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Another of Trump’s campaign pledges has been successfully carried through while he is in office. He traveled all the way to Alaska to meet with his supporters there.

At a rally held at the Alaska Airlines Center, President Trump spoke for a total of ninety minutes. According to the workers at the Center, there were more than 5,000 people.

It did not take long for Trump to gain the crowd’s confidence. At one point during his speech, the former president used a very unusual f-bomb, which prompted the audience to start chanting “USA! USA!”

Trump shared with the captivated audience the story of a meeting he had with generals while he was traveling to Iraq.

They were discussing how to fight ISIS, and one of the generals mentioned that it would take a number of years to accomplish this goal. But another general shot back, pledging that he would “hit ’em in the f***ing center” in response to the first general’s statement.

Trump thundered from the podium, “I’d hit ‘em on the left. I’d hit ‘em on the right. I’d hit ‘em in the f***ing center… Right smack.”

The crowd erupted with excitement and loud cheers and then they began chanting “USA! USA!”

Trump kept his distance and did nothing except listen as the volume of the crowd continued to rise. After giving a smile, he said, “I like Alaska.”

Trump made it abundantly apparent that he was in Alaska for two reasons: the first was to unequivocally back two candidates, and the second was to deliver on a promise that he had made to Alaska. He vowed to campaign against incumbent Sen. Lisa Murkowski who voted to impeach him.

Trump said that he is backing Republican candidates Sarah Palin for the United States House of Representatives and Kelly Tshibaka for the United States Senate.

He used the word “wonderful” to describe Tshibaka, and he used the word “legendary” to describe Palin. On the other hand, his words for Murkowski were completely different.

He referred to Senator Murkowski as a RINO, and claimed that she was “worse than a Democrat.”

Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore

Lorri Anderson

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  • I cannot say that I appreciate the profanity…in fact I see it as quite un-necessary and repugnant but Trump has done great things for our nation. Those that hate him with their burning acrity truly scare me for I wonder just how far they would take our nation to the left is left unchecked. Are these people true communists? Are they pulling for China to reign supreme over America? I cannot understand their hatred for our country!

    • Trump’s rallies always get some open press coverage, and if they have a chance it is negative. On the other hand, if I am not mistaken the Democrat rallies are usually private and closed to the press so they can do or say anything they want with impunity.

  • Unfortunately Trump is not in office, there is nothing much he can do against backstabbing turncoat Murkowski except campaign against her. The voters need to replace her on election day.

  • Lisa Murkowski will probably find a way to weasel her way into another election advantage, just as she has in the past. She has yet to win an election by a majority. Other Republicans should agree on a single opponent against the Big Murk and send her home for good.

  • Just saw this by accident. Normally I don’t watch the illegitimate resident of White House. But noticed he was on stage with dignitary from Israel. They both signed something and I said. I better watch in case Biden said something to make a fool again. MAFA. Didn’t know what he signed but it had something to do with we have to be understanding with the Iraqian government how Israel and America can diplomatically all 3 governments can peacefully get together.

  • There are plenty of swamp creatures! I hope when he gets back in he forces a complete review of the voting system and all the corrupt voting machines! Nobody in Washington state believes INSLEE LIKE BIDEN WON ANYTHING! The people didn’t vote to screw themselves! Remember INSLEE had to make a fort out of the capital to protect that lie!



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