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Elijah “Riot” Schaffer has a Youtube channel called, “Slightly Offensive” where his broadcasts show a new breed of journalists who have a first-hand account of violent clashes with Federal Police while projectiles are being hurled at law enforcement, fires are started and people openly get into fights with the men and women who are protecting Federal property.

Independent Journalists have been reporting that the violent uprisings we are seeing in June and July are dependent upon media who carry the organized anti-government message about the uprisings, to the masses of Americans.

Schaffer and his compatriots are on the front lines, with a group of other reporters, journalists and broadcasters, hope to show the real face of the riots.

Tuesday Schaffer reported on an MSNBC appearance of @DrPhilGoff who said that the violence is because of the presence of Federal law enforcement.

“Everything was peaceful for 60 days and nights until the Feds got there, Goff, a Yale Professor said.


In a three-part series on Slightly Offensive, Shaffer has hours of footage of protests and interviews that give a different perspective to what the Main Stream Media has been pushing out.

The MSM is lying about the #BLM protests in Portland We invited real journalists exposing the criminal actions of #ANTIFA/other rioters to share their stories Guest @MrAndyNgo @VenturaReport, &@FromKalentell you what the corporate media won’t’ Schaffer wrote.



Elijah posted footage of the same woman from an NBC article, claiming that she was no so peaceful after all:

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