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If someone fails at every aspect of their job, they usually get fired. When it’s obvious that you cannot meet the demands and responsibilities of that job, your employer must replace you. The American public employs the President of the United States.

Witnessing the total collapse of our economy, inflation, our plummeting respect internationally, and the current level of our national security crisis, Joe Biden hasn’t done one thing right. He is an abject failure. If Joe Biden were an employed worker, he’d have been “terminated” long ago.

The American people, as Biden’s true employer, are fed up with his job performance. In virtually every poll, Joe Biden’s approval rating among American voters is the worst in polling history.

Americans want, and sorely need, a “new person” in the White House.

It’s time for Joe Biden to go. However, our nation has over two more years of Joe Biden’s destructive leadership remaining.

Can we survive? In November, voters will surely try to balance the scales until such a time that they can vote this destructive dunderhead out of office.

But some think the “time is now” to “terminate this presidency.” Virtually all conservative Republicans and a growing number of Democrats agree. Some are saying it out loud.

Colorado Congresswoman Lauren Boebert did just that. But her tweet was totally misconstrued.

Like millions of Americans, Boebert wishes it was time to send Joe and Jill packing out of the White House.

In a funny reference to yet another Joe Biden teleprompter blunder, Boebert tweeted, “We need to terminate this presidency. End quote. Repeat the line.”

Anyone with half a brain would realize this wasn’t some sort of call to “terminate” as in ending his life. Nevertheless, someone from the insane left reported Boebert’s innocent tweet to the FBI.

Illegal drugs are spewing across our southern border, killing hundreds of thousands of Americans. Drug cartels are getting rich on Joe Biden’s open border agenda. Our once proud major cities are plagued with a crime epidemic as bad as we’ve seen in decades.

But someone has the audacity to insist that the FBI should investigate a meaningless tweet by a sitting member of Congress.

Talk about misguided priorities. Boebert’s tweet was a reference to Joe Biden’s multiple blunders during his remarks about abortion.

An abortion is often referred to as a “termination of pregnancy.” Someone must have conveniently forgotten about that three-word reference.

Boebert blended a sarcastic comment about how the leader of the free world can’t get through a speech without screwing things up.

How many times can Joe Biden get away with reading the instructions off his teleprompter? Each time he does it, Americans see how far cognitively gone this man is.

Joe Biden is on a cognitive slide that is not going to get any better.

Before he further destroys the country, or fumbles his words and gets the U.S. into World War III, it’s time to “terminate the presidency.”

If he was a Republican, Democrats would be screaming to invoke the 25th Amendment. Joe Biden is mentally disabled. It’s obvious.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is correct. It is high time we “terminate this presidency.” If an unborn child presents a dire threat to a mother’s life, “terminating the pregnancy” must be considered. Joe Biden’s failed presidency is killing the “mother country”. It’s time to abort!

Photo Credit: YouTube/WLTX

Lorri Anderson

Lorri began writing as an Independent investigative journalist in 2012 and is a proud member of She signed her Constitutional Journalist's Pledge on April 1, 2014. Lorri has written for news blogs such as Freedom Outpost , Gateway Pundit, Resurrect the Republic, RTR Truth Media, etc.. She is Former Co-Host and Host of Resurrect The Republic-RTR Truth Media on the Republic Broadcasting Network. Lorri has been on radio shows such as American Honor with Gordon Martines, Jeffery Sisk Show, GMN Pete Santilli Show, RTR Turth Media, Resurrect The Republic, etc...

Lorri has covered and exposed topics such as the Jade Helm 15 Exercise, Benghazi Select Committee, OPM Data Breach, Governmental FRS failures and plans, Bundy Ranch, Malheur Refuge Standoff, etc...

Lorri strives to report news while educating people about their unalienable rights & history. She believes reporting should always include high integrity & honesty. Facts NOT fiction, Truth NOT Tyranny, News NOT Propaganda. Keeping you informed so you can make informed decisions. Lorri firmly stands for ALL the unalienable rights of the people confirmed in the Constitution of the United States of America.

