though Manchin didn’t say if his thoughts of leaving the Democratic Party would come to fruition soon, the host saw some merit in the argument.

“Honestly, why wouldn’t he? Joe Biden didn’t carry a single county in West Virginia. Joe Manchin has nothing in common with the squad, so why would he vote like the squad?” Gowdy asked.

Because he would then become a RINO, and in time, his constituents would no longer value him to stop the Democrat onslaught of our Constitutional republic.

Senator Lee supported the idea of Manchin switching parties to become a Republican.

“There is still plenty of time. He could still switch parties if he wanted to. I encourage him to do so. There’s no reason why he belongs with the party of inflation, why he belongs with the party of lawlessness, why he opted to remain with the party that’s harassing him and intimidating him and belittling him at every turn just so they can fundamentally remake the American economy and American society. Joe Manchin absolutely should leave the Democratic party and I look forward to embracing him when he joins our caucus,” Lee said.

Gowdy thought about the expectations of Manchin since Biden didn’t win a single county in West Virginia. Lee, rightfully so, made the point that progressive lawmakers only look at Machin as a vote to help them push their socialist agenda down America’s throat.

The Democrats expect Manchin to go against his constituents probably because that’s what they do all the time, even though West Virginia voters would throw him out of office during his next election.

“What they see here is a chance to make America a little more socialist or a lot more socialist. What they see here is if they belittle him and intimidate him enough that somehow he’ll relent. That’s, of course, not going to happen,” Lee explained.

And Manchin knows this. He recently said of the party leadership, what are they going to do, go into his state and campaign against him, pointing out that a move like that would only make him stronger.

If Manchin switched to become a Republican, it would be a historical move as he would essentially end the hemorrhaging caused by the slashing of our Constitutional system, our culture, and our traditions being perpetrated by the small group of Marxist leaders currently in control of the Democratic Party that is on control of our country.

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