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I don’t always agree with former AG Bill Barr, but when I do, it’s about locking up Hillary Clinton. This time he is right on the money.

What Hillary did with the fake Alpha Bank hoax and the fraudulent Steele dossier did real damage to this country. Besides the $50 million dollars spent on the FBI and Mueller chasing their tails, she cost the FBI and other federal resources to be wasted when there are real crimes that needed their attention.

Hillary was neck-deep in the email scandal and she needed a distraction, she followed the Democratic playbook and used the old Wag the Dog gambit by spreading outright lies against a sitting president of the United States. It is the same strategy that Biden is using to cover up, well, everything he’s done.

Bill Barr said:

“I thought we were heading into a constitutional crisis. I think whatever you think of Trump, the fact is that the whole Russiagate thing was a grave injustice. It appears to be a dirty political trick that was used first to hobble him and then potentially to drive him from office. I believe it is seditious.”

“It was a gross injustice, and it hurt the United States in many ways, including what we’re seeing in Ukraine these days. It distorted our foreign policy, and so forth.”

An FBI investigation into Trump’s campaign over alleged ties to the Russian government during the 2016 election was hatched by the Hillary campaign and the DNC that funded the Stele dossier and last week Clinton campaign manager, Robby Mook testified under oath that Hillary personally approved the plan to release the fake Alpha Bank hoax to the media.

From The Blaze

 Leaks from the investigation were used by the 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign to accuse Trump of colluding with the Russians to interfere in the election, spawning conspiracy theories that his victory was illegitimate. After Trump fired FBI Director James Comey in May 2017, congressional Democrats accused him of attempting to obstruct the Russia probe, demanding the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Trump’s actions.

After a two-year, $32 million investigation, Robert Mueller released a report in March 2019 that showed evidence of Russian interference in the election, but said the “investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.” By this time, questions were raised about the origins of Crossfire Hurricane and whether the FBI had inappropriately sought a FISA court warrant to surveil members of Trump’s 2016 campaign using opposition research from the Clinton campaign.

Mark Sidney

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    • At this point, I don’t care what AG Barr did or didn’t do. Anyone who can accuse Hillary Clinton of sedition is doing what no one else is doing. His sins are forgiven, at least by me, if he gets something going against her on this. I don’t worry about Trump – he’s still my President and he can take very good care of himself, and he’s always right.

      • Sorry mate, absolutely NOTHING is going to happen to Ole Killary. Judicial Watch had the goods on her shortly after she left office and where is she now? Still moving and grooving free as a bird. NOTHING is going to happen to any of the crooked DC bandits, because they control all of the law enforcement in the government.

  • Barr like the rest were covering for Hillary and the Democrats! Changing sides now is to little to late! As if he didn’t know what the entire country knew five years ago! And just like he did with the voter fraud that has been exposed. He was nothing but a cover up man for a corrupt government ! That was being exposed by Trump! Dig deep enough and you will find him neck deep in this corruption! And the courts and judges are over their head deep in this as the cover up protection for all corruption!

    • I agree with you 100%. He’s trying to recapture some of what we expected from him when he was put in the AG position, but miserably failed to do so. I’m here to tell him he’s a fool if he thinks grabbing the coat tails of truth as it flies by him is going to work in today’s Republican Party. He’s burned his bridge. His best hope is that he finds a neutral place on the other side. He’s not welcome back here, even if there is enough bridge to crawl back over.

    • Why would Barr desert the Republican party unless he gained something from the Democrats. How deep is the deep state’s pocket book? With the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and George Soros, the pockets are deep enough to influence many people in position to cover up any wrong doing in politics.

    • Unfortunately, you are correct. And because of that, the Democratic Party will have no reason not to do it again. The threat of punishment is enough for most sane people. Others need the actual punishment to understand.

  • Clinton ‘s, Obama’s Biden’s and the slew of the upper echelon of the Democratic Party crooks need to foot that $50 plus million bill. They were all involved in that scheme, the American public should not have to pay for that. I do know that is wishful thinking on my part. They been getting away with this type of nonsense for years, that’s why they are so emboldened.