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  • Boebert isn’t the only one that thinks that way. Half of America is in agreement w/Boebert. That doesn’t make Boebert a bad person, and if the liberal commie Democrats took it out of context, too bad. Like the KGB wannabes have nothing better to do. So the KGB wannabes are interested in what Boebert stated. So how come the KGB wannabes aren’t interested in Bolshevik Schumer publicly stating and threatening Gorsuch and Kavanaugh. How come the KGB wannabes aren’t interested in chief riot instigator and mental case Maxine waters, and how come weasel AG Garland isn’t enforcing U.S. law in regards to protesting in front of the homes of the Supreme Court Justices, and they are worried about Boebert. The next time Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe walks up the stairs to Air Force One, I hope Corrupt Quid Pro falls and breaks his neck.

    • Spot-on and all you said here is accurate but more importantly the Citizens of this Nation are fed-up with this “scam of a presidency” and they might as well have the China CCP running Washington! They don’t call him China Joe for nothing, which ties directly in to the “Quid Pro Quo Joe” thing!
      This guy by the way is the “abortion king” having appropriated $468Billion exclusively for abortion during his first 100 days in office which is termination of a whole lot of innocent babies for many years to come, more America tax payer dollars than ever before by 19 times more and some left wingers are touchy about a congresswoman’s little words??? These people are sick in the head not to mention their souls; and they need to be off the streets in rubber rooms, in my humble opinion!

  • Those nut job libs who turned Boebert in to the FBI have the mental abilities of a garden gnome (my apologies to the gnome) and the emotional stability of a rabid dog on uppers. They need to go.

    • Absolutely true and this why America is a mess because the fringe was allowed to take center stage and be allowed to commandeer the direction of the entire country not just their far out extreme minority while also playing right into the Marxist Communist Agenda to destroy America and take it over like Lenin, Stalin and Khrushchev all said would be the case; “like Ripe Fruit falling into their hands!” China has almost two legs up on that already folks!!!

      • True but don’t forget we are in this mess because the gutless GOP allowed the democrats to cheat for decades without any action against it.

        • Absolutely Glenn398 that is exactly what they did and many like mumbles McConnell has been in bed with the Dems on and off along with Big Pharma and the CCP too! I’m not forgetting any of their turncoat ways and methods and I wish I had the real power that they wield to trip them up and kick their useless arses out of Washington!
          Think of it they had full control of the House, Senate and the White House and they did what with that opportunity to finally right the ship? They played us all and had no intentions of fixing the mess called the Swamp! When they were in control if they had done one tenth of the finagling that the Dems are now doing we wouldn’t be in his mess now! They all pass the buck and play the game to hold onto their power and seats while raking in the millions! Some “public servants” we have huh! Only thing is they have it backwards and think it’s about serving themselves not the People!

          So I guess they figure that makes us the fools! I think not!

          Matthew 7:23 “Then I will announce to them, I never knew you! Depart from Me, you lawbreakers!”

          • Totally agree with you. My wife said Trump would win in 2020 and told her no way, Biden will win. Told her the democrats thought Hillary was a shoo in and made little effort to make sure that a joke like Trump couldn’t win. They made that mistake on Hillary and they will not make the same mistake again and guess who won. Now if a common person like me could see this coming how come the GOP was totally surprised? Have to give the democrats credit, unlike the GOP the learn from their mistakes.

      • I agree. People just don’t pay attention until it gets beyond critical plus most have lost the ability to actually think for themselves. They form their ideas and opinions from newspapers and tv news casts. And God forbid you call a spade a spade. You’re either prejudiced or a racist. I’m so sick of those people.

        • Totally agree! I knew what was going on I have to say with the whole Covid thing very early on as nothing was adding up so I dug up my own data and expert viewpoints and I knew Commie China is so wicked they had to be helping to drive the narrative along with our own turncoat devils like Fauci and the rest of the globalist ilk. People still think they have to watch the networks to be informed and get a finger on the pulse but its the opposite of that for sure; they will fill you with BS and Lies upon Lies! I worked in MSM news some moons ago but split that scene early on because I wanted to be a creative photographer and writer not help the ruling class dupe the public, which I could see coming, clearly! It’s gotten so much worse as the years went by and now I say, see I told you all so; this is the death knell being driven home! They’re shifting gears with the whole Covid Vaccine narrative now to start the endless boosters to instruct our immune systems to do what they’ve done fine for millennia! LIES! All to keep us safe from cold viruses, but we know its to control and destroy us! Passports and chip ID coming at ya!

