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Seattle is facing a severe shortage of police officers as they continue to leave the department behind. Who can blame them? They are sitting ducks for  Antifa and BLM and they don’t dare fight back and they are continually bad-mouthed by city officials.

Worse yet, when they are attached the local DA drops all charges in most cases. In 2020 an incredible 193 police officers retired or resigned and no one is looking to take their place as the crime rate soars.

Jason Rantz of KTTH radio in Seattle reports that the police are still leaving in huge numbers. there are 66 police officers who have left so far and they are predicting it will be 100 by the end of May. That would indicate that they will lose over 200 officers this year at that pace. It’s tough to work for people who hate you and constantly campaign on eliminating the police force. Thankfully I live in a red state.

Rantz said:

Though the city has not yet officially released staffing numbers, officials have expressed significant concern publicly and privately about the staffing situation. The city does not have enough officers to safely protect our neighborhoods or respond to emergencies.

In 2020, 193 officers officially left the SPD. That is a historic number, one that came after nearly a year of relentless attacks from the Seattle City Council and radical activists.

Jason Rantz:

During that time, the council cut the SPD’s budget dramatically, despite a clear uptick in crime. Seattle hit a 26-year-high homicide rate as a result. But that didn’t stop the council from trying to cut even more from the budget. That attempt was a failure, though the council promises to revisit.

From PJ Media

The exodus accelerated after the George Floyd riots in Seattle and especially after CHAZ/CHOP activists attempted to torch a police building with officers inside. They attempted to seal the door so officers could not escape the flames.

City leadership did not back up the cops. Instead, they piled on, creating even more morale problems.

Among the anti-cop council members is Kshama Sawant, who called police officers “murderers.” But Rantz notes that she’s got plenty of company on the nutty Seattle City Council.

Kshama Sawant has been quick to label officers murderers. Teresa Mosqueda defended a man who threatened to murder officers, calling his anger “justified.” Lorena Gonzalez and Lisa Herbold even tried to fire officers on the basis of their race. If you are white and work for the SPD, you were at risk of losing your job.

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