    • Exactly what I’m praying and hoping for.
      We were cheated big time!
      We were defrauded!
      We were lied to for 4 + years!
      We were abused!
      We were harassed!
      We were set up!
      We were slandered!
      We were framed!
      We were libeled!
      We were sold a bill of goods!
      We were denied!
      We were conned!
      We were silenced!
      We were harmed!
      We were defamed!
      We and our children were and are still hurting emotionally, financially, physically, mentally and spiritually!
      The American People need retribution, reinstatement, rectification, reimbursement and reconstitution for what the Party called Democrat, the major news-media outlets, the foreign actors, politicians and military officials, certain attorneys, major social media services, government agencies, and google, did to the President of the United Sates and the rest of us.
      It can’t be forgotten. Ever!
      It will not get a pass! Ever!

      • I’ll settle for an acknowledgment of being wrong from my “friends” that got lost in the main stream media discrediting melee of the Trump administration who ridiculed me and tried to embarrass me on social media, but that ain’t gonna happen. I’ll forever be a right wing conservative nut job in their eyes even after the truth that is being exposed daily becomes common knowledge.

      • Like some of t he others said: She will never do time. Same goes for the Biden crime family… Hunter will walk and so will dirty old Joe and his brother. Niether will Diane Feinstein and her deceased husband with all those government contracts he was awarded. Pelosi and her drunken husband have been getting away with insider trades on the stock market for years. He’ll beat the DUI too. What a double standard country we live in. Now they are planning on disarming us. If anyone votes for a democrat this year or in 2024 they would have to be crazy. GOD help us!

      • Very well written. It will never get a pass as our Lord knows that Satin’s sins and followers will be held accountable. Let us all keep the Faith.

  • Trumps daughter used her private server for emails why don’t u say anything about that

    • Trumps daughter was not in a major political position, what the hell are you talking about? Stop the bullshit!

    • She was not using the server to sell out hte US. Hillary sent half of our enriched uranium to Russia in exchange for a donation to the Clinton foundation. That is why she used a private server.

    • Henry , read up the facts before you post something so stupid. I know how you liberals are. Nothing to do with our Constitution or Bill of Rights.Always about your “ woke feelings “ . Our side , we whole heartedly believe our rights and freedoms come from God , stated in our Constitution. The lefts freedoms come from Government. Check into it , Henry , before we lose it to people with no common sense

  • When they outlaw Firearms, Only Outlaws will have them. I, keep asking the Question, Ya’ll seen enough yet?? Ya’ll know what needs to be done, Git r Dun! The Whole Global Cabal, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. NCSWIC, WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LET’S GO BRANDON FJB and THE WHOLE SQUAD. I’m not a BOT. I’m a pissed off American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. President Trump’s still my President. Yahweh, save our poor souls Amen .

    • AMEN! Y’all hankering for some justice, Grandpa? I’m with you. And as for being a trucker, you’ve got my utmost respect for what you courageous and brave truckers are putting up with today. I know all about DEF (without DEF present the engine will shut down), urea, and cheap little sensors from China.  So there are incredible DEF shortages right now and without the clean idle system trucks can’t pick up at the ports. 33% of their newer fleet can’t work due to CA laws, and Biden’s anti-American policies that cause these problems. People forget, trucks are made of parts & it takes trucks to get parts to other truckers. Lastly, truckers are saying “Out of my last 10 meat loads, 7 out of the last 10 meat loads went to the port for overseas delivery. If only people knew – food shortages” and “Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is an ammonium based yuri type fluid mandated to remove nitrous oxide.  Ever since 2010 all farm tractors & big trucks have been equipped with onboard computers to monitor all of this. Without DEF present, the engine will shut down” I’m praying with you, Grandpa.

  • Not a damn thing will ever be done to Hitlery Clinton, Obama or any of them. NOT A DAMN THING. And they’ll continue to go after Trump and that will go some where.

  • And Bill Barr is guilty of obstructing justice, lying and not doing his job when he had the opportunity to do his job.