    • I have to agree with your sentiments, and they are either what you say or they are scaredy-cats because they were told to shut up and put up with the narrative or they will disappear! You know a Clinton Act they just go down one after the other if they try to speak truth and reveal who the dirty rotten scoundrels are; doing all of this to us! But they forget we’re not all as stupid as they are and we know who the turncoats are for sure! On both sides of the aisle; like how we knew McCain was a forked tongued slithering snake before he kicked it! He sure liked that term “reaching across the aisle,” and now we know why he did and not for our Good but his own! Paul Harvey would say “and that’s the rest of the story!”

  • Proving once again what pussies the Democratic snowflakes are! I think Biden is brain dead so does the entire world except for their brother BRAINWASHED DEMOCRATS I remember when Harry Read change the senate rules! I can” wait till they shove this down their throats’ as well! Can wait to see Nancy and Maxzine drug out by the swat team with the media all outside to watch! And Biden perp walked through DC! That maybe sooner than the brainwashed think! And that is if they are lucky!

    • That Whirlwind that crazy commie Schumer said was unleashed and going to get Kavanaugh and Gorsuch is really out to eat up the whole Dem party!
      Like they say be care you just might get what you asked for and Schumer unleashed it on himself and that wicked party!

    • James don’t know why you think the democrats are pussies as that title goes to the GOP. They have backed off doing anything about the democrats cheating for decades and that is the reason we are in this mess. While Biden is going around destroying this country I can only name 5 republicans trying to do anything to stop him or even challenge him. If Biden were a republican you can be assure 100% of the democrats would be screaming their lungs out.

      • PUSSIES GALORE! Good Bond Flick but in this world it doesn’t mean Jack because show me any Bond archetypes in the GOP, all little dipstick crony boys!
        We can leave the ladies out of this we really need actual Men with Balls doing the duty that needs doing!

  • If Joe Biden’s Mom had simply had a tubal ligation the world wouldn’t have suffered the likes of Joe and his equally imbecilic brother.

    • They’ve broken so many laws and violated the Constitution enough that now it would be confusing as to what should take president! Well If I were in charge I would start with their breaking the oath of office and not upholding or defending the US Constitution, but rather “Attacking” it at every turn; and therefore treasonous! Now that is enough to hang-em high! Oh crap, but we have a Marxist Turncoat for an AG, and the so called presidente (dictator); yea and shit don’t float neither! So who pray tell will initiate those proceedings? At this point Mickey Mouse or Ronald McDonald would be more likely than the spineless GOP leadership!

  • I, wholeheartedly AGREE with Lauren Boebert. President Trump’s still my President. I, keep asking the Question, YA’LL SEEN ENOUGH YET? THE WHOLE GLOBAL CABAL, demoncRATs and RINOS, ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS DESERVE DIRT NAPS. YA’LL KNOW WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, GIT R DUN! NCSWIC,WWG1WGA, P.A.N.I.C. LET’S GO BRANDON, FJB AND ALL SATAN’S DEMON SPAWN MINIONS. I’m not a BOT! I’m a American Veteran, Trucker and GreatGrandpa. Yahweh save our poor souls, Amen.

  • Maybe we need to do a little payback. Turn the Squad in to the FBI for every little thing they spew about Republicans!! Give them a taste of their own medicine. If nothing else, we can show how perverse and one sided the DOJ and FBI is.

    • That could work if, the alphabet agencies weren’t controlled at their highest levels by dems. The politicization was in earnest during Bill/Hill Clinton’s Presidency. -Remember the 900 FBI files on Senators and Congressmen that mysteriously turned-up on the Clinton’s coffee table?

  • The fbi should be protecting her not investigating it is the democratic communist party that needs investigation on all aspects they are the enemy within must be removed immediately all that go against Our Constitution as Written need removed from any and all government jobs state, Federal prosecuted including judges, politicians, governors, congress senate, those hiding in the background paying these criminals to destroy America



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