  • I do not trust this weasel. From my perspective he is laying the groundwork for Crooked Hillary to claim she cannot get a jury that has not been poisoned allowing a liberal judge, of which we have too many, to declare a mistrial thereby letting the crooked slimy snake slither away once again

  • It’s never too late to expose Hillary Clinton. She won’t stop trying to slither into our government again until she’s stopped. With all these daily distractions democrats throw at us every day, they’re hoping we’ll forget their crimes, at least by midterm “elections.”

    • I don’t like to say this but we ought to pray for her ultimate demise because you’re right.
      She continues to interfere and inject herself in government when she has no authority. She lies about the best of people, and uses her influence to misguide Americans. She is a snake in the grass and needs exposing and punishment for her deeds.
      At Least Barr is right about her. She IS guilty of Sedition. But so is everyone who jumped on her bandwagon. He himself should be held guilty for not indicting her for it before. He neglected his duty to America. There is no way to get into America’s good graces again at this point. He’s a government man. He’s not for the people but for himself and his government friends. Anyone should have known that from reading his bio. They should not have trusted him as far as they could throw him. He sees which way the wind is blowing and wants to be Trump’s AG again. Hah! We do not need sloths in the next administration who pander to both sides.

  • AG Barr is and was a weak Attorneys General who was unwilling to stand up for what was right when he had the chance. He had the info, he also knew the FBI was crooked but he sat on his hands because he hate Trump just like the rest of the crooked swamp dwellers.

  • God its so nice not seeing 50 spam comments about how someone makes sixty thousand dollars in one day. I was just about done with this site but if UAF can keep the spam out i think its a good web site.

  • Why hasn’t anybody mentioned Hilary’s trips to Epstein’s Island. There was a younger woman a few years back that told of the whole incident and that post was up there for years. Seems if it wasn’t true, Hil would have sued her and made her take it down. Why didn’t she? Well, as Bill told his lover,, she likes woman more than men.

  • So why all involved not dragged out in their PJ’s in the middle of the night with CNN there to catch the arrest of these people like they have done to innocent republicans. Obama, Biden, Pelosi definitely knew about this too and possibly Schiff. They were getting updates and knew it all was a lie. Now they too need to be held accountable in some way and have some kind of consequences.

  • That murdering, traitorous hag should be hung from a very high tree in the middle of DC……..She has already be PROOVEN guilty and now MORE evidence is forthcoming……At the very least she should be in prison……..

  • He still said the election was, in effect, clean and fair . There was evidence of fraud all over the place and this man still said he saw no fraud.

  • 3 years late Barr you coward! You knew this back in 2016 you fat Fk!

    Betrayed Trump and you betray Clinton to save your lying complicit asss!

  • Barr had his chance to nail Hillary, but he used all his time to hinder Trump.
    Barr is another Swamp Creature Sleeper Agent.

  • She will never see justice. Any action against the regime is slowing than a snail’s pace. All talk.

  • And just what are you going to do to Hillary and schiffty schiff the charges schoukd be expuched about trump and the false charges

  • The question is Bill Barr guilty of aiding and abetting! Him and Sessions are both a waste of skin! They were both worthless DOJ and should be in jail for aiding the Democrats in this scam! I am surprised he could find his way back from the rest room! He hid the voter fraud and the Russian scam! I hope he is exposed and jailed or kicked out of America!

  • Sillery Hillary, should have to pay back, ALL the money she demanded, to fund her attack. AMERICA DESERVES, to know the TRUTH, to stop these attacks, at our voting booth!

  • Where the hell was Bill Barr when he had the opportunity to flush Hillary out, along with all of her sycophantic criminal associates. Bill Barr is a COWARD as he spent a good deal of his time challenging DJT, his boss, and the person responsible for him even getting the position of AG. Shame on
    Barr for not bringing charges against the real criminals (ie. all those who were responsible for the attempted coup d’etat of our sitting, duly-elected president. They all should be rotting in jail cells and Barr should crawl back into his foxhole and let the adults clean up this country before the democrats completely destroy it.

  • So what’s anyone gonna do about her seditious acts. NOTHING!! The government has HEARINGS to “show us ignorant peasants” what a grand job they’re doing when; in reality, they need to be dragging these guilty scum into court to answer for their actions and reap the proper sentences in prison that they deserve.